This Week I Love …

… platform shoes. “OOOHH, BIG SHOCKER,” I hear you saying. Can’t help it, friends. It’s spring and my head is swimming with visions of gorgeous, chunky, funky platforms.


Joe’s Jeans Brenda – $139 – 169

This style was first released last year and I drooled … but refrained. When Joe’s released a new fleet of Brendas in gorgeous new colors, I caved. The platform is wood, but surprisingly light and marvelously walkable. These are sure to become a spring and summer fave!

Kork-Ease Avis – $199

Another pair that’s been on my wishlist two years running. I haven’t been able to justify them yet, but still think they’re utterly adorable – especially in that pink, but they also come in tan, bronze, peach, and a seafoam green that’s out of this world. I own several pairs of Kork-Ease shoes, including tall boots, so although I haven’t tried on the Avis bootie, I can’t imagine they’ll be anything but comfy, chic, and walkable in person.

Dolce Vita Sancia– $130 – $165

These are like the badass cousin of my less platform-y Pelasfrom last year. Can’t vouch for this particular pair, but my other Dolce Vita shoes are top-notch and decently comfy.

J-41 Fiji Vegan – $79

I don’t own any J-41s myself, but Kirsten gives them high marks, which means I’m totally comfortable endorsing them. I love those delicate-yet-tough straps, the softly curved platform, and the fact that these are vegan. Yes!

Camper Damas 21387 – $160

OK, it’s possible that I don’t need two pairs of olive green platform sandals. But in my ongoing quest to incorporate more flat, comfortable spring and summer shoes into my collection, I came across these Campers and just fell in love. Again, I don’t own these, but have experience with the brand: Campers are well designed and comfy, but sizing is wacky and they can run a bit narrow in certain styles. Order from a place with a good return/exchange policy. (I’ve linked to Amazon above, which has a good policy and better color selection, but these are also for sale at Zappos in black.)

Miss Me Faris-3 – $40.95

This peep-toe has everything I love in a shoe: A big, honkin’ platform, chunky heel, and a gorgeous color. Miss Me isn’t a brand I’ve bought myself, but I’ve heard rave reviews of their designs. And man, am I tempted by these pumps!

Are you a fan of platforms? What styles are you drawn to? Are you more likely to don a platform in summer than winter? Which of these styles tickles your fancy? Any others you’re lusting after? Share links in the comments!

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23 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Vanessa

    Ohhh, pretty! I wish I wasn’t so tall already…It’s silly but I would feel like a giant wearing those!

  2. Jenny

    So excited to see you feature a vegan shoe! I always admire your shoe collection so much but also feel slightly sad the styles are mostly off limits to me as a vegan… So, thanks, and yay for these cute sandals!

  3. Corinna

    I LOVE platforms and have a couple of pairs of Kork-Ease sandals and a pair of Fly London maryjanes. I live in San Francisco where it’s often chilly so don’t wear my Kork-Ease sandals as much as I’d like. Any suggestions on wearing them with tights or warming them up somehow? I’d love to but always think tights and sandals look a little goofy.

  4. Nadine 2.0

    Oohh those black ones are great. I usually don’t do the wedge thing because I’m taller than all my girlfriends already and I would tower over them at 6′ with some of these đŸ™‚ My hub is tall though, so he can handle it. I think I need to invest in a good pair!
    Nice picks!

  5. D

    Those campers are beautiful! I recently bought some J-41s and wore them for a whole weekend visiting family out of town, and loved them- super comfy.

  6. Diana

    I love giant platforms! I can be 3.5″ taller and actually walk!!!! In fact, I am wearing a new pair today (Naot Unions, if you are interested – they are SUPER comfy, Naots are the best for comfort).

    I prefer the kind where the heel and the platform are separate (like the last pair you’ve posted) rather than a giant wedge, but that’s primarily because my fussy feet do not really like to be in wedges.

  7. rb

    I really like platforms for the purpose of getting a bit of a lift/longer leg, with the offsetting toe preventing foot owies. However, I tend to twist my ankle in them unless the straps above the platform are really snug. I guess this is one style I have to order online.

    And by the way, I’m tall (5’10”) and I don’t mind being taller at all!

  8. Anat

    I absolutely love platform sandals, and I credit my recent style change to having found several really good ones, which finally enabled me to wear skirts and feel great and comfi! My legs are not my best feature – wide ankels and well-developed calves due to lots of sports – so a chunky platform really does them a world of good. Here is the style I started out with : (got them in nude and black as well).

    I am totally coveting these: from Audi’s blog!!!

    • Sal

      Oooh, you got those KORS sandals! I was tempted after seeing Audi wearing them, too.

  9. Anat

    No I didn’t get them – I wish though!!! I’m not sure they are even shipping to Israel (big problem for me by the way – all those US companies shipping only to the States. I can’t even get Spanx online!)

  10. Megan Mae

    Ohwellcrap. Those Dolce Vita sandals (in bone) are perfect! Shoe lust!! I’d wear platforms with any dress during any season. I’m not a fan of them with pants though.

  11. Gracey at Fashion For Giants

    Even though I don’t need the extra height and the inflexible soles sort of make me feel like I’m walking like Frankenstein, I love platforms. I’m currently obessed with these two pairs:


    The second pair also comes in leopard, and, well, we all know how I feel about a leopard print shoe.

  12. Lindy Katherine

    I’ll say it…I hate platforms! They look like clown shoes to me. I can’t wrap my mind around that first pair at all, but the vegan ones are cute! Not for me’, though. Have fun teetering around this summer, ladies!

  13. Aris Merquoni

    I love those vegan sandals–from afar. I tend not to wear a lot of strappy or open-toe looks myself. My feet are big enough that anything with delicate straps tends to look a little ephemeral, and I’ve never gotten over the not-wearing-socks idea. So I will cheer from the sidelines that there are so many cool shoes out there!

  14. Ashlee

    Ooh, $40? I can do that! Those are really cute.

    I am drawn to shoes that I can wear with anything, anywhere. If I can’t ride a bike in them, I probably won’t buy them. (Okay, not, like, downhil bike riding, but at least hopping on my cruiser and heading downtown.) I am all about versatility. I think I could do that in the ones at top…probably not the cute pink ones, though. Sigh. Fashion is so tricky.