This Week I Love …

… stylist Elisa Nalin.


And I know I’m not alone in loving her.

Most of the streetstyle swirl that accompanies the various Fashion Weeks bores me to tears, showcasing stuff that’s so expensive and over-the-top that no mere mortal could sport it. And the more subdued, normalish stuff is all black. Black, black, black, a little bit of gray to mix things up, and yet more black.

But a year or so ago I happened upon some photos of Elisa and absolutely swooned. Can you guess why? Yep, COLOR. Girlfriend is fearless in the color department, but also extremely skillful. She never looks like a bag of Skittles, but instead selects and groups her colors with grace and flair.

Italian by birth, Elisa has styled editorial spreads for Italian Glamour, French Glamour, and Russian Harper’s Bazaar and has steady consulting gigs for Benneton, Sessun, La Perla, and others. She also squeezes in designing for the French brand Ventilo and raising her 4-year-old son. And creating some of the most memorable and inspiring outfits to be seen.

elisa nalin yellow mix


elisa nalin pastels



elisa nalin red

OK, you get the point. I’m totally in love. That smile, that messy pixie, that impression that she really, truly ENJOYS getting dressed and wearing gobs of color and pattern in innovative ways. Elisa, let’s be pals.

Anyone else a fan? Or a potential new fan now that you’ve seen her strut her stuff? Highly recommend a spin around Pinterest and Google Images for more Elisa eye candy.

Collage via B a la Moda, others via Caroline’s Mode, Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Caroline’s Mode, Valentine Avoh, Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Easy Fashion Paris.

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7 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Ann Wood

    I am so a fan! She is one of the most inspiring dressers out there. Enjoyed seeing these pictures.

    blue hue wonderland

  2. jen f.

    I am guilty, guilty, guilty of pinning all of those all-black FW ensembles, but I’m blown away by Elisa’s outfits. Especially the one with the navy jacket with the leopard collar (ok, it’s probably the least colorful, but something I could actually see incorporating into my own wardrobe).

  3. 33

    I also discover Elisa a year ago and have amassed many photos of her street styles. I love her style even if I can’t duplicate (she’s tall and lanky). Her style is evolving, not always the same. She’d incorporate trendy elements to pair with items that flatter her body and skin.

  4. fashionforgiants

    I do love her. Her use of color is wonderful because she always looks so chic. And that smile! She’s the only one who looks like she’s having fun at these things. The others are so serious and pouty. She’s wonderful!

  5. Bobbi Rubinstein

    Long time reader, first time commenting. I’m blown away by these photos. My first time hearing about Elisa. I don’t know that I could carry these off but WOW!