This Week I Love …

… cozy scarves.

The first time I went to see an acupuncturist, she told me I had too much cold energy and I should keep my neck covered. And I scoffed. Yet as soon as I became attuned to the nakedness of my neck, I realized that I DID feel better when it was covered. Warmer, of course, but also safer and more secure. So you can imagine how happy I am to wrap myself in cozy scarves once the weather turns truly frightful.

Bright Sound Scarf
– $37.99

Azuri Feather Cashmere Wrap – $95

Golden Goose scarf – $106

Cozy Cowl – $38

All Eyes on Me Scarf – $16.99

Lupatelli scarf – $48

Do you prefer to keep your neck covered when it’s cold outside? What’s your favorite style of scarf? Favorite fiber?

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39 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Cynthia

    Hmm, maybe I’ve got the cold energy too — I’ve been realizing lately that all it takes to make me feel warm at work or around home is to throw on a scarf. I’m not particularly picky about fabrics for scarves as long as they are not itchy or obviously artificial fiber.

  2. christine

    I have my neck covered inside the house and out for most of the winter. I get really cold super easy , so its wool sock for me , too!

  3. Carol

    I always have my neck covered for much the same reason you do. If my neck is cold my whole upper body tightens up and it’s led to shoulder problems, so I have a wardrobe of scarfs and pashiminas to choose from. They come from everywhere – my current favorite is a very large white pashmina I picked up for nearly nothing at World Market.

  4. Magatha May

    I always feel as if I’m naked if I don’t have a scarf on, even during summer. I usually stick to lightweight pashminas.

  5. VAMarcy

    Actually, I love scarves not because of the cold, but because they add that really great third layer–color, accessory, and warmth all in one! Plus, they help put the attention up to my face and away from other less-desirable focal points…

  6. Georgina

    That’s really interesting about what your acupuncturist said! It makes total sense… I know what you mean about feeling safer and more secure.

    This winter, I’ve been wearing a rainbow striped number that I picked up in the sale at Hobbs. It’s so cheerful, the best scarf ever for dreary January mornings!

    I love that cowl though – it looks SO cosy!

  7. futurelint

    I always wear one with my coat and often wear a super soft blue one around the house to stay warm since I refuse to turn up the heat, but don’t incorporate them in my outfits too often! I don’t know why, I guess because my outfits are usually already pretty busy and colorful so I just don’t think to add on more!

  8. Louise

    I wear scarves almost every day. I have a dozen pashminas in solid colors, and one giant houndstooth check. I find I don’t really need a sweater in spring or fall weather if I toss one of the pashminas on.

    We live full-time in our RV, and the temperature inside the rig fluctuates much more than it would in a house or office building. Layering and being willing to change clothes is the key to adapting. Scarves are a huge part of my comfort toolkit!

    I also have a number of silk scarves that I use when I ride my motor scooter. They keep the extra breeze out of my neck, and serve as a barrier between skin and scratchy jacket material. In colder weather, I wrap one around my head before putting on my helmet. The silk is amazingly warm and wind-blocking for such a thin piece of fabric. And let’s face it, don’t many of us enjoy the fantasy of being Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday? Scooter, scarf, cute shoes…oo la la!

  9. Kat

    Since I bought a hooded jacket I mostly haven’t needed a scarf with it…. I like them, but for me it’s one more thing to potentially lose!

    My favorites are soft and fuzzy extra-long knit scarves, preferably in multicolored yarn.

  10. Ms. M

    I love scarves! I just “discovered” them a couple of years ago, and they have become my accessory of choice. I like them better than jewelry; and I’m more likely to buy a new scarf than a new pair of shoes or a bag.

  11. Jen HaHA

    If the fork scarf had a fork and spoon on each side instead of two forks, it would be so Filipino and I would hang it on my dining room wall. Anyway . . .

    I’m just starting to wear scarves as accessories. I sometimes wear them to cover my neck, but I usually forget to grab one and realize it when I’m freezing at the bus stop.

  12. Mrs.M in MI

    When I moved to Michigan from a milder climate, a friend who had already made the move told me that if I wore scarves and vests all winter I would never be cold.

    I can’t always dress that casually, but I always wear a scarf outside during the winter (sometimes two), and if I’m feeling cold at home I go put on a giant cashmere scarf and a down vest.

  13. angela

    Hm. Very interesting about the scarf covering you thing. I have noticed that I really love wearing scarves, even in the summer. Which I thought.. I am strange. Maybe this is why for me too?!?
    That eye scarf is so eye catching ,.. I really kind of like it.

  14. B. in the Know

    I am a huge fan of scarves year round, but especially when it is this cold out! In the winter, I love my wool circle scarf I got last year while in Paris. It is so cozy, keeps me warm, and still looks chic…can’t go wrong there!
    Much love,

  15. Diana

    I ADORE scarves, and have a ton. I would say that they’re my signature accessory. I dislike tops with high necklines, so my neck is always cold and uncovered in the winter without a scarf.

    I like my scarves wide and made from natural fibers. I knit a lot, so I have quite a selection of handknit scarves and shawls, plus a few pashmina type wraps.

  16. Rad

    I love scarves, and I definitely need more. I prefer thick chunky knits, although I’ve definitely noticed that this isn’t very popular with other youngish women in NY (they tend to wear silk/faux pashmina types outside). I adore the indoor scarf, although I think they are a little dramatic for the classroom.
    Also, three cheers for helpful acupuncturists!

  17. Nicole

    Scarves are a must! Somehow just covering your neck makes all the difference when it’s cold out.

    That said, I uh… wouldn’t be taking advice from an acupuncturist any time soon. ๐Ÿ˜› “Cold energy” my right foot.

  18. catlover

    I LOVE scarves! I started wearing them at the insistence of my voice teachers years ago and since then, I’ve been addicted to the warmth every winter.

    My great grandmother made me a lot of beautiful scarves from all different sorts of yarn: fuzzy, smooth, etc. (not sure what the technical names are). I also always seem to pick up a few at various department stores. I got one at Old Navy for five dollars a couple months ago. It is long and multi-colored and one of my favorites!

    I also have a few vintage silk and polyester scarves. I have to say, the slippery aspect of those fibers is kind of a turn off for me, at least on a scarf. I gravitate towards wools and heavy cotton naturally, though, so that’s probably why.

    One of my favorite aspects of scarf-styling is that it is possible to incorporate a lot of colors I normally am way too afraid to try wearing. For example, that scarf I mentioned that I bought earlier this year has a mustard yellow color and a taupe, but it looks great mixed with the blues, greens and purples also woven into the scarf. I’m not a big accessory person, but scarves are one thing I really do have fun with.

    • Sal

      So true! I love that scarves allow us to wear bright colors and bold patterns that might otherwise feel intimidating.

  19. Laura

    Scarfgasm! I’ve never bought anything from Modcloth but that peacock scarf sorely tempts me. I wear lots of scarves in solid colors or small prints, but I’d love to try something more eye-catching (no pun intended) like that peacock one.

  20. Bubu

    Love love love scarves! Have only begun to really brave jewelry beyond earrings in recent years, but have loved scarves forever. Also, in winter, realize I wear almost no jewely because my neck and wrists are generally covered – but scarf is easy to layer over other fabrics or use to cover up exposed skin to stay warm, so works much better. My question: I almost only wear long, rectangular, fairly substantial scarves (like most of the ones you show – what a fabulous round-up). I find lightweight ones fly open or away. And I always receive square ones as gifts but I can never figure out how to wear them. Any ideas?

  21. rb

    I wear them year round, not only to keep my neck warm, but as color or a vertical element in my outifts. I prefer cashmere, but have some linen numbers for the warmer months. It’s usually chilly enough here in SF to wear one any time.

  22. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    I love that cashmere wrap. I tend to wear scarves more since wearing books on French styling (and don’t the 30 for 30). For me, anything goes really but I do particularly love cashmere and silk.

  23. Jenny in NC

    I have a couple of scarves but I rarely wear them. I body is WAY overheated nearly all the time. And my figure (short neck, busty) is not suited for scarves. In the late 80’s when scarfart was all the rage, I bought a gorgeous black/tan/peach scarf. My room mate, who worked in a fancy clothing store in the mall, tied that thing on me 10 different ways before declaring that I was the only person in the world who couldn’t do scarfart.

  24. callie

    Scarves are my signature accessory – I love them, and wear them year round. Even here in New Orleans there is always the peril of insanely air -conditioned buildings and the damp – while fabulous for your skin – makes it feel really chilly at anything below 50 degrees.

    They have to be… “special”, though – no classic silk squares for me – interesting knits in patterns and textures – and the bigger the better. I’ve got everything from fairly sedate pashminas to rastafarian-looking fringes a foot long and faux fur wraps. It’s an instant outfit picker-upper and cozy to boot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. threegoodrats

    I love wearing scarves! For this winter I knit myself one out of really cozy yarn that I absolutely love. I want to wear it all the time!

  26. Gracey

    Oh, I love scarves, and you’ve shown some beautiful ones, Sal. Because I ride my bike to work almost every day, even in the winter (we don’t have the snow you all do), I wear a scarf everyday. But, even on those days I don’t ride in to work, I’m usually wearing a scarf. They are one of my favorite laying pieces and I have all sorts of colors and patterns. My favorite, however, is a burnt orange cashmere scarf from Nordstrom. It wasn’t cheap, but I wear it at least once, usually twice per week, so my cost per wear is probably down to pennies at this point. Aside from my cashmere scarves, the majority are cotton. I don’t do well with the thinner, silkier scarves for some reason – so I don’t really have many.

  27. Lanika

    When I was in Germany, host mothers and girl friends alike told me that I was being a silly Canadian girl and I needed to cover my neck. I scoffed at their scarves, and the extreme of built-in, neck-covering attachments on hoodies (particularly from the brand Bench) they took it to.
    … But then I came home. And the following winter I became accutely aware of how frigging freezing I feel whenever my neck is exposed!

  28. Paty A.

    have a nice collection of scarves its so great… mines are plain .. sniff…. you know what I really love: hats… my kids and I collect them…do you like them too?

  29. Annie

    I’ve been quietly following your blog for a while (love it, btw) and was so surprised to see one of my sister’s designs in this post! She does Xenotees and the awesome fork and collective animals-wear. Thanks so much for including independent artists like her! Happy Sunday!

  30. Christine

    I started wearing scarves for most of the year after I started getting bad headaches from neck muscle spasms. Apparently, the warmth of the scarf helps keep the muscles warm and keeps the cold off, which also can be a trigger for the spasms. Now I have a wardrobe full of scarves, from thick to thin. My favorite scarves to wear in the winter are either wool or synthetic fiber (though the latter does make my neck sweat indoors). In the spring and summer months, I prefer cotton or a cotton/silk blend which allows my skin to breathe, but also keeps my neck warm.