This Week I Love …

… stretch bracelet sets.


I encourage all of my style consult clients to wear watches or bracelets whenever their wrists are exposed, as I think this adds polish to outfits. For those of us who work at computers, bangles and other large bracelets can be incredibly annoying, as they bang on desktops and interfere with hand and wrist comfort. But stretch bracelets? They hug the wrist and stay well out of your way as you type. And stretch bracelet SETS? Why, they give the look of a chic bracelet pile without having to select the perfect assortment of wrist candy. I mean, nothing beats a gorgeous armful of perfectly mismatched bracelets … but sometimes you want to reach for something simple and easy, but stylish and fun. Sets can often be mixed and matched, too, so you get the best of both worlds.

Here are some stretch bracelet sets that I’m drooling over these days:


Hematite Stretch Bracelet Set – $23.75

Gunmetal jewelry is my current obsession, so these hematite beads definitely appeal. They’re spaced with faceted silver beads which gives them a bit of added sparkle.


Sage K & Co Spike Stretch Bracelets – $19.99

I own this set of two and ADORE it. You can see a double set of silver mixed in with my silver shapes set in the collage up top, and I’ll admit that I prefer these worn with other stretch and non-stretch bracelets. They make fantastic accents on an armful of fun.


Three-row Faceted and Pyramid Stretch Bracelet Set – $29.90

I would happily wear each of these three separately – and Express has lots of other stretch bracelet sets that would mix well with them – but they look fantastic stacked as a set, too.


Silver Speck Freshwater Cultured Rice Pearl Stretch Bracelets (10) – $25

I own these, too, and love ’em. As you can see, they make a bit of a hodgepodge worn together, which can be fantastic. But they also mix well with other pearl and/or stretch bracelets. The brights are really lovely and the neutrals very chic. (This similar set from Macy’s is $150. Yow.)

ZOË + SYD 5-piece Beaded Bracelet Set – $50

Love the mix of sparkly and matte, rounded and sharp shapes in this set. Some of these bracelets feature jade, which is likely why the price is slightly higher.


Daytrip Neon Beaded Bracelet Set – $9.38

Fun, affordable, and trendy, this set allows you to add a tiny pop of neon to any outfit. If yellow doesn’t send you, try the neon pink set.


Charter Club Silver-Tone Acrylic Pearl Stretch Bracelets – $38

Although I adore color, my simple silver stretch bracelet sets are the ones that get near-constant use. These three would be fantastic mixed with spikes or sparklies, but could also add a classic touch to any outfit.

Who else out there is a stretch bracelet lover? Do you wear them in sets? Mix and match? A little of both?

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18 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Di

    I love them, too. I don’t wear them as bracelets, though (which I just fidget with)– I cover up my ponytail elastic with them to dress up simple braids, etc.

  2. Lisa

    Just recently started wearing bracelets again, I disliked the movement on my arm, but like you, I LOVE the stretch ones that stay close on my writst.

  3. Coleen

    I have three bracelets that never come off, but I wear them on my non-dominant hand to avoid annoyance when writing by hand. They are all made of either cotton or leather and come from important places I’ve travelled. One from Sweden (where my ancestors are from on one side), one from El Calafate, Argentina, and one from Cuzco, Peru.

  4. Ann

    Love the bracelets, but how do you wear with a watch? I am old, and still feel naked without my watch. I’ve got an assortment of watches, most with stretchy bands, a couple of bracelet watches, and a couple with buckled straps. What would you suggest? I feel like Wonder Woman if I wear the bracelets on the opposite arm!

  5. Heidi / Frantic But Fabulous

    I’ve never been much of a bangle or bracelet wearer due to the keyboard conflict issue you mentioned, and then I discovered a trio of faux silver stretch bracelets at the National Gallery of Art gift shop. They were super affordable, so I figured why not? They’ve turned out to be the only bracelets I can stand to wear for more than a few hours. I think it also helps that they’re not solid metal so they’re much more lightweight.

  6. Thea

    Nice selection! Do you have any sources for larger stretch bracelets? Usually, the stretch sets in stores cut into my wrist when typically I wear an 8 inch regular bracelet.

  7. A.B.

    I love the idea of them but have the same issue that Thea does.

  8. Cady

    I really like the three strand bracelet in the picture on the top right – do you have a source? Thanks!

      • Cady

        Oh well, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thank you so much for your quick reply!

  9. Erika

    They’re brilliant for those of us with big hands, who can’t squish their hands into the “standard” bangles (and just as importantly, get them off again!).

  10. Sabrina

    I’ve started wearing bracelets on my right arm, but I always have my Medic Alert bracelet on my left wrist (a simple stainless steel one with the eye-shaped emblem, a chain, and a clasp that’s impossible for me to open without assistance). I haven’t yet figured out anything to pair with it that doesn’t look awkward. Any ideas would be much appreciated!