This Week I Love …

… jasper and agate jewelry.

Now that I’m working with a palette of mostly neutrals, I’ve become more interested in earth-tone jewelry. I still love my metals, but something about the unpredictable patterns of browns, greens, blacks, whites, rust reds, and other sophisticated shades feels like a great complement to my summery badass looks. Here are some jasper and agate pieces I’m drooling over these days.


moss agate earrings

Green Moss Agate Earrings – $8.09

Such an elegant shape, and an amazing price. They’re large at 2″ long and a bit on the heavy side, so if you need lightweight earrings these might not be the best choice. Jewelili offers other smaller agate earrings, and some lovely necklaces.


Blue Sodalite Jasper Pendant – $12.89

Actually, I’d love to snap up all eight stone necklaces from Barker Wild’s shop. But this mottled blue pendant is definitely a winner, and the bits of olive mean it’ll work beautifully in neutral mixes. Chain length can be customized on request.


Leather Beaded Jasper Wrap Bracelet – $44.49

I will always adore the look of wrap bracelets, and this rich red jasper version with a black agate closure is a beaut. Might even pass for merlot, color of the year, and would look lovely with these simple red jasper drop earrings.

jasper ear jackets

Noir Rhodium Tone Jasper Earrings – $25

Sigh. Two current obsessions in one place with these: Jasper and ear jackets. I love everything Noir makes, and these quirky yet sleek ear jackets are no exception. Too bad orange isn’t in my current palette … maybe it’s in yours? (Also in lovely lapis and a few other colors/stones.)

agate bracelet

Stone Cuff Bracelet – $14.99

Simple, elegant, and just a little bit edgy. Love how the lines on the black agate echo the lines created by the wire wrapping. Lots of other choices including pink agate, apatite, and Botswana agate.

target Pear Agate Pendant Necklace

Pear Agate Pendant – $29.99

A little tough to tell how long this necklace is from the listing, but it’d look equally lovely worn long or sitting within a v-shaped neckline. Delicate but eye-catching.


Picasso Jasper Bracelet – $24

Picasso jasper might be my absolute favorite, since it’s nearly always warm and earthy. This mix of ovals and circles is subtle, but adds to the overall beauty of the piece. Other Elina Mira Picasso jasper pieces are here.

Anyone else a fan of these two earthy stones? Got any favorite designs or designers?

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3 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. crtfly

    The blue sodalite jasper pendant brings to mind a planet in another solar system. Their planet is mostly ocean, as you can see. Not that I’ve visited there lately!


  2. Mia

    I’d never even heard of ear jackets before, but AAAHHHH NOW I WAAANT. I want their turquoise ear cuffs, too. Man, so pretty. I don’t own much agate myself, but moss agate is so gorgeous! Sometimes it looks like a little scene with mist and trees.