This Week I Love …

… burgundy. Wine. Maroon. Bordeaux. The family of rich, dark reds that has proven itself to be a remarkably versatile group of colors. This thrifted sweater got worn almost once per week last winter, and those tights got a real run for their money, too. I’m on the prowl for more burgundy-colored items these days, knowing that this color is both super trendy for the season and incredibly useful within my own wardrobe. Here are a few that have tickled my fancy:

J.Crew Pleated Crepe Skirt – $79.99

Oh, there are burgundy pencil skirts aplenty, but this is one of the few full/pleated versions I’ve found. At 19″ long it might be a bit short, but such a marvelously swingy style. (This Oasis Lantern Skirt is another fun option, but also looks short. Where have all the knee-length skirts gone?!?)

Patagonia Maha Smooth Flat – $109.95

I love that this flat has sleek, sporty details but is still classic enough to work with dresses, skirts, and business casual ensembles. And the footbed and insole are made from 20% recycled materials. Stylish and environmentally conscious!

Express Long-sleeved Essential Shirt – $49.90
(Buy one, get one 50% off)

Express button-fronts are probably my favorites. They are slim-fitting with just enough stretch, long enough to wear with pants but easy to tuck into skirts. (Not designed for busty women, however – Carissa Rose has a burgundy chevron shirt this season, though.) I bought this very shirt with a coupon code last week, though it’s back to full price now. The leopard print cuffs are easy enough to conceal if they don’t float your boat.

Hobo International Rockler Cross Body – $267.95

This sizable leather crossbody is as utilitarian as it is chic. There are scads of burgundy bags around these days, but many of them strike me as overly embellished. This simple, classic design will endure when flashier versions seem dated. Also I adore my Hobo bags for their quality and construction. Great brand.

Timberland Rudston Pull-On Boot – $100 – $220.00

These mid-calf boots are the perfect shade of rich burgundy. They’d look so fabulous pulled on over skinny jeans or paired with heathered tights and a cozy sweater dress. (Also shaft is 13″ from arch … great if you’re looking for a shorter boot to flatter your leg line!)

Mossimo Elbow Sleeve Ponte Dress – $29.99

I nabbed this dress for myself a few weeks back, and though I’m yet to wear it, I’m smitten. The waist sits a bit lower on my torso than I’d prefer, but I’ll probably belt it most of the time anyway. It’s a nice, thick ponte knit and I adore the deep pockets.

Hinge Mallory Pump – $59.90

Suede can be tricky to keep clean and dry, but it can’t be beat for delivering rich, saturated colors. This pump is so adorable with its top-stitched fold-over detail and chunky stacked heel. Description says that’s 3″, but it looks totally walkable to me.

Wolfmark Silk/Wool Pashmina – $39.99

If all you’re craving is a pop of dark red, how about a cozy pashmina? There are loads of infinity scarves out there in various shades of burgundy, but I find traditional scarves to be more versatile. Tie this one using the pretzel knot!

Do you wear burgundy, wine, maroon, or bordeaux? If you’re a stickler for detail, is there a shade in there that you love specifically? Why? What items do you gravitate toward in this family of dark reds?

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29 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Cee

    I want to steal that outfit off you every time you post it! The shade of the skirt is just perfect.

    On a side note, that Oasis skirt is nice, but did anyone else notice that they’ve photoshopped the model’s knees? I don’t have enough knowledge to spot what else they’ve done, but that’s scary.

  2. Practical Paralegalism

    I’ve been looking for boots forever, inspired by Emma Stone’s boots in the latest Spiderman movie. I think you may have found the perfect pair for me – if the calves are small enough. <3 them!

  3. Kathaleen

    I like the theme here but I’m afraid I prefer to drink dark reds, such as burgundy and bordeaux, instead of wear them. My colouring has never “worked” with these luscious colours but I love them on others! And Sal, your skirt is lovely!

    However, I do second your question: where are all the knee-length skirts? I’m dying to find a good khaki/taupe A-line knee length skirt and perhaps, if I’m not too greedy, one in a medium-dark denim. Dear Sal, my fashion guru and anyone else: any ideas?

  4. Viktoria

    I love the wine-range and always have, but they have been off my radar for a couple of years. Have they perhaps not been in the stores and magazines so much? Now I´m seriously trying to find items, I have a great maroon pinstripe shirt that´s a recent thrift find. I´m thinking of chopping off half the collar to make it more casual and fit my lifestyle better. I have a thing for formal, suit-like clothes, but I like to wear them in a very weekendy-handmedown-kind-of-way.

  5. bubu

    Oh my gosh, love love love all of this. And as a petite person, I love it when the skirts run short – makes for a perfect knee length for me!

  6. Dee

    I have always like the burgundy/wine family –if its not too brown — too brown isn’t good with my coloring. Knowing that maroon shades were going to be big this winter I nabbed a pair of wine colored corduroy jeans from Talbots already. Plan to wear them with black boots, black t-neck, or perhaps with gray. Years ago I had burgundy leather boots and I have thought about trying to find another pair – when you think about it they go with so many colors — black, gray, denim, tans….pretty much like a neutral, don’t you thinK? I would love some suede booties in the wine shade but they aren’t very practical for this commuter. Also a burgundy velvet blazer would be fun…blazers are everywhere this fall!!

  7. D

    I’m no stickler, I love all of these shades and I think they love me back. Those timberland boots are amazing (though I would gladly snap up anything on this list!). I recently bought a cute, casual maroon skirt, I’m excited to wear it!

  8. Anne

    I love burgundy/maroon. It is a great color for my coloring. I am planning to pick up a top and sweater in that color and I have the Hinge pumps in my shopping cart right now.

  9. ismay

    I like these colors but they dont like me (fair, blonde, low-contrast). However, my patent burgundy wedge loafers are surprisingly versatile!

  10. Seraphinalina

    That is always a colour I’ve gravitated to and I think looks good on me. Honestly I think 3 of my elementary school pictures I’m wearing burgundy. Today I have a burgundy sweater on and it gets a ton of use. I love how it channels a strong red feel but still looks good with pink accents.

  11. Mia

    Gee, Sal, way to snub oxblood! (Kidding. It’s hilarious how colors can continue to be popular for multiple summer or winter seasons in a row, only the names change to make them sound fresh. Or who knows? Maybe oxblood really IS different and I just can’t discern the shades.)

    I do love burgundy, maroon, any of those guys–which is funny because I tend to struggle with straight reds. I’m not ready to let go of my summer brights quite yet (and they’ll probably straggle on through the winter too), but I do like how classy I look in fall colors!

  12. Kate

    I love dark reds as long as they don’t stray too purple. So, I guess Maroon for me and not so much the burgandy/bordeaux. I already have the dark red Canvas cardigan you had on in your outfit the other day – love that color!

  13. Samantha/GlassCannon

    I’m definitely feeling the oxblood trend this year, but I just have to say, I love that soft pink skirt from your first picture, especially paired with all the burgundy. I actually saved off a copy of the picture the last time you posted it, months ago, as I’m determined to recreate that skirt some day. The color and the texture and the pocket detail are all just perfect. 😉

  14. Debby

    Your skirt is so awesome, very ballerina-like, and must be so fun to wear! Yes to more knee-length skirts too.

    As a “winter” I look better in blue and purple-toned shades of red, which I guess would be wine, dark magenta, and cranberry (to throw in some more color names!). Any burgundy shades that tend to brown don’t work for me.

    My dark red clothes are mostly tops and sweaters, but I once had the most cozy burgundy winter coat, and I really miss it. It seems so much warmer than plain black.

  15. Anna

    I love dark reds (especially cranberry) and wear them often, but some of those here, especially those going toward maroon, are too brown for me. My dark reds have to have brightness.

    That dress (though not in that shade) could be the LBD I have been searching for. Affordable, evidently not of a flimsy material, and with pockets, which I love! Gotta mull that one over.

  16. Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    Oh, darn you, Sal. I don’t NEED another pair of boots but I feel like I have to have those Timberlands. So pretty!!

    Love that Target dress too; I haven’t seen it in my local Target, but I’ve been trying to avoid the clothing section. I might have to venture in this weekend…

  17. Linda L

    I hear ya on the knee length skirts – I’m 5′ 1″ and had to have two J Crew skirts LENGTHENED by 2″, and they will still hit slightly above my knee. I can’t imagine how short these would have been on an average height person!

  18. Sonja

    Actually during the last months I was quite keen on limiting, not extending my colour palette, but then I bought a first bordeaux top because I liked the cut, then a second one, finally a third – these really seem to go well with a lot of other colours (black, grey, brown, white, green, different shades of blue …) and they are all over the shops now. But it’s very important for me to that it’s a very clear, saturated red, nothing pastel-ly or with undertones of grey or white – though, as everybody else, I love those pastel-coloured skirt on you, Sal!

  19. Fiona

    Though probably not a lot close up to my face due to Rosacea I will be rocking as much of the dark reds as I can this Fall/Winter. It will be the “colour” to pop amidst my black and grays this year

    Fiona @
    Je Ne Sais Quoi

  20. Robyn

    This color family has always been one of my favorites! I’m an “autumn” in terms of skin tone, and I have very dark eyebrows, so I know colors like maroon look awesome on me, which is a plus (as long as they’re more on the red side and less on the purple/pink). I actually nabbed a burgundy leather jacket last winter at Goodwill and it is one of my favorite things ever. I’m looking forward to getting to wear it again once the weather gets colder.

  21. Shaye

    I wore an outfit consisting of burgundy, magenta and orange on Monday and I loved it! Definitely a color combination I’ll be coming back to.

  22. Thursday

    I love deep reds but can’t venture anywhere near anything with brown tones, but even blue-ish dark reds are a real challenge for me. I want to like them, but struggle to pair them with anything other than black – how to keep the rich warmth of them but not look too ’90’s?

  23. Leigh

    Yes! I just nabbed a pair of Banana Republic skinny cords in a lovely burgundy color. Can’t wait to style them. Suggestions? I’m thinking cream on top and dark brown boots…

    • Sal

      Oh Yelena, it totally is! But this is the part where I admit that I caved and bought the J.Crew one listed above. 😉 Thank you for thinking of me, though! I do love a full skirt …