This Week I Love …

my oil sponge

… my oil sponge.

This little gizmo comes up in just about every shoe care-related post I’ve written, but it deserves its own moment in the spotlight. I have a bottle of leather conditioner that I use when my shoes and boots are looking dry or damaged, but for minor scuffs, faded color, or any quick touch-ups, I use my oil sponge. It’s a temporary fix – especially when it comes to scuffed and fading boot and shoe toes – but it sticks around for a couple of wears. Won’t work on patent leather or suede, of course, but this little whiz cleans and conditions oiled and waxed leathers using original leather oils. Quick, easy, cheap, and virtually foolproof. Just how I like my wardrobe-care solutions!

Do you use an oil sponge to keep your shoes in shape?

Image is Red Wing Oiled Leather Max 95135

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10 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Ashley P

    I love mine too! Do you know if there is any way to add more oil to one after it reaches the end of its life? I hate to keep buying new ones!

  2. Anna

    My late father-in-law introduced me to oil sponges. He was a stickler for gleaming shoes. I have used them ever since.

    @Ashley P: They are relatively inexpensive and last quite a while. I’d rather buy them new than try to refresh with some other oil.

  3. D

    I have never used one, but I really do want to give them a try! I have some boots that would really benefit from some oil sponge lovin’ right now.

  4. Jenn

    I’ve never used one, but do use leather wipes- this might be an even better option though!

  5. Heidi L.

    Heck yeah!I have a bunch of smaller ones that came with shoes,Danskos,that I bought at the Walking Company and they’re awesome for getting rid of the dry.


  6. Megan Mae

    I have one, but most of my leathers are nubuck or tumbled leather that you can’t use that stuff on. I’ve just learned to love the little distresses that happen naturally.

  7. VaMarcy

    I have used these (actually got them at a Clarks store) and I ‘refresh’ them with the oiled leather lotion from Dansko. I use it on all my leather shoes and purses–love it totally. Haven’t polished a shoe since I started using the sponge!