This Week I Love …

Already Pretty outfit featuring polka dot shirt, moto pants, fringe booties, black pendant necklace

… curved-hem tees.

I’m EXTREMELY surprised to find that I’m wanting to wear pants this season. And most of my tops are on the short side – good lengths for skirts, but not pants.

Most tees and tops have straight hems, and if they’re long enough for pants wear they hit me right across the hips – bisecting me, making me look wider, and sometimes pulling at the hem and blousing up top. Not my favorite look. The three longish shirttail/curved hem tees I bought at the Gap last year are getting loads of wear because they dip in front but come up at the sides, which both flatters and accommodates my hips. So I hunted around and found a few similar styles that are currently for sale!

Gap Slub Raglan Pocket T– $19.95

My current Gap versions are burnout fabric with a broad and relatively deep v neckline. This version is a bit more opaque and has a slightly narrower v, but still has that slubby texture. It’s not completely opaque, but will still hide all but the most contrast-y bras. Fits true to size and comes in some great colors, including cobalt, olive green, and coral.

Caslon Shirttail Scoop Neck Tee – $25

If you’re looking for a warmer, long-sleeved option, this Nordstrom house brand is a cute and affordable option. This shirt comes in a whole bunch of gorgeous colors, including jewel tones like teal, cobalt, violet, mustard, rust, and navy. I haven’t purchased this style myself yet, but am sorely tempted.

Mudd Shirttail Top – $9.80

Can’t beat that price! And this version is available in pink, navy, white, turquoise, citron, and purple. It’s a juniors brand and fit, so order up – the size large worked for me and I’m a size 8 dress / 10-12 pant. Also comes in a burnout version, if you like the mottled look. (Burnout is sheer, though, beware!)

Do curved hem/shirttail style tees work for your figure?

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13 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Erika

    I really like the T-s, plus there’s a 30% off sale on everything at right now until tomorrow.

    AND those jeans look great too! Are they the Lee’s?

  2. Ericka

    I am wearing a striped style like this from Garnet Hill. Love your suggestions; definitely good choices for the curvy gal.

  3. poodletail

    You know how I love my Gap tees, Sal! However, last summer the curved hem drew me to a splurge on a couple of Isabel Marant tees. These beauties are 100% linen and come in white, black, and a gorgeous deep olive. They’re good untucked or half-tucked. Love the curved hem!

  4. Aziraphale

    Yes! I think curved-hem shirts work for everybody, actually.

    One thing I do to create the curved-hem look on straight-hem tops is to tuck a corner in around one hip. That makes the top curve upward around the hip, at least on one side, and creates a similar effect. On YLF they call it the “semi-tuck”.

  5. Eleanorjane

    Great tops! I’d happily put anyone one of those in my wardrobe and get a lot of use out of them. There are also lots of tops out there that are slightly longer in the back that the front – more flattering with trousers and skirts. I’ve got a couple from Dorothy Perkins (UK brand) that have seen a lot of wear.

  6. e

    I’m so thin and straight I never understood the why of curved hems, and on myself think they just feel like a shirt that is too long in the front and the back đŸ™‚ but from your description and these photos (esp the Caslon tee) I totally get it now! So interesting; thanks!

  7. Judy

    Can you provide a source for the scarf? I, too, love it and I have a very bright yellow cardigan similar to the one you are wearing in the photo. Thanks also for the info on the tshirts, I am always looking for quality tees that are a little bit different!

  8. Pranita

    Hey Sal! I totally agree about the curved hems helping hips (say that fast 3 times) . What do you think works better, a shallow curve or a deep one? And does the bottom of the curve hit the widest part of the hips or rest higher (maybe an inch higher)?
    Loving your cheerful outfit!!