This Week I Love …

… collarless jackets.

Blazers and jackets of all kinds make me deeply happy, as they can add structure and edge to just about any outfit. But since it’s pretty darned cold now which means layers and scarves are often in order, I’m realizing how irritating lapels and collars can be. Shoving a button-front under a traditional blazer is a common tactic, and yet I can NEVER get my inner collar to sit right. Throwing a scarf over a collared jacket can work, but the collar itself adds bulk and can feel and look awkward. Collarless jackets are relatively trendy right now, and I am just loving them. Here are a few on my radar:

calvin klein collarless blazer

Calvin Klein Hardware Collarless Blazer – $129.50

Gah, I love this. Bright red, clean lines, nipped at the waist, and fully lined. With the closure fastened, this blazer creates a nice deep v neckline and a perfect little portrait area for a funky statement necklace.

loft collarless blazer

LOFT Collarless Jacket in Mid Weight Scuba – $128

Even cleaner! This blazer lacks a closure altogether and is meant to be worn open, which is a great option for those of us on whom buttoned jackets can look a bit rumpled. A shorter length makes this option ideal for pairing with skirts and dresses, and the collarless design means it would be marvelous with a cozy scarf. Also comes in petite and tall sizes. In black, burgundy, and charcoal.

plus size collarless blazer

Sejour Sequin Bouclé Jacket – $138

Of course, the collarless style is also common among tweedy, Chanel-esque jackets like this one. Doesn’t give you the angles and deep vs of the more suit-blazer styled options, but still an absolute classic. This one has some very subtle sequins for added sparkle, and is available through size 24. (This version is also tweedy and sparkly, but has a v opening instead of a crew. Through size 22.)

le chateau collarless blazer

Le Chateau Double Weave Collarless Blazer – $69.99

This one is lapel-free and lacks the bulky foldover collar that appears on most blazers, but it has a little more neck coverage than most of the other options shown here. Creeping toward Mandarin, but still technically collarless. Also comes in black.

lane bryant collarless blazer

City Chic Collarless Stud Jacket – $88

I couldn’t seem to find a plus-sized option that wasn’t embellished, super boxy, or both, but the studs on this one are fun and fairly subtle. Totally love the waist-level zipper above the left pocket, too.

loft flannel collarless blazer

LOFT Cotton Flannel Collarless Blazer – $98

I’ve been on the hunt for a gray blazer for ages, and might just pounce on this one if it goes on sale anytime soon. And with Black Friday coming, you KNOW it will. I love that it’s slightly cropped and shaped at the waist. Also in petite and tall sizes.

What do you think of this style? Are you a fan, or do you love the crisp look of a collar?

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9 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Anamarie

    I have purchased four collarless jackets in the last year – I didn’t even realize it. I have a faux black leather jacket from Marshalls with zipper closure, a couple of “tweed” Chanel-ish jackets with 3/4 sleeves and single snap at waist (New York and Company, one in cobalt and one in black with silver thread), and a denim zip front jacket. I’m going to try not to buy any more!

    • Anamarie

      I should have added that they are all “Chanel-ish” in style, with rounded collar like the Sejour boucle jacket above.

  2. Lisa

    Interesting! I have a fleece blazer/cardi and a tweed Chanel-esque jacket that would fall into this category. Sadly, the weather’s now too cold to wear them. 🙁

  3. bubu

    Intriguing — I have never liked the Chanel-type ones on me — way too boxy for my short, curvy frame. However, with my short neck and broad shoulders, I’m thinking the first two might work really well, and deal with some of the issues I usually have with blazers, which often just don’t work well for me.

  4. BamaCarol

    When I first started working in the 80s, I purchased a lot of collarless jackets because I didn’t want to deal with lapels – the widths seemed to vary so from year to year and it dated the expensive blazers quickly. The collarless ones didn’t seem to look out of date as quickly as the ones with lapels. Now I’m wishing I had saved a few when my workplace went casual so I’d have them now.