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Cover FX Custom Cover Drops.

I first heard about this product in the spring, ponied up for a bottle over the summer, and have been loving it ever since. At some point the combination of oil cleansing and my BB cream started creating some serious blackhead action, and I knew it was time to switch things up. During the summer I try to do just sunblock and moisturizer most days, but when I needed just a hint of coverage, I used my Custom Cover Drops.

Basically you add this product to your moisturizer, sunblock, or any other liquid you use on your complexion*, and it creates a custom tint. Need more coverage? Add more tint. Less, add less. I found that one tiny drop in my daily dollop of moisturizer was plenty.

I tend to get irritation around the sides of my nose and will say that this product was a bit drying in that area, an extra spot application of moisturizer helped considerably.

As a longtime foundation-phobe, I love experimenting with lighter coverage products. And this one is great for anyone who needs variable coverage, or has dreamed that her favorite moisturizer would finally come in tints.

Anyone else tried Cover FX Custom Cover Drops? Thoughts?

*Use with serums could be dicey. I think it’s meant to be blended with creamy products.

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