This Week I Love …

… dichroic glass studs.

I bought my first pair of these over the summer. I’d only just lopped my hair off and was fumbling about looking for new earring options. I glimpsed a pair at the Powderhorn Art Fair and was absolutely mesmerized by how they seemed to glow from within. Snapped ’em up, and have bought several Etsy pairs since.

Apparently, dichroic glass contains multiple micro-layers of metals or oxides, and has a particular transmitted color and a completely different reflected color. Hence the glow. It’s really lovely stuff. Behold:

NaTuRaLLyMYsTiCaL – $18

Amazon – $12

admiralglass – $18

Amazon – $12

Halesia Designs Studio – $10

White Sands Glass – $9

I feel like these are my ideal studs. They’re small and subtle, but since they’ve got that gorgeous luminosity, they’re also interesting and fun. They’re cheaper than most semiprecious gems and due to their construction typically include two or more rich colors. I’m in love. Seriously.

Are you a dichroic glass fan? Ever seen it up close? Do you ever wear stud earrings? Think this style would suit you?

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13 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Cynthia

    Those are very pretty. I have mixed feelings about dichroic glass. In the wrong hands it can be really gaudy and tacky but the simple pieces like these are nice. And there must be kits that make it easy to enter into making dichroic items, because a whole bunch of Etsy sellers have the exact same floral and dragonfly stencils on their stuff.

    • Sal

      Hee. I agree, keeping it simple is key. But these tiny studs are really eye-catching.

  2. Mara

    I’m really glad you did this post, Sally. I view your page on my android often and I haven’t really been able to see these until today (although every time you’d mention them in an outfit, I would be curious what they were but too lazy to investigate:)). They are indeed pretty and I’m going to keep an eye out for them. I’d been meaning to ask, since you brought it up, have you been wearing anything other than studs recently? It seems your earring tastes have morphed with your hairdo…

  3. D

    I love the look of dichroic glass for the most part (though yes, the dragonflies and whatnot…not for me). I don’t own much, but I do have a really gorgeous necklace that my mom made me for prom that has a dichroic glass pendant. I don’t have any for my ears though, I think I’ll have to look into fixing that! My ears have 7 piercings, so I am always in the market for studs!

  4. Kate K

    What a fabulous post Sal! I love glass work in general, both for decorating my home and for wearing, but these are my absolute favorite. I buy mine at local art shows and galleries and it’s a great way to support local artists on a budget. They’re unique, little wearable pieces of art.

    • Kate K

      I do believe I misplaced my modifier in that comment. Let’s try that again: It’s a great way to support local artists if you’re on a budget.

  5. Sue

    Wow, I never heard of dichroic glass. I usually wear earrings that hang down a bit but these are really cute. I especially like the green ones from Thanks for the great post.

  6. Marie

    I am with you on this one, sister! I am petite with a lot of curly hair that is generally pulled back, and I find dichroic glass stud earrings are perfect for me. Not too big, but with a bit of flash. I have some from White Sands Glass that are great! For people looking for a less colourful look, try silver/clear ones; they are subtle and look like glowing pearls.

  7. GinaMarie

    I have a gorgeous dichroic art glass bracelet and matching earrings (dangles, not studs) that I am truly pleased I coughed up the money for instead of passing it up like I would normally do. It usually draws compliments; many people seem to be unsure what it’s made of.

  8. Laura

    I know it’s been a month or so since this post, but I LOVE glass jewelry. Hardly anyone wears it! I have a couple pairs of stud earrings as well as a couple hair clips (the kind for clipping your hair back in a slightly more polished ponytail) that are made of it. I’m excited to see that I’m not the only one who is in to dichroic glass, murano glass, etc. đŸ™‚