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Gudrun Sjödén.

Confession: I’ve never bought or worn a Gudrun Sjödén garment. I can’t even recall how I came across this company, but I’ve been a fan from afar for about four years now. I’ve got a New York trip planned for the near future, and am excited to visit the new Manhattan outpost. But here are the reasons why I’m happy to endorse this company despite zero personal experience:

Amazing use of color

I’ve got pages of Gudrun in my inspiration binder, and loads of images on my color pairing Pinterest board. Aside from J.Crew, the folks at Gudrun Sjödén are my color-mixing idols. I can’t even count how many outfits have been inspired by images of these clothes styled into quirky, creative ensembles.

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Age and ethnic diversity in ads

I haven’t seen a lot of women of size in the promo photos, but I’ve seen many nationalities and a range of ages represented. Not perfect, but it’s a start. I hope to see more size diversity in coming seasons.

Alternate silhouettes

I always appreciate companies that acknowledge silhouettes that verge from the norm. Gudrun Sjödén garments are generally loose, long, and drapey and shown styled with many layers. No pencil skirts or fitted blouses here. Necklines are high, sleeves are long, and nearly everything offers full coverage. For any woman who prefers artful hinting to overt showing,


My old boss LOVED their stuff

I recommended Gudrun Sjödén to my boss at my old day job because the designs seemed right up her alley. And sure enough, within weeks she was sporting new tunics and flowy pants in gorgeous colors. My boss was a petite, apple-shaped gal who was – hands down – one of the most elegant, stylish women I’ve ever had the privilege to know. If she approves, I approve.

Layering inspiration galore

Many of the techniques shown in website and promo photos are seriously advanced. Loose pants, tunic, and a long vest? Check. Tunic over dress over leggings? You bet. For those bold enough to play around with proportion and silhouette, this company has ideas and building blocks for your outfits.


Anyone else a Gudrun Sjödén fan? Who out there buys and wears these fabulous duds?

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18 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Cynthia

    I am pondering a gradual shift of direction for my wardrobe future in older middle-age, into the land of lagenlook and artful juxtaposition of angles and layers. I’ve often admired that kind of thing from afar — the Kaliyana anti-suit, Eileen Fisher, etc. These clothes would fit right in. I imagine they’d be harder to integrate piece-by-piece into a wardrobe of more standard shapes, though.

  2. Laura (dusty_rose)

    Their clothing is gorgeous! I love the bright colors.

    I really hope they expand their plus sizes, both in terms of size and variety. I just looked at what they carry in an XXL, which might fit me, and there wasn’t much. :-/

    • DocP

      I just looked at the website and had the same reaction. Just the odd piece in the XXL – not really even the entire outfit. Hope they will expand their offerings. I’m a bit larger (1/2 to 1 inch) than the measurements stated, but the cut of many of the items suggest they might work.

      • Laura (dusty_rose)

        Same with me! I’m a bit larger than the bust measurement, although about the same as the hips and waist measurement for their XXL. We must be body twins. 🙂

        I’m so sick of awesome clothing companies stopping just short of my size, or making only a few less colorful, less interesting items in it. Blehh.

  3. Jill

    WOW! Those clothes are beautifully shown, and as a color lover, I’m inspired. Off to check out their site! Thanks for sharing!

  4. lisa

    I’ve been a Sjoden’s fan since the mid-80’s and have even been to one of their stores in Sweden. I even learned how to pronounce their name! (Well, kind of.) Here is another reason to love their clothes: the quality is just unparalleled. I have never seen affordable american clothing that has the same level of durability and the same careful construction as sjoden has.

  5. Kaisa

    I visited GS shop in Stockholm, Sweden some years ago. I got a pair of awesome leggings. Everything else was just a bit too pricey for me at the time. Love the colors and all tho.

  6. Dee

    Never heard of the company, but the colors are beautiful. Not sure I would wear the clothes, they look very voluminous and fairly shapeless– I don’t think the styles would be flattering on me. I guess I am also just not a fan of shapeless, baggy clothes! (I have not seen their whole line, maybe its not all shapeless??)

  7. Eve

    So pretty……. but the loose styles and strong colours so remind me of the eighties…… I would feel odd wearing those clothes now….

  8. Maria

    Swede here…
    To me, Gudrun Sjödén makes clothes for the arty grandma. The clientele in the stores have reinforced my prejudice, but I do like a lot of the color combos. The sizing is on the small side, and I generally find the clothes suited for women who are either apple or pear shaped, not us hourglasses.

    Once, I bought a tunic after having lusted after it for a long long time. And one of the seams tore after only one wear. I took it back, got a new one, and the same thing happened again 🙁
    I don’t think it is typical for the garments, the company wouldn’t have survived the onslaught of furious, arty grandmas. But it put me off shelling out for her clothes.

  9. Sandra

    Wow, never heard of this company. Yes, love the color combos. I’ll have to try some of the individual pieces. Wonder if a whole outfit would overwhelm me. Thanks for informing us about this site.

  10. Anna

    Arty grandma here, zooming on over to check out the duds. Sounds just right for me!

  11. LaTonya

    I, too, would like to see more women of color and greater ranges in age and shapes. Thanks for introducing me to this company. Loose and lots of materials don’t normally work for me but the color mixing is inspiring and I’ll be revisiting for this reason. Love the post. Thanks.

  12. STL Mom

    To me, these clothes are the adult equivalent of the brightly patterned Hanna Anderson outfits my daughter wore as a preschooler. Also, at 5’1″, these billowy silhouettes make me look like a little kid dressing up in her mom’s clothes. So I was amused when the New York Times sent a fashion reporter to the Gudrun Sjödén store with somewhat predictable results.
    I found it snarky but funny.

  13. marie bisson

    I discovered this designer a few months ago and fell in love with it…I always loved colorful clothes and these are perfect for me…bought a few tunics since and they are so pretty!i am around 50 and I don’t like “beige”clothes,enjoy colors and different styles.i would love to have a store in Montreal!