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Yummie by Heather Thomson leggings.

Every winter I’m asked for quality legging recommendations, and every year I sheepishly admit that I just buy new pairs from Old Navy every couple of years and wear them until they get embarrassingly see-through or pilly. BUT NO MORE! I believe the Yummie by Heather Thomson brand could be the answer.

I ordered my first pair when my beloved sparkly Hue leggings began to wear thin, and they were the Jade style. Got ’em on super sale – I think I paid $20, which is great since they’re pretty darned expensive at full price – and was immediately smitten. The material was thin and stretchy, but fully opaque and very comfortable. The metallic finish was mottled and subtle, which was just what I’d been hoping for. And they’re high-waisted. Hallelujah!

I vastly prefer leggings that are cotton or mostly cotton, so next I ordered the Rachel Compact Cotton style. 88% cotton ain’t bad. I had ordered size large in the Jade style, and they fit well but a bit loosely, so I went with a medium for the Rachels. SO impressed, friends. I will say that they have a very, very slight sheen since there’s 12% spandex in the mix, but they are comfortable, well-made, warm, and durable.

Yes, they are technically “shaping” leggings. But let me tell you, if you order up a size, they just fit like comfy, high-waisted, non-shaping leggings. You can get sizes XS to XL Nordstrom and 6pm, but the Yummie home page carries several styles in 1X – 3X and Amazon carries several styles in plus sizes, too.

Anyone else tried this brand? Thoughts? If you’re on the hunt for comfy, high-waisted leggings, could these work for you?

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3 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Alisa

    I know this might seem like a humble brag but although these leggings look cute and the ones you brought are lovely I would not get these because my porportions are wrong. My legs are really long so high waisted things feel like a ribcage prison! I’m not súper tall but it does not work for me. I prefer low rise skinny jeans. Just to let you know that we are out there, and who has been wearing the low ride trends!

    • Sally McGraw

      Thanks for the reminder, Alisa! I work with so many women who loathe low rises that I occasionally forget they’re a godsend to others. Let me know if you’re on the hunt of anything in particular and I can do a sale picks post for ya!

  2. Katharine McArthur

    I complete agree with Alisa. I’m short waisted and have issues with my ribs, so high rise leggings and tights dislocated my ribs. I’d love some high quality low rise options!