This Week I Love …


… mid-sized studs.

I’ve written before about my love for studs, and how my shift to short hair has put me in the small-earring/big-necklace camp. But I do feel like my tiny studs get lost at times and gravitate towards my mid-sized options. Truly big post-back earrings feel a little 80s to me – at least ON me – but something between an itty-bitty prong-set gem and a silver-dollar-sized half-dome feels just right. Here are a few mid-sized stud earrings that have caught my eye recently:

fox stud earrings

Gorjana Fox Studs – $30

Even if the whole fox-print trend is mostly over, I still adore these. Because I adore foxes as animals and love being told that I’m foxy. At 1/2″ long and 3/8″ wide, these are right in that mid-sized window. In fact, they hail from Piperlime, a site that is considerate enough to include mock-up images showing you how large earrings will be when worn. LOVE that.

silver pyramid stud earrings

Vince Camuto Silver-Tone Pyramid Studs – $20

I have a pair that’s almost identical to these, purchased from Urban Outfitters about five years ago, and they are among my most-worn earrings. They add just the right amount of subtle toughness to my outfits. This pair is 3/4″ in diameter and also comes in gold-tone, and here’s a similar pair in rose gold. (Also love this triangular variation.)

ombre triplet studs

Ombre Triplet Studs – $26

At 1/4″ diameter, these are the smallest of the night, but still a bit chunkier than your typical single-stone, prong-set gem stud. I often find multicolored earrings a bit tricky to style, but the two tones of teal are gorgeous together and the gray is neutral, so I think these would be quite versatile. They’re also available in a pale pink/clear/gunmetal mix. Baublebar also includes images showing how large earrings will be on an actual ear.

kendra scott dira earrings

Kendra Scott Dira Studs – $50

I’m lusting after these, friends. With that lovely openwork design, these studs strike a perfect balance between chunky and delicate. They’re spendy, but could be worn with everything from jeans and a tee to a sparkly cocktail dress. And they come in silver, too! Click through to see them on a model. SO pretty.


Crystal Varnish Studs – $24

My pave studs are also worn quite frequently, as I find them to be a little more modern and edgy than straight-up CZ studs but also incredibly versatile. This pair is 1/2″ in diameter, so pretty chunky but not gigantic. And they’re also available in gold-tone. (If the plain pyramids bore you, check out these pave pyramid studs!)

marc by marc jacobs stud earrings

Marc by Marc Jacobs Embellished Studs – $29.99

Although these aren’t mixed metal exactly, the cool tones of the silver and the warm tones of the gems give them a mixed feel. The organic, subtly sparkly design makes them eye-catching, but a perfectly mid-sized 3/8″ diameter means they’re not too over-the-top.

bonnie jonas nail head stud

Bonnie Jonas Nail Head Stud – $16

Minimalists, this one’s for you. I think these pared-down studs with their simple slash are totally gorgeous, and at 3/8″ wide they’re chunky enough to be noticeable. Can’t beat that price, too. They’d be perfect with a funky weekend outfit or sleek workweek ensemble. Also available in goldtone.

Anyone else out there prefer a non-tiny, non-gigantic, mid-sized stud? Got any sources to share? I’d be willing to bet some of you make your own. What are your favorite design tips and preferred materials?

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11 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. olivia hillmer

    I just love these earrings from etsy retailer Laminar. I wear them almost daily (basically any time I’m not wearing fancier earrings). They go with everything, and the sideways-hoop design is just edgy/odd enough to catch a lot of attention. I get compliments on them constantly, but I still see them as basic, design-wise. I would describe my style as minimalist with a cautiously rock-n-roll streak (office job’ll do that to your closet…sigh), and these work with all my outfits.

    • crtfly

      I like these so much that I think I’ll buy them too. Celtic designs are a favorite for stud earrings.

      • ballewal

        You’re welcome! I like Celtic designs too. I’m actually surprised they are as comfortable as they are. I may buy a backup pair just in case. I almost lost one in a Target dressing room not too long ago, the back went down my bra and I crawled on the floor for the earring.

  2. Lynn Barnes

    I adore stud earrings, and would prefer to wear studs in my ears than danglers, but my job requires that I answer the telephone for our office. The “CLANK” of the bakelite receiver against stud earrings is bad for several reasons. 1. Hurts callers’ ears. 2. Hurts my ear, and my earlobe. 3. Can damage the earring. Thus, I bow to practicality, and aim for earbobs that are below my earlobe and above my (very short) neck.

    • Sally McGraw

      Totally hear ya, Lynn. I’m usually fine for shorter calls, but do end up removing a stud if I know I’m going to be talking for ages!

  3. Lisa

    So interesting, I didn’t realize until just now that I no longer wear my mid-size studs precisely because I’ve grown my hair long!

  4. Cynthia

    I always lose studs — usually just about instantly. Not just the backs but the whole things! How do you keep them under control?