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Everlane. And there’s a lot to love.

A blogger and fashionista darling for several years running, this brand proves that sustainability needn’t be stodgy. The fact that trendsetters support this brand may seem secondary, but I see it as a huge part of Everlane’s impact: Right now fast fashion is prevalent, trendy, and supported by mainstream media. When a brand that practices production transparency and highlights its carefully run factories ALSO keeps its pricing accessible and gets worn by tastemakers, it can become an essential intro to conscious consumption for those who might not otherwise focus on eco-consciousness.

And the stuff is pretty darned gorgeous, too. Take a peek:


Luxe Double-knit Sweater Dress – $160

This black dress is lined in ivory and features a high-low hem and ribbed neck. It’s a loose, relaxed fit that’s perfect for leggings or skinnies and 95% Merino wool for wintry coziness. Also comes in grey/ivory. Sizes XS – L.

everlane vneck tee

Cotton V – $15

See that? Maybe five bucks more than you’d pay at Target or Old Navy, and this tee is made and milled in Los Angeles from 100% cotton heather. Comes in this navy as well as true black, muted black, sky blue, heather gray, and white in sizes XXS – L. This is a pretty lightweight knit, but Everlane has fabulous heavyweight long-sleeved tees in two stripes. and a ponte tee in XS- XL.

everlane silk top

Silk Pocket – $65

I loooooove the clean lines of this minimalist silk blouse, and that rich, versatile gray. The fabric is a washed crepe-de-chine that shows a subtle lustre on darker colors, and the blouse would typically retail for $200+. This style also comes in navy, white, red clay, tan, mint, light gray, and blush in sizes XS – L. Everlane does loads of lovely silk blouses – this collared habotai long-sleeve comes in four colors.

everlane dress pant

Slouchy Wide-leg Pant – $88

That’s less than you’d pay for a comparable dress pant at Banana or J.Crew. Although the style seems to be unlined, it’s 95% wool with a hit of spandex so drapes beautifully even without a lining. A higher rise style with a 30” inseam and 2″ blind-stitched hem to allow for easy lengthening. Also comes in navy in sizes 0 -14.

everlane shoes

Modern Loafer – $170

Yep, the company does shoes. A small group of updated classics created in Italy from locally sourced leather, including this ladylike loafer in gray, burgundy, black, olive, navy, or camel. Blair of Atlantic-Pacific is a fan of this style. In U.S. sizes 5 – 11. Also love their take on the Chelsea boot.

everlane tunic

Tunic Sweatshirt – $35

A great price for a cool top in an unusual shape. This tunic is made from French terry and is perfect for anyone living in a mild climate who wants wintry-feeling clothes that aren’t stiflingly warm. Also comes in black, tan, gray marled, navy marled, and light gray marled in sizes XS – L.

everlane cardigan

Chunky Wool Cardigan Coat – $165

This 100% Merino coatigan has a coocon shape and Shaker stitch fabrication. I love it paired with a same-length dress as shown here, but it’d also look sharp with a slouchy tee and skinnies or a tunic, leggings, and boots. Also in black or ivory in sizes XS – L.

Everlane produces relatively small runs of each style so certain items can run out quickly. Sign up for waitlists for new items to make sure you get yours. I hope to see this brand branching out into speciality sizes eventually since their current sizing stops at size large and runs small, but if you can fit the clothes it’s a pretty solid choice for sustainability and style alike.

(P.S. A few of my favorite eco-conscious lines that include plus sizes are locally made Hackwith Design, Canadian line Diane Kennedy, and Synergy Organic.)

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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6 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Ann

    Thanks so much for mentioning when lines run small or large. I’m 5′ tall and have a devil of a time finding unique items to wear. Love it when I don’t have to wait until petites are offered (if they ever are). Really like your posts!

  2. Ginger

    I couldn’t find a pair of burgundy loafers I liked and ended up buying the Modern Loafer. They were considerably more than I usually spend for shoes but I have to say, they’re really nice shoes -all leather inside and out, solid sole.

  3. CupcakeWaist

    Love the stuff from Diane Kennedy! For Hackwith Design, well … thanks for throwing us plussies a bone, Hackwith. I look at the four sack-like dress designs in the plus section, then look at the 21 dress designs in the straight sizes and wonder why they couldn’t just make the Nolan or Hunter in plus size? Would it have been that much harder? And as for Synergy, where is their plus line? I haven’t seen any plus-size garments available for sale on their site for months, but let me know if I’m missing a link somewhere.

    (And no offense intended to you, Sally. I appreciate all you do and thanks for suggesting resources.)

  4. Linda B

    In October I bought the burgundy Modern Loafers, and a grey tee. Both items have risen to my top favorites list. I am eyeing a silk blouse from Everlane now.

  5. Mia

    i’m not much of a loafer person, but DANG, I like those chelsea boots. I’ve been looking for a good pair of chelseas for a while now. Pricy, but they look solid.

  6. mmelaprof

    Everlane is a great idea, but we need to recognize that their *very* narrow size range (which runs small anyways) makes them useless to anyone over a size TEN!! And don’t even think about plus sizes…