This Week I Love …

… Carey Mulligan.

Celebrity style bores me. I feel like famous women generally either ride the trends and look homogenized, or venture SO far outside the norm that they appear to be constantly screaming for attention. Plus gowns. Who cares about gowns? When do I get to wear gowns myself? That would be never.

But I have fallen head over heels for Carey Mulligan’s style. She is daring without being outlandish, classic without being boring, and eclectic without being disjointed. Her style is everything I’d want mine to be if I had bales of cash and loads of fame.

And yes, she’s totally at fancy-pants Hollywood events in all of these photos. And yes, she’s wearing dresses in all of them. And yes, her regular-gal-going-to-the-grocery-store style is mostly oversized jeans, giant blazers, and black flats. But still! The belts! The chunky necklaces! The platform pumps! The patterns and textures! I swoon. And I can totally draw inspiration from all of these ensembles.

Also loveย how Mulligan styles her short ‘do.

Plus, the girl loves her pocketed dresses. And goodness knows I do, too.

And, despite my own feelings about the uselessness of Gown Porn, Mulligan introduced me to Vionnet through this stunning dress. Stunning, people. See how some of the flowers are purple and yellow? At the sleeve tips? I have recurring dreams about this dress.

Images courtesy Elle, WhyFame, Pinkmemo, People StyleWatch,

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53 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. yujean

    i completely agree. these are some great looks – that last dress is especially exquisite!

  2. giedre

    Oooo, I really really like her pixie cut! I’ve been growing my hair out recently (it is currently halfway down my back) and I love it long, but I’m guessing about a year and a half from now I’ll be ready for a dramatic change. ๐Ÿ˜€ If you do go for it, don’t forget to post pictuuuuures!

  3. Pam @over50feeling40

    I agree with you….she has great style…I am not that familiar with her, but your pictures give an excellent depiction of her taste. I still would go after Diane Keeton’s closet…but I say that a lot…I guess I need to look for some others I could glean inspiration from.

  4. widdershins

    Wow, that Vionnet dress is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I can’t believe I’d never seen it before – I do like to browse the gorgeous dresses at the big Hollywood events (though I certainly don’t have either the money or the place to wear them). I also like Carey’s style in general. But this dress …wow. Just wow.

  5. EvaNadine

    i have loved carey mulligan ever since i saw her on the “blink” episode of Dr Who — back when she had long hair! her pixie cut was part of what inspired me to lop off my own hair (along with ginnifer goodwin, emma watson, and diablo cody) and i also love her style — it looks so effortless yet put together all at the same time.

  6. Grace

    I deeply admire her style, but I think I admire her haircut most. Someday I’ll take the plunge.

  7. Ashe Mischief

    I totally fell in love with her watching An Education. She’s such a lovely young woman, and a great inspiration for younger women!

  8. Samantha

    I’m lol’ing @ gown porn. I definitely agree! I have to stop myself from going prom dress shopping (I’m still almost within the age bracket…)

    Love her style, so classic! And I think you could definitely rock a pixie cut.

  9. woolcat

    Sally Sparrow! Love her. Thanks for the photos – I love the Vionnet gown and the first black/grey dress in the second row of 3 – so cute.

  10. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    She is so stylish and pretty – without being overdone. I think the easy hairdo has something to do with it. I love-love the grey knit belted dress and the vintage-y red dress with pockets. She defintely has a vibe that harmonizes with your own.
    One of my style goddesses is Tilda Swinton. But really, only to look at and swoon over. I don’t know that I could carry her bold look!

  11. Loren

    I’ve been a little bit in love with her ever since I saw her in that episode of Doctor Who a few years ago too! She is just the cutest, and I lover her hair. I might try to emulate her cut next time I need a trim. I’ve already got a pixie but it is looking a little… shaggy. I’m in need of a summer spruce up.

  12. Alyssa

    I am positively in LOVE with the Mulligan. Everything from the way she manages to look both alluring and demure to that fan-freaking-tastic hair of hers! Love the dresses you chose to highlight.

  13. Bubu

    Yes yes yes! Love her style and esp her haircut- so few actresses have short hair, and she looks great and feminine and cute with it. As a short-haired gal myself, it’s nice to see that every once in a while.
    I am also still inspired by Reese Witherspoon – more in the “going-to-the-grocery” store style – she always still looks real and smart and cute, without being too much of a trend victim or over-sexed. I see her style and think – that is do-able with two kids in tow (which is my situation).

  14. callie

    Love her. And not only would you *rock* a pixie cut, you’ll wonder how you could have waited so long – the amount of ease and style it will bring to your life will astound you.

    (says the woman who’s been sporting one for almost 20 years ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  15. Jan

    When I watch movies from the 30’s and 40’s I am entranced by the clothes. Women’s clothes can have a flap, a pleat, a collar, color blocking, and more in such unexpected and beautiful ways that I am amazed we don’t see clothes like that now. The first purple outfit reminded me of those bygone fashions as soon as I saw it! All these dresses are gorgeous.

  16. Cel

    I usually pay no attention to celebrity style, or celebrities in general. To be honest I’m not really sure why Carey Mulligan is famous? Haha… I like her style here though, and the hair. I actually used to have really short hair and part of me wants to do it again.

  17. Ellen

    oh yes, i’ve been obsessed with the pixie cut lately. i’ve never thought i could pull it off before, but i’m about to throw caution to the wind and chop it all off. her hair is ADORABLE. see also: michelle williams, ginnifer goodwin, elisha cuthbert, natalie portman, and emma watson. oh and twiggy and audrey hepburn.

    how can you not want to go pixie?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. A

    So elegant and chic! I really like her style because it is unique, timeless but fun!

  19. Roisin

    Isn’t it funny, it was my boyfriend who encouraged me to crop my hair short too. It’s in need of a trim, but that’s going to have to wait to payday, but I love it. Do eeeeeet!

    And Carey Mulligan – I agree wholeheartedly. She’s cool without being aggressively kooky, and there is a freshness about her look that I really like. Plus, she’s an awesome actress ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Heidi/The Closet Coach

    Every decade or so, I convince myself I want a pixie cut and whack my hair short. It never looks as good on me as it does on people like Carey Mulligan. Sigh.

    But love her style. It somehow manages to be both classic and eclectic at the same time.

  21. Linda

    I love her and I love you, but please don’t cut your hair that way! It really does not seem kind to curls.

  22. Jess

    I absolutely love her! She just seems like such a real, down-to-earth person.
    And you should really think about the pixie! You’d look gorgeous. I’ve had one since last October and absolutely love it!

  23. Laura

    Pixie cuts are amazing, adorable, crazy easy to style… And Sally, m’dear, you would look spectacular with one. You have the face shape to wear pretty much any hair cut well, but a really short cut will make your eyes POP. Wow. I’m with your husband, take the plunge!

    My many hairstyles over the years have been the gateway for my girls to almost all chop theirs off. It’s scary until the first scissor snip, and then it’s terrifying until it’s done, and then you wonder why you didn’t do it years ago!

    And my famous-person-fashion-idol (contemporary) is probably Sandra Bullock. I mean… even when she’s glammed up, she’s still so classy and real looking. I’m all about people who aren’t afraid to get a little grubby. There are so many styles and outfits I love, but I’d never wear them because my lifestyle would destroy them. Big dogs, paint, yard work, little kids… I prefer to be the one wearing my clothes, not having my clothes dictate my behavior.

  24. Stephanie

    In agreement with you on the Celeb style. I do enjoy seeing photos of celebs looking like every day people. Wish I could pull off her haircut. I would feel naked without my long hair. I think I hide behind it sometimes. Do love her style too.

  25. Patricia

    Just to tell you I have found your blog when googling something, really liked it, and will be reading it on a regular basis. If you want, you can visit me as well… my blog is brand new (: Take care! Patricia

  26. Cindy

    I had never heard of her until I saw a picture of her in the Vionnet gown in InStyle. Loved it! To another event, she wore a black tulle Prada gown that was covered in charms – tiny tools, silverware, and all kinds of random things! It was great!

  27. Tiffany

    Love her – one of the few short-haired stars. Of course, I’m biased, as I have a super short pixie cut myself. But I do get tired of being told that femininity is all about have bountiful hair, so I love to see an example of someone who is feminine without a huge mane!

  28. Eleanorjane

    Ooh, I *love* gown porn (even though I rarely/ never get a chance to dress up that much) And I can’t be the only one ‘cos the weekly magazines and gossip mags all publish pages and pages of gowns. In fact, now I remember, the two things I mainly drew as a child were horses and big medieval style gowns.

    Hmm… getting on time to organise an event to which we can wear formal gowns, I feel…

  29. Courteney

    Her style is so cute. I love the way she always looks sophisticated and feminine and yet still retains her own style. I actually had a pixie cut when I was a little girl, it can be very cute, plus not much maintenance which is always a plus. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Carol N.

    Love her style. And I have had a pixie haircut for about 3 years now. I love to swim and my hair is super thick and wavy. It used to take 30 minutes of blow drying to get it done but now? About 5 minutes and I use a root boost to give me just enough lift so it doesn’t fall flat. You would Love a short cut and it would look really good on you.

  31. Katharine

    I do like her. She has charm.

    I love short hair. Love! The growing out is hell, and also my hair grows really fast, so the maintenance gets expensive (and I don’t like when the back gets raggedy) but it is so easy and flattering. I spent four years or so near-shaving my own head with a quarter-inch comb on my clippers, and that was the BEST. No maintenance costs, no styling products, totally workout friendly… But how are you going to keep your curls in pixie form? My sister also has very curly hair, and keeps hers very short (first in the military, and now with small children) but when her hair is short, the top pretty much just bushes up and stands on end rather than lying down.

  32. Lex

    Love Carey Mulligan’s style – I also love Keira Knightley, too, her casual looks. They’re less done than Mulligan’s but also lovely.

    I also have a pixie haircut which I adore, and think you could pull one off, too, although I do agree with poster above who said they’re tough to maintain with curls.

    It’s doable, sure, but you need a great hairdresser who understands how your hair sits and regular cuts to maintain it.

  33. sara

    Just cut off about ten inches of my hair last night on a whim!! Shortest it’s ever been… slightly different style than the pixie, but I love it! I feel like I look like another person and I just really needed a change right now. I feel like I can pull off different outfits with this style (not that I’m shy about trying bold outfits).. It makes me look a little punk rock ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Rubiatonta

    Love her look, too. She really lives in it!

    And I love a pixie — though as a curly girl like you, I’ve got to say, either your hairdresser knows exactly what he/she is doing, or it looks like hell. (The voice of experience here.)

  35. Amelia

    Go for the haircut! I would love to see your take on short hair. Another bonus is that if the cut looks wonky your curls will mask it. My hair is just wavy and it hides a lot of haircut mistakes.

  36. Kimberlee

    OMG I love Carey Mulligan! She has a great sense of style and can tell she’s a good person ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. MelD

    Hm, I’d be so cautious about that haircut. You know your hair and if it is the type that has a will of its own (which I believe you’ve mentioned) I am doubtful it will work for you. My hair is like that, too, and I hate it short, it acts worse than when there’s a bit of weight in it.
    I think you have to be a certain “type” for the pixie cut, with fine or well-defined features and a small head/dainty neck, otherwise short hair makes you look butch and bustlesome; lots of women who go grey try it and personally, I think only a small minority really carry it off. Worst is when hair is bristly at the nape – yuck. In my opinion, the pixie cut needs fine hair that will be light and go in tendrils around the edges to soften it.
    Of course it is easy to wash and wear but you need lots of time and money for the regular upkeep, too!

  38. Jennifer

    She inspired me to pixie all of my hair off, and I love it! It is crazy how many compliments I got, and how many people told me how much more “me” I looked with short hair, even though I had never had short hair before in my life.

    I sometimes wish I had my longer hair back, but usually I love the ease of having it short. And my fiance completely loves it short, in spite of how many people claim that men “only like long hair”. Every time I gripe about how I wish it was longer he’s there to reassure me that it looks great short. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Kookoo

    I have hair just like yours and it looked really good in that hair cut. You would look so cute. Take the plunge.

  40. - Tessa

    How about buying or borrowing a wig in a pixie cut before you actually do it? You could even have HM take some pics in it, since most people look different in photos than in person. Then if you love it – go for it!

  41. Kemi

    And I love the fact that she doesn’t show her thighs. She’s the only celebrity I know that doesn’t

  42. Nancy

    I love her style, but I’m quite a bit older than her. The grey dress somewhat reminds me of a free dress pattern that is available for download on the Burda website. I saw it first on Ann’s blog Stich Me Up. It is supposed to be super quick and easy to make up. Ann did a great job on hers. I had to download a free copy of the pattern for myself as well. lol

  43. Allison

    Do the pixie cut!! I recently (accidentally) got a haircut that resembles Carey’s and I LOVE it! It’s not what I went in expecting, and I wasn’t initially the biggest fan, but I love love love it. Judging from pictures, I have hair very similar to yours, and when the hair dresser cut it, he used the thinning shears a lot at the end. That made it much more manageable and it lays much nicer than it has for previous super-short hairstyles I have had.

  44. Carrie

    Perfect! She looks amazing in each dress without showing too much skin ever. This is what I prefer, high necklines and long on the leg. I wish designers would follow. Going off the rack it is so limiting for girls who don’t want to show off boobs or legs.

  45. Audi

    Carey is an utter doll, and oh my god do I want to see you do a pixie cut!! Try it for summer; it would feel great, and hair grows back — if you don’t love it, just grow it out again.

    Also, I adore Mike for being the one to encourage you to try it — way too many guys always subscribe to the ‘longer hair is better’ position, which I think is so lame.

  46. Nomi

    I never heard of Carey, but I love love LOVE her style. Although now I’m sorta plump & matronly, I used to look rather like her: lifetime short hair, roundish face, high cheekbones (Mulligan?! really? I bet there’s some Slavic ancestry there somewhere), pale skin, figure that looks best in pencil skirts. I still rock the straight skirts, though my hourglass is now more of an exaggerated figure 8. Thanks for introducing me to this young lady’s style.

  47. Angeline

    I’ve never really paid much attention to Carey Mulligan, but you are making me look twice! Love her fierce style. So unique in today’s show business where lots of young bright things look like they popped out of the same mold.