This Week I Love …


… Salma Hayek.

I have a mad-rampant girl crush on Salma Hayek, and Husband Mike knows it. I find her to be absolutely electrifying on-screen and completely charming off. She’s smart, driven, funny, talented, visionary, gorgeous, and self-aware. She has the enviable ability to laugh at herself, and the even more enviable ability to praise herself without seeming remotely pompous or self-absorbed. Here are a few more reasons I adore this amazing actress:


I love Frida Kahlo for her ferocity, vision, and passion. I loved Hayek’s biopic for its unabashed emotion and stirring performances. But mostly I loved that this movie – with all of its flaws and inaccuracies – introduced a strong, talented, fearless woman artist to new generations of fans.

Her suits

Hayek is married to French billionaire and PPR CEO François-Henri Pinault, who is one of the most powerful (relatively under-the-radar) men in the fashion industry. (PPR owns Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Balenciaga, among others.) So our girl might actually have even better access to gorgeous, custom-fit designer duds than the average a-list actress. And yet, she is often seen in menswear-influenced pantsuits that sometimes seem to fight her voluptuous curves. And you know what? She doesn’t care. She loves those suits and she wears them proudly, traditional figure-flattery priorities be damned.

Her activism

In addition to working to supply life-saving maternal and neonatal tetanus vaccinations to developing nations, Hayek is a board member for V-Day (founded by Eve Ensler) and has worked on increasing awareness on violence against women and discrimination against immigrants. She uses her power for good.

This quote

“People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder.”

Are you a fan of Salma Hayek? Have you seen Frida? A fan of her artistic or charitable works? Love her style?

Image via Celebrity9.

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11 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Diana

    I totally have a girl crush on Salma too. I loved Frida, but my one big gripe about it is that it should have been in Spanish. Other than that, love.

    And you gotta love Salma for just who she is, aside from being absolutely stunning, she is a great activist and businesswoman. Plus, when you hear her in interviews, she’s totally genuine and funny.

  2. nikole.

    I freaking love her.
    That year she went to Africa and breast-fed another woman’s baby showed me a whole different side of her and I now have a lot of respect for her. As a woman I would not have thought to put that child on my breast but I’m not a mother so I don’t know if i would feel the same if I were maternal.

    • Ursula

      Yeah, I couldn’t believe there were people who gave her flak for that. Hello, she could feed a starving child, so she did. Anybody who thought that was weird has their priorities out of whack. Have always thought Salma Hayek had a good head on her shoulders, and I love love love her for producing “Ugly Betty,” one of my favorite shows ever.

  3. Sarah

    I love Salma! I remember when she first had her big American break in Desperado (I think that’s the movie, it had Antonio Banderas in it) and all the articles focused on how hot she was, how sexy, her great body, her big boobs, yada yada yada. But she has proved over almost 20 years in Hollywood that she is so much more than that. Love it! I also love that her face hasn’t been completely jacked through plastic surgery and her lips are not the size of pillows. She still looks like her, still hot, just a teeny tiny bit older. Maybe she’s had work done, if so I applaud her for keeping it natural and enhancing what she has instead of trying to look like a blow up doll!

    It’s funny, I am 31 and I can remember so many stars that were HUGE when I was a teenager and I never hear about them now. You can make a lot of money in Hollywood with a great body and a beautiful face, but longevity is another story. So glad that Salma is still rocking out all these years later!

  4. Andi

    We watch Frida in our house at least every couple of weeks and we are both insane fans of Salma, not just because she’s stunning but because she has created a great purpose for her life OTHER than being beautiful.

  5. Susan

    I loved her since I saw “Fools Rush In” many years ago. It was a typical romantic comedy, but w/ an emotional connection.

  6. Olivia

    I love her so much, too! I would watch her read the phone book.

  7. LaTonya

    Yes, I’m a fan. I read a couple interviews with her and I like that she is confident, smart, embraces her beauty and is clear about her values. Thanks for the post.