This Week I Love …

Refillable Glass Perfume Bottle with Atomizer Sprayer Bulb – $17.98

… my atomizer.

You know how I don’t consider myself to be a lady, yet adore lady-trappings? Yeah. It doesn’t get much more lady-poseur than an atomizer, does it?

But here’s the deal: I have long been a member of the Aveda rewards program, and one of the perks is a “customized” bottle of perfume every year during your birth month. It’s not really all that customized, since they’ve got a fleet of six or seven scent blends to pick from, and you’re not allowed to tinker with them. But that suits me fine, since pre-blended scent numero uno is basically my IDEAL: Citrus-y and spicy, nice and warm, fresh, light, and lovely. So every January I swing by for my vial of perfume.

And then I stash it away and forget it exists.

I stumbled across a photo of an atomizer in some magazine or other back in early spring, and thought, “YES! That’s it! If I have a pretty spray bottle on my dresser, I’ll remember to actually WEAR my perfume.”

So I ponied up the whopping $18 to secure the atomizer pictured above and for once, my scheme worked. I love looking at my darling little old-fashioned lady-relic, and I actually DO remember to spritz most mornings.

I realize that women who love perfume often love the bottles as much as the scents, and there are some beautifully designed perfume packages out there. But if you get a custom blend, or hate the bottle but love the scent, maybe YOU’D get a kick out of an atomizer, too.

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21 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Tara

    I adore atomizers. However, beware of vintage ones. My husband got me a beautiful vintage atomizer for my b-day a couple years ago. The previous lady who owned it was fond of a scent like Poison or something equally strong and musky. It took weeks of cleansing with everything from white vinegar to rubbing alcohol to remove that scent. And sometimes I think I still smell whiffs of it.

  2. Elissa

    Oh my, that is so pretty! It certainly elevates applying perfume to an entirely different experience. I love how little things like that make an ordinary routine kind of special.

  3. D

    Cool! I guess I have very little actual knowledge of perfume; I had no idea this was called an atomizer. Or that atomizers are bought without the perfume. I think I would like one just for decorative purposes!

  4. Hetty

    I love perfume bottles! Only wear perfume on special occasions, though. Actually, good packaging (cool bottles, stuff like that) will get me to buy when I normally wouldn’t.

  5. Allie

    That’s a lovely one! My mom always had vintage atomizers and perfume bottles on her dressing table and when I became an adult, I bought myself one. Like hers though, it’s still empty. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is such a simple yet good idea Sal, I have many perfumes that would be better as a spray, heck even some lavender oil with water would be a lovely spritz from such a lovely atomizer!

  6. catnip

    omg GOOD ONE!!! I love the look of an atomizer, and they deliver a nice spritz!

    I have a question though: Can you use essential oils with an atomizer…? Would you add extra water or something…? Do you suppose it would even work? For scents, my go-to is usually essential oil from the health-food store. Not as romantic as genuine perfume, huh…but anyway, it comes in a tiny vial that usually lasts a long time!

    • Sal

      Hee. My Aveda perfume is almost entirely essential oil. I didn’t even think to check if it would be a problem! I’ve been using it for several months with no hiccups, so I assume it’s OK.

      • Trystan (the CorpGoth)

        I like to lighten essential oils w/a perfume base, which is mostly alcohol. I buy it at the same place I buy essential oils. The atomizer sprayer does get clogged up over time from pure oil, & you have to take it apart & soak it in hot, soapy water. The alcohol perfume base helps avoid that problem & doesn’t dilute the scent too much.

        (I have a pretty pink/gold swirl atomizer made by a family friend who blows glass ๐Ÿ™‚

        • JennyDC

          I have heard that cheap vodka or Everclear works well for diluting essential oils. Don’t know the proportions, though.

  7. Notes She Wrote

    oooh that atomizer looks awesome! I’ve never had one before but I would totally feel lady-like if I did have one! That’s awesome that you get one from Aveda once a year! I need to get on their rewards program!

    Notes She Wrote

  8. coffeeaddict

    Gosh Sal, I hate to rain on your parade, but perfume is best stored in a dark bottle away from heat and definitely out of sunlight otherwise you run the risk of breaking down molecules and ruining the scent.

  9. patni

    How do you fill it? I have an atomiser, and gallons of perfume, but have no clue how to decant one into the other.

    • Sal

      Oh! Mine came with a teeny tiny funnel. Maybe a hardware store could set you up?

    • Fruitful

      Here’s a blog post on decanting perfume (I’m not affiliated with the blog):

      It’s worth reading through the comments (and clicking the links within the post) as there are more tips. Mostly people just hold the sprayer of their perfume bottle right up to the opening of the vessel and spray until they have enough. They seem to find it easier than using funnels although it does depend on the situation. Practising spraying with water first is recommended.

  10. Carolyn

    My mom got me a English crystal one for Christmas a couple years ago. It makes me feel so classy. If I only had a fancier perfume than Clinque Happy to spray with it…

  11. Fruitful

    Hi Sal! That atomiser is gorgeous and certainly a great way to remind you to use your scent.

    I just want to let you know that bulb atomisers can sometimes be not totally airtight, leading to evaporation. Sometimes this happens in just a few weeks!

    I know you probably won’t mind risking it as you are at least using perfume you weren’t using before; just thought I should point it out in case any budding perfumistas are considering decanting a hard-to-find and/or expensive fragrance into a bulb atomiser (there are also other atomisers that are reliably airtight and therefore fine to decant into!).

    Enjoy it, you smell lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. patni

    Thanks. I think the spraying will work… half of my issue is getting the perfume out of the bottle.

  13. Leana

    I have an old atomizer and hose perfume bottle I got from an antique store and I have been wondering if I can put one of my oils in it without it clogging the hose. The oils I buy are from this store:

    This might be a stupid question, but I only ask because my friend told me not to put the oil in there. It’s the same consistency as perfume only it is…well…oily. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Sal

      Leana, hmmm, my instinct is to say your friend might be right. My understanding is that most perfumes contain alcohol and other compounds that evaporate quickly. Oil is thicker. But would the people at Black Phoenix be likely to know? If so, I’d definitely reach out to them – they’d have a more complete answer, I’m sure!