This Week I Love …

This Week I love 14.05.13_text

… this over-the-closet-door … gizmo. Or perhaps this is more of a thingamajig?

Regardless, Husband Mike brought mine home from the dollar store several months ago and I thew it over my closet door without really thinking about it. OK, truthfully, I did think about it. I thought, “What on earth am I gonna use THAT for.” And now, I consider it to be the best present HM has ever purchased for me. At the dollar store. (Important qualifier, there.)

Because, as it turns out, this gadget is the perfect partner for my new and improved outfit list. For a person who works from home, I have a ridiculous number of not-at-home meetings and commitments. And I’m a slow starter. Which means that when my colleague texts me at 8:30 a.m. asking if we can meet at 9:30 a.m. over in St. Paul, I must leap into the shower in a panic. I do this often, friends. You’d think I’d learn, but no. No, I guess I must get a charge out of being almost-late to everything, because the slow starting continues apace. And this means that there are many days on which I don’t have a lot of time to monkey around with fine-tuning my outfits. So I’ve taken to consulting my outfit list, trying on the listed outfits, making adjustments, adding jewelry and accessories, and hanging entire completed outfits on my over-the-closet-door wingding. So when I leap OUT of the shower, I can get dressed in a jiff.

I see this as another tool for staving off morning wardrobe panic. I know that setting aside time on the weekend to pre-screen your outfits may seem like a luxury, but consider the stress you’d save yourself! Consider how smoothly your mornings would go if you knew your outfit was selected, assembled, and guaranteed to work. Just having one or two complete outfits per week would alleviate some of that anxiety. You don’t actually need an over-the-closet-door whatsit to make this happen, of course, but it might help. You’ll need a place to put those pre-approved ensembles so you can reach for them and be ready to roll in record time.

Would this work for you?

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17 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Anna

    I couldn’t live without mine. Although I work at home and don’t need to set up a week’s worth of clothing at any one time, I most definitely use my gizmo/whatchamacallit/thingamajig well ahead of time whenever I expect to go where a real outfit is needed. It’s the best preventer of morning panic and gotta-leave-soon panic I know.

  2. Jennifer Bullock

    I just have lists on my ipad. One has all my wardrobe items on it and the other has lists of outfits(including jewellery). I star all the outfits I’ve already worn so I don’t repeat too much and periodically brainstorm new outfits to add to the huge list. At night before passing out, I check the weather and my outfit list and decide what I want to wear.

    • Melinda

      You are on the ball! I dream of beng this organized one day. I try to think out/write out my outfits for the week but sometimes that gets derailed with a weather change – or mood change.

  3. Kasmira

    I don’t have the fancy gizmo, but I do have all my outfits for the week assembled and hanging in the closet. What a lifesaver!

  4. Jackie

    This is definitely next-level outfit planning, and all inspired by the dollar store! This idea would also prevent what happened to me this morning; I had an outfit in mind that I wanted to wear, but had to spend twenty minutes hunting down the most essential piece (black leggings) which I finally found in my daughter’s underwear drawer!

  5. Dee

    I have a similar thingy in my closet I think the closet people called it a valet rod. LOVE IT! And a hook over the door to the room I dress in each day. (master bedroom closet is too small so I took over the guest room : )). I always pull out the outfit I am going to wear to work, the night before, and hang it on the door hook, along with jewelry or other accessories. I use the ‘valet’ rod to hang other clothes that I want to be sure to wear “soon” or clothes I have not put back in their place in the closet, after laundering. Its a great “holding” spot! No more last minute panics or changing clothes in a rush – not when you have a commuter train to catch! It definitely makes mornings easier. (at least on work days, I dont do this on weekends.)

  6. Linda L

    Yes, this would be so helpful to me. I have some room on the side of my (rather tall) shoe rack for a couple of outfits but I would love to be able to hang a couple more. My only concern is that there is not a whole lot of space between the top of my door and the frame so it might not be able to fully close (which is a must due to my clothes and shoe loving puppy). I had to remove my over the door shoe racks for this reason.

  7. Mel

    I just recently started doing the very same thing. When I come home from work I immediately change out of my work clothes. hang them back up, and right then decide what I’m going to wear the next day.

    I hang that outfit up on the door hanger, along with the appropriate jewelry, scarf, shoes.

    The unplanned benefit of this method is that I get the pleasure of looking at the pretty colors all evening, and it’s the first thing I see when I wake up.

  8. Stacy

    I have one of these and I LOVE it. I have it hanging on the outside of the closet door, so I can see it from the shower. I plan my outfit the night before, and when the water from the shower starts to wake me up in the morning, I can mentally fine-tune the outfit while I’m showering.

    Best. Thing. Ever.

  9. Anna

    I am motivated to plan all my outfits by my nail polish collection. I buy a mid-cost brand (OPI) because I know 1 coat is all I need, so changing polish takes at most 5 minutes. Granted, after about 2 days it starts to wear thin, but then I change it again. By deciding what color to re-paint them in the evening (a task best reserved for after dinner, while watching something like the Daily show), I am also forced to mentally plan 1-2 days of outfits. Usually the planned outfit works, or it’s close enough that switching from sweater to blazer, for example, is easy. I guess it also helps that my closet is built around grays and navys, so mostly I am planning a silhouette (dress, skirt, pants, blazer, etc…)

  10. Hayley

    Wait, you got this at the dollar store? I must check my local one out for something like this…

  11. Sarah

    I preplan all my outfits so I don’t wake up my husband in the morning.

  12. Annabeth

    I plan my outfits up to about 3 days in advance, usually. That said, I don’t really need a gizmo to help me do it. I just double-check everything while it’s still in the closet, and maybe hang the next day’s outfit from a doorknob the night before.

  13. Lindsay

    I was reading this post and my spouse looking over my shoulder said, “You have that.” “What?” “Morning wardrobe panic. ‘WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!'”

  14. Aging fashionista

    I do plan outfits as others have noted and could use something like this to make it even easier to view them. But the reviews on Amazon were very mixed as to the durability of this gizmo. Anyone use it and have opinion?