This Week I Love …

… cashmere. In NON-sweater format.

I’m a sweaty little being, and my perspiration is of the stanky variety. This means that my cashmere sweaters can be worn approximately 1.5 times before they smell like the inside of a 6th grade boy’s gym locker. I often layer tees beneath my cashmere sweaters so they last between cleanings, but that defeats the purpose! Cashmere should be close to the skin! Soft, cozy, warm, and lovely … right up on yas.

And so, I’ve been on the hunt for cashmere items that won’t come into contact with my pits. Such as:

Cashmere socks, $28 (They’re a blend, but still!)

Can I afford to indulge all of my cashmere fantasies? Heck no. Also I can hear my cats laughing their little feline butts off at the very idea of cashmere pants in our household … but hey, a girl can dream!

Are you a cashmere devotee? What’s your favorite non-sweater cashmere find?

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26 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Angela Pea

    A Full Length Hooded Cashmere Bathrobe. I’ve been lusting after one for more than a decade. However, with the $500+ pricetag, I just can’t justify the extravagance, and I’m certainly not deserving of such luxury!

      • ParisGrrl

        You’ve wanted this robe for 10 years? Then your New Year’s Resolution should be to start a Robe Fund which you contribute to until you can get the darned thing….life is short and you should have something that is just pure pleasure for you once in a while. Think about it, if you’d put away $50 a year during the time you’ve already waited you could be blissing out in it now.

  2. katty

    I so much love that you share those little “dirty” secrets! I am sweaty too, and the stinky kind too! But I am big and there’s the idea of big people being all sweaty and gross. It is embarrassing- even if I know my tiny aunts have the same problem- and my skinny dad does too. But somehow it is comforting to know that a pretty little classy woman like you goes through the same troubles. I am learning so much from you, like how to add warmth without bulk, etc. Thank you for sharing! And merry Christmas!

  3. K-Line

    It’s like you made this post for me! I think a cashmere blanket is divine luxury. And the scarf is a must-have. Now I want those socks!! But I’m so hard on my socks (holes abound – it’s all the walking) that I don’t think I could justify them.

    PS: Cashmere pants are not a good idea – i’ve had them and they pill and develop holes in the upper thighs if you walk too much in them. At least the ones I’ve had.

    • Charlotte

      I have a pair, and they ARE heavenly! Incredibly warm, soft, elegant AND you still have some sensation of what you touch through them. My sister got them for me last year, and I just adore them!

  4. La Historiadora de Moda

    I only buy cashmere anything when I find it on some ridiculous sale, such as the sale I hit up with K.Line the other day at Club Monaco, so I have very limited amounts of it in my wardrobe. I used to have the BEST cashmere gloves but I lost them on a trip.

  5. Bubu

    I love cashmere of the many sweater variety too (how about cardigans? by def there’s a layer in between). But one of my favorites: cashmere lined leather gloves… I found a pair on sale for not too much last year

  6. Susan

    Love, love, love my cashmere blend shawl from Afghanistan (Alsadu) and the purple cashmere muffler I bought in Scotland. I also have a pair of cashmere (unlined) trousers in the most beautiful heathery chestnut color I got at the Kuhlman outlet, when they still did women’s clothing.

    I have the same problem with cashmere sweaters and find that dress shields work wonders ( and are fabulous for travel. I also used AtmosKlear ( — quick spray on the underarms eliminates the odor. Also great for travel.

    Love your posts, Sally!

  7. Donna

    Love cashmere…what a luxury! Have a couple of thrifted sweaters (actually very good quality). I can just hear your bitty-kitties guffawing at their mama and the notion of cashmere pants.

  8. Laura

    Mmm cashmere pants. I don’t even know when or how I would wear them, but the very idea of them sounds blissful.

  9. molly

    I also recommend cashmere-lined gloves, having bought mine at an outlet mall for $25.

    Separate cashmere question: I have a sweater that’s developed some holes, and it’s not worth it to me to spend the money to fix them. Is there any way to turn this beautiful, soft knit into a scarf or something without it just unravelling?

    • Emily

      Totally. You can felt it in the washing machine (hot water, with a few tennis balls for agitation) and then you can cut it up without fear of unraveling. The best part about felting is it makes the fabric thick and cushy.

  10. Sara

    Oooo cashmere! I love cashmere, even though thinking about it always reminds me of that old Seinfeld episode…

    I swear by my cashmere wrap/scarf. It’s so warm and lightweight and durable, that part of me wants it in every color of the rainbow (the other part is happy to just have one color). Earlier this year, I splurged on cashmere tights that have so far been well worth it. They’re so so SO warm, and since I am car-less in a walking city, I need that. They also feel pretty darned chic. I’m taking super good care of them, but I think they’re built to last.

  11. Kylara7

    Ooooooo…cashmere socks sound so comfy and decadent. I will have to get some! I have a cashmere scarf that is so soft around my face but I yet to buy any other items…this list my get me going đŸ™‚

  12. Treadle27

    Kitties would love cashmere pants, just drop them on the floor and it’d be so warm and soft a cat bed. Can just picture mine slitting their eyes and stretching out one front paw contentedly.

  13. A-C

    That wrap looks dreamy! I would love to indulge in some comfy cashmere too. Like you, pants are out of the question as my cats and dog would tear them up. However, in a scarf or gloves it would be ideal. Especially in a scarf as all that cushy awesomeness right up on my face would rock.

  14. Laurie

    I really, really want to love cashmere, its a luxurious item but I have to say…not feeling the love. What I do feel is itchy and hot and sweaty and I turn red while wearing it. I recently donated 3 really nice sweaters that I just couldn’t wear without being incredibly uncomfortable. I think a cardi is a good option for me, going to have to hunt for one after Christmas.

  15. Fabienne Jach

    Heck yeah, I love me a good cashmere. I have three identical sweaters, 2 are cardis, 1 is a pull-over. Fell in love with all three, Bloomingdale’s had some crazy secret sale and I scored them for about $65 (?) each, which was probably at $250 savings. Nuts! I wear them ALL the time. I get hot really fast and have to wear some kind of wool so as not to get Ă¼ber-stinky when it comes to sweaters.
    Yesterday, I wore the pink one:
    Then there’s the aqua one:
    And the green one:

    I’ve had them for three years and they’re still in heavy rotation. I’m wearing the green one today again!

  16. rb

    I have cashmere knit and woven wide scarves from Nordstrom, and they are absolutely the best! Love them. I wear them all the time, and they are often the only pop of color in my otherwise neutral outfits.



    I received cashmere socks as a gift from a very generous friend, but I’m way too paranoid about ruining them, so I only wear them when I’m trudging around the house, at home from work sick. Then they make me feel very well cared-for.