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Smart Girls at the Party.

I’ve already told you how much I adore and admire Amy Poehler, but this resource deserves a special shout-out. Here’s why:

Frequently, I am asked for body-positive, intelligent resources for young girls and women so I’m always on the lookout. And as most of you know, there just aren’t that many. The body-positive ones tend to be a little preachy and oversimplified, and the ones that focus on building confidence in young girls are often fairly specific (many are science- and math-focused) or a little condescending. What I love about SGATP is that it provides lots of adult input – like the Ask Amy series in which Poehler herself responds to reader questions on topics that range from volunteering to apologizing – but also talks to and profiles actual girls.

Go back far enough in the SGATP video series and you’ll see Amy interviewing girls in the 7-14 age range about their interests. Everything from archaeology to hip hop to glass blowing to boxing. The most recent episode of this type has Amy interviewing three sisters who are dedicated skaters. Their new series on Girls of the World gets a little saccharine at times, but still does an amazing job of interviewing girls and young women about their lives and cultures.

Just as adult women prefer to see models and actresses that they can relate to, young women love to see other young women doing amazing things, feeling confident, and being smart. Exposure to the achievements of older women can inspire them, but seeing girls their own age doing incredible things might create even more impetus to act.

Smart Girls at the Party describes itself as “the show that celebrates individuals who are changing the world by being themselves,” which I just love. This project provides a space for girls and young women to see others in their age group exploring varied interests, older women supporting them, and women of all ages being amazing and inspiring. It’s not focused on body positivity specifically – although this Ask Amy on bodies is a classic – but provides a wholly positive resource for girls who might be struggling with confidence and self-image issues of all kinds.

Anyone else a fan of Smart Girls at the Party? Do the young women in your life know about it? Think they might like it, too?

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One Response to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Lisa

    I hadn’t heard of this. But It would have been wonderful to have this when I was young. So much time spent worrying, would have been better spent speaking out.