This Week I Love …

… all things military.

I’ve sung the praises of military jackets so many times I’m sure you’re sick of my singing. But military is one of those trends that I encourage clients, friends, and readers alike to explore because:

  1. Military styling is always chic. Even if it isn’t considered “trendy” for the season, you will never go wrong sporting the look.
  2. It is such a fantastically vague collection of style ideas that virtually ALL women can find a way to rock it. Regardless of age, shape, size, or personal style.

Here are some gorgeous bloggers who’ve been rocking the military trend:

military maven 2

Seersucker and Saddles

With a military-influenced jacket and skinny camo jeans, this outfit has a whole lotta military going on. I completely love this, but either piece could be isolated for a subtler look.

camo skinnies

Pretty Tall Style

Keep the camo skinnies, swap in a simple black blazer, and keep the trendy edge by adding neon accents. Such a fun mash-up of influences.

brass buttons

Alterations Needed

Brass buttons and double-breasted styling offer more understated ways to sport the trend. Kelly’s menswearish layers add to the overall look.

curvy girl chic

Curvy Girl Chic

Just about any shoulder detailing from epaulets to leather to studs will add military flair. This structured coat looks dynamite with strappy sandals and a floaty dress. Military pieces are great for juxtaposition!



LPC’s utility jacket takes center stage, but the spat-like features on her shoes have a teeny bit of military edge to them, too.


Grown and Curvy Woman

Trench coats are a classic military piece, of course. Leather sleeves and detailing make this one fashion-forward and fun.



Layer a loose-fitting olive anorak over casual basics for a contemporary take.

equestrian boots

Une femme d’un certain age

Equestrian boots – especially styles with a few straps and buckles – offer another understated route to the creation of military-influenced looks.


And I Get Dressed

Honestly, though, just about anything in the olive green family will hint at military. Throw that color into the mix, and have fun adding other elements.

Do you do military? What’s your favorite way to wear this timeless trend?

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12 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Hetty

    Have always loved the over braided structured military jackets. Now it’s mostly punk/military surplus pieces I add in.

  2. Amy

    I really like your nail polish color in the previous post – would you mind sharing what you used?

  3. Anonymous

    The glorification of soldier-influenced attire as fashion statement puzzles me. Perhaps as a child of the Viet Nam War generation, I have a different view of things like camouflage pants: reminds me of the scenes of jungle warfare and bloodshed and village massacres that was televised nightly on the news. The only reaction I have is one of sadness. I would never wear such a thing. It may be generational, though; I know that trench coats go back to WWI, and since I have no personal recollection of that time, I don’t have such a visceral reaction. But overall, I find it sort of ironic that women would be attracted to the more front-line-inspired wear, since the obvious victims of war are primarily women (and children). Equally ironic that clothing of the clergy — allegedly peace-loving folks — has never caught on as fashion trend!

    • Chris


      I have to agree with Anonymous above. I think our view is not at all popular, but it is something I feel strongly about. I find the camo clothes especially distressing. Camo clothing, has two purposes: hunting people and hunting animals. Neither one should be taken lightly. Camo seems to be everywhere now, from bras to toddlers’ clothes. I am offended by fashion’s cavalier treatment of it. So are my veteran friends. If veterans chose to wear their military garb as everyday clothes, OK. They have paid their dues and have earned the right to wear them.

      For everyone else, I can see re-purposing camo clothing – once it is no longer used for warfare and animal hunting.

      • A.B.

        “Camo clothing, has two purposes: hunting people and hunting animals.”

        You have boiled down my dislike for camo clothing. Thank you.

  4. Lisa

    Aw, Sal, thanks! And yes, fashion does repurpose everything. Repurpose, and glorify the quotidian. xoxox.

  5. MLC

    Great post! I love military-inspired clothing, especially coats and boots. I’d just add a caveat about traveling abroad: I think this kind of clothing can send the wrong message in places where ‘military’ is a much more loaded term, so I don’t include any on my packing list.

  6. Tracy

    I love love love the jacket in that first photo, but H&M shows it as sold out. Any idea where I could find something similar?