This Week I Love …

… cobalt blue. Above you see my beloved Marni sandals. I purchased these last year, and they sparked an obsession with cobalt blue that hasn’t flagged since. I am now in possession of a cobalt handbag, belt and necklace, all purchased separately yet eerily matchy. And my thirst for cobalt is not yet slaked! Especially since I am yet to nab any cobalt blue garments. (Picture me rubbing my hands like a supervillian.)

Here are a few cobalt pieces that have caught my eye of late:

Blue with En-Vee Dress – $149.99

Purple blueberry wrap belt, $35


HOBO INTERNATIONAL Mavis Clutch – $108

Salute One-shoulder top – $85
(OK, maybe more of a teal … but SO GORGEOUS.)


Vivienne Westwood by Melissa Ultragirl VI Pump – $125 (Vegan option)

Tahari by ASL Tony-tommy Dress– $99

Madden Girl – Sookiee – $40

Diesel Trielly Tee – $60

Lapis necklace – $42

Are you a fan of cobalt clothing and accessories? What do you already own in this shade? Which of these picks is your fave?

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44 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Lindsay

    I too am currently obsessed with cobalt blue, but haven’t made any purchases yet. The Tahari by ASL dress is exactly what I’m looking for – great find! And those sandals are killer on you.


  2. Carmen

    I love this color and unfortunately own nothing in it’s hue. So sad. But whenever I see something in this shade of blue I think of this dress that Audi at Fashion For Nerds has worn:

    I adore it. I remember the first time she wore it because I literally gasped at the shade. I really don’t think I’ve ever done that before over clothes. It seems so GIRLY to exclaim over an outfit like that, but it was completely involuntary. It’s the first time I recall really seeing something in that deep gorgeous color. Keeping my eyes peeled, but I tend to purchase dresses at Target or thrift stores due to the price and this color rarely comes up…

  3. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Those Marni shoes are soooo gorgeous. I could see you wearing that blue belt Right Now. The Tahari dress is also beautiful, and the necklace could be worn with everything. It’s fun to crush on a color, isn’t it?

  4. Carmen

    Not that being GIRLY is an insult mind you… it’s just not necessarily my personality to get so passionate about clothes. Art/music, yes but lately I’m learning to treat clothes the same way đŸ™‚

  5. Veronica

    I don’t believe I own any cobalt blue pieces, but I love royal blue and darker blues so I own a few of those. I’m pretty sure they’re all shirts of some kind. I love the one shoulder top but I doubt it’d look that good on me, I also like the En Vee dress, love the Madden girl sling backs, the diesel T is fantastic too and the jewelery. I love most of that

  6. Becca

    Tomorrow’s outfit (which will go up on Friday) will have cobalt accents to it, I’ve decided. Huzzah inspiration!

    I actually purchased cobalt blue nail polish yesterday. It is pretty fab. And I also recently brought home a tumbled lapis chip necklace that is to DIE for. Cobalt is pretty fab.

  7. Blue

    I’ve been obsessed with cobalt blue for years now. I have a dress, and flats, and I’ve had some more stuff along the way. The first dress in you cobalt collection is the prettiest, I love the cut. It is so girly and fabulous, wearing it probably makes you want to dance…

  8. Stacy aka Stacybeads

    Cobalt blue is a bad color for me, as are most blues. However, I’ve recently learned to embrace TEAL and now I’m becoming obsessed with that. Funny how we get so focused on one color for a while. I’m just coming out of an all-coral-all-the-time phase. Well, to be honest, I don’t think it’s quite over yet…. đŸ™‚

  9. Katharine

    Cobalt blue is one of the few colours I like and wear (and the only shade of blue I enjoy) and it’s been coming into stores lately, to my delight.

    I went on a bit of a binge at Jacob recently, because they have a whole slew of cobalt-blue items in. ( for Canadian readers) I got the sleeveless dress, in what they call “bright blue”; a short slightly A-line skirt (which is a bit problematic because the lining — gah, I hate linings! — makes the skirt spin on my hips when I walk); and a T-shirt with a scooped back and elbow-length sleeves. I also have a tunic top with pockets and an irregular hem from American Comfy, and a scarf. And I have a pair of crazy tights with cobalt and black geometric patterning in them, and a scarf.

    Unfortunately, I find none of my cobalt-blue items match each other! Other than the Jacob ones, because they’re all from the same place. I long for, for some reason, a cobalt-blue hoodie right now.

    Out of your picks — well, I love your Marni sandals. Can’t vote for the Melissas; I encountered Melissas in Toronto once, and touched them, and they have this REEK on them, they smell like the bastard child of a Strawberry Shortcake doll. Revolting, and it clung to my hands ALL DAY. The Madden Girl shoes are nice (although I have the same pair in purple, and cannot wear them; they make my feet bleed, and I’m going to sell them or something). I think I like the Tahari or Envee dresses the best, and I imagine the Envee one would look completely hot on you — you suit that shape.

  10. Cynthia

    I’m not really a cobalt blue/royal blue girl. I like my blues a little bit to the left, just tiny bit warmer and greener but not yet teal. When “pacific blue” was all the rage a few years ago I was a happy camper.

  11. Chrysta

    I love cobalt blue! Sadly I don’t often see clothing and accessories in this color, or else I’d have a closet full.

  12. Lynn

    LoveLoveLOVE Cobalt Blue!!! I only own one dress in that color, but I’m on the search for more!

  13. Elissa

    I recently scored my first cobalt blue item – a clutch at an estate sale. I owned nothing in that color before and have had fun pairing it with jewel-tones pieced on my closet. It also looks smashing with denim. I love all of these pieces you have highlighted, though I’m especially taken with your shoes – amazing!

  14. Grace

    LOVE that color. The wrap belt and necklace are my favorites, but all of your picks are great.

  15. Bethany

    I got a pedicure last weekend with a bright blue nailpolish, and I am now obsessed with the color! I want to decorate with it, wear it, sleep in it, paint my car with it. Ok, maybe the car would be going too far, but I am seriously loving it!

  16. Anat

    Ha! Ha! Today I have on for the first time ever, a ceramic and glass pendant I made myself, which is white and cobalt blue! I will upload it later and post a link. Let me know if you like it…

    (I also matched my blouse to the necklace, so it is also a kind of deep blue, don’t know if it’s cobalt though.)

  17. Chalkdust and Boots

    Both dresses and the clutch are gorgeous. I, too, am drawn to cobalt blue, but I’ve never really realized that until now. I have a bajillion accessories made of lapis lazuli because it’s easily found in Chile, where my dad is from, and when he used to travel there regularly, he’d always bring me back some trinkets. Hmmm… they all live in NYC right now, so I’m thinking I need to bring the whole jewelry box to Boston…!

  18. Anna

    Ooh, ooh, ooh! I have loved cobalt for years. I like to pair it with black, with some shades of deep or dark green, with a vintage turquoise necklace that I bought years ago from the Governor’s Palace bazaar in Santa Fe. The gorgeous necklace here reminds me that I have been meaning to look for some lapis earrings.

  19. Buckle Button Zip

    I’m with you on the cobalt blue obsession. Thank goodness this color has come back into vogue. Makes me want to buy it all up and covet for the next few years. Fantastic shoes, Sal!

  20. Tracey

    I think cobalt is an amazing color on most anyone–especially blue-eyed and fair skinned people like myself! It’s one of my favorite colors but I only have one piece in the color. I tend to lean more towards teal since it’s not as vibrant. Sometimes cobalt is just TOO bright and I feel like I stand out (and not always in a good way).

  21. Diana

    I love cobalt blue! I have a cobalt blue winter coat, knee-length with a full skirt that makes me inordinately happy. I get complimented on it every time I wear it. =)

    Also, still kicking myself for not springing for the cobalt blue Frye Veronica Slouch boots that they made a couple of years ago…

  22. Kate K

    I adore cobalt blue so much but right now I’m too busy being distracted by the ridiculous photoshop job on that Tahari model. What happened to her waist???

  23. Cel

    I really like cobalt actually, and I’ve had a love affair with darker, deeper blues every since painting my toes electric blue a while back hah. Oddly, blue is a very rare colour in my wardrobe. I have dark blonde hair and hazel eyes and I always had the impression that blue was NOT a good colour on me so it’s only starting to creep its way in. I think the necklace at the end is my favourite of all of these. And those Steve Madden heels.

  24. Linda

    Clothing-wise, I think all I have in this color is a cardigan. But that first dress is the color of my new living-room walls!

  25. Kate

    I LOVE cobalt blue!! Right now I don’t have any colbalt clothing, tho I do have some royal blue. And I always have some cobalt jewelry. Years ago when I had a job where I wore suits I had the most beautiful cobalt wool crepe suit that I loved and wore until the hems started fraying. One day one of the guys I worked with told me it was so blue it was almost purple. That struck me as just the funniest comment and I always remember it when I see clothing in a royal or cobalt shade. Out of your items, I think the belt and the clutch are my faves tho I really like them all. And I’m going to have to go hunt some down for myself!

  26. Terri

    Cobalt is one of my favorite colors and I looove that one-shoulder top. I may have to hunt for a similar one in my size.

    Also, whenever I see “Sookie” (even though it was spelled with an extra e like wookiee) I have to say it out loud in a Vampire Bill voice.

  27. KL

    Cobalt is just gorgeous! Love that dress, though it’s a bit too pricey for me. The wrap belt is also a neat design.

  28. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    Oh, I love that Blue With En-Vee Dress!

    I have a problem with cobalt blue….I live in basketball country, and that color signifies support for the rival team! Jewelry would probably be safe, though!

  29. Heather/H&K Style Journey

    I am currently LOVING cobalt blue as well. I found a great top from the Express while thrifting for $3 and have been in love ever since.

    My favorite item featured above is the purple berry wrap belt! Beautiful!

  30. rb

    I had a pair of cobalt blue wedge sandals from Rabat in Berkeley. They were so expensive, for me, but great because although they didn’t precisely MATCH anything else I was wearing, they WENT with everything. Unfortunately for me, they were ankle-twisty and I got rid of them. *sob*

    I wish the “supportive” shoes I’m now pretty much forced to wear came in more interesting colors!

  31. Anne

    Cobalt blue is such a beautiful color and I have yet to see anyone look bad in it. I have blue eyes, fair complexion and reddish brown hair. Most shades of green and blue are safe bets for me. Oddly enough as much as love the color, I have a whopping two tee shirts in that color. I guess I just haven’t seen much of it out in stores over the last few years. I have pined for your blue sandals since seeing them in your greatest hits articles. I treated myself to a pair of emerald green sandals this spring so maybe I will seek out a blue pair next summer when I have a fresh untapped shoe budget.

  32. Halo

    I’ve loved this color for ages. My first cashmere sweater was cobalt, and in junior high I had a pair of Keds that color. I think they were limited edition, and I sometimes pine for them before remembering how uncomfortable they actually are on my feed. When I was maybe 15, I made my mother a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet using chunky lapis lazuli beads, and she still wears them more than 20 years later. (I have to admit it’s pretty gorgeous.)

  33. Eleanorjane

    Yup, love it. I have a pair of low patent leather heels in cobalt blue and I’m having to restrain myself from the most gorgeous suede heels in the same colour. There is a limit to how many blue shoes I need!

  34. jesse.anne.o

    I just bought a pair of those VW/Melissa/Ultragirls but in the black with tortie bow. I love them. I had to stretch out the toe box, but luckily you can do that even though they’re plastic!

  35. WendyB

    Those are perfect shoes. I love everything about them: the color, the platform and especially the shape of the heel!

  36. Jenna S.

    I’m definitely a cobalt fan. My “professional” clothes sort of function like a capsule wardrobe, so I’ve built it so that any piece can go with any other piece. It’s mostly neutral tones, with pops of cobalt, its less saturated counterpart, and navy. As a result, I can blunder sleepy-eyed into my closet, grab any top, grab any bottom, and go. It doesn’t feel boring because I’ve incorporated a lot of fun prints in different scales, along with some pieces with interesting architectural and textural details, plus there are a few wildcards thrown in for those days where I want to veer in a different direction.

  37. Kel

    Ooo, I really like that Salute top, especially the sleeve shape and the bead work on the shoulder strap.

    I only have one piece that has cobalt, and it’s an accent color in an otherwise black and white dress. I should go shopping in search of more blue stuff, because it’s one of my best colors.