This Week I Love …


… v-necked cardigans.

This is a style lesson it took me ages – and many unfortunate purchases – to learn: Since I love layering and I love eye-catching necklaces, crew-necked cardigans do me no favors. Worn unbuttoned, their high flaps get all up in my collarbone area, crowding out any potential necklaces. Sometimes I tape the flaps back to make false lapels, but it’s much cleaner and simpler to just seek out v-necked styles to begin with. Scoopnecks work well with certain outfits and a few beloved crew necks have made the cut, but from here on in I’m focused on v-necked cardigans, both thrifted and new. Here are a few that are on sale now:


Canvas Land’s End Skinny Cardigan – $29.99

I’ve got this cardi in three colors, including the rust one shown up top, and adore the slightly cropped fit that works beautifully with dresses. The name is slightly misleading, though, as this isn’t truly a skinny fit. Somewhere between fitted and boxy, in my opinion.


J.Crew Factory Summerweight Cardigan$24.50

Aaaand this is the blue cardigan shown above. Bought months ago because I loved the color, and I somehow missed the “summerweight” detail. Not sure why J.Crew Factory was selling a summer weight sweater in the dead of winter … but it is quite lightweight and better for warmer temps.


LOFT Plaid Scribble Print Pima Cotton Cardigan – $49.99

Don’t own this exact cardigan but nabbed this very similar one with a coupon code a few weeks ago. Is $50 a bit much for a lightweight cotton cardi? I think so. But LOFT does discounts and sales every whipstitch, so keep your eyes peeled and you can get it for less. And this style is still available in a full size run in regular and petite sizes.


Eddie Bauer Long Sleeve San Juan Cardigan – $49.95

If you prefer a longer but not-quite-boyfriend length, this heavier weight cotton cardigan is a great option. The chunky ribbed trim makes it feel slightly casual, but it should still pass muster at all but the most conservative of offices.


Old Navy Boyfriend Cardigan – $26.94 – $25

This highly rated cotton/rayon blend boyfriend style comes in a rainbow of gorgeous and on-trend colors. (Thirteen to be exact, including mint, emerald and neon green.) And if it seems odd to purchase something so cozy as we head into summer, remember that air conditioning can make the hottest days feel wintry. Comes in regular, petite, tall, and plus sizes.

ALSO: Check your local thrift store! Cardigans are an eternal classic, and although crew necks are far more common, V’s do show up on occasion. You’re most likely to find mid-lengths since cropped and boyfriend/long lengths have been less popular over the decades. Consignment stores are worth a look, too, of course. ( can help you locate stores near you.)

Are you dedicated to v-necked cardigans, too? Or do you like to mix it up? How do you layer and add accessories when wearing high crew cardigans?

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18 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Patty

    I want a V-neck, 1/2 to 3/4 sleeve cardigan in every color in the rainbow. It’s such a staple for me.

  2. Sheryl

    The only issue I have with V-neck cardigans is that they’re almost always long. I love the effect, but have such a hard time finding ones that don’t go past my hips.

  3. Anna

    And then we have those v-necked cardigans on Call the Midwife, in that gorgeous shade of rich dark red….

  4. Christine

    I love v-necks and wish there were more around.

    Brora, a Scottish cashmere shop has amazing v-neck cropped sweaters. Of course, they’re really expensive but the sales can be great. I mostly wear dresses and most of them are sleeveless so I love a cardigan.

    I wish I could layer necklaces or wear large jewelry but I’m not much of a fashion risk taker. Maybe now it’s time to try!

  5. Allison

    V-neck cardigans are SO hard to find in a standard, classic style. I’ve been looking for more than a year to add to or replace some in my wardrobe. Every time I think I’ve found one , it turns out to be boxy, or extra long, or have patch pockets or strangely shirred shoulders or 3/4 sleeves. It’s as though the manufacturers have decided this style is so classic that someone else must be offering it, so they focus on more trendy variants. That J. Crew has potential if the bottom banding isn’t as tight as it looks…

  6. Wendi

    Add me to the list! I bought a really cute 3/4-sleeve v-neck cardi at Nordstrom Rack recently. It’s a nice length; not cropped, but not boyfriend. When I started wearing it, I realized I need a lot more!!

    I’d like to find a really lightweight, sheer lace or crochet one, for summer. When it’s well over 100 degrees, even my lightweight 3/4-sleeve ones may be too warm. But I love how a cardigan helps turn a simple tank or tee into an outfit!

  7. Jackie

    I am a charter member of the v-neck-cardigan fan club! My two standbys are a ribbed cotton v-neck style I picked up years ago in black and charcoal at the Gap outlet, and I hate to think they will ever fall apart on me–I don’t know what I would do without them!

  8. Laura

    I am totally on the v-neck bandwagon. Almost all of mine are v-necks and they are a staple in my wardrobe. I find that I can wear a classic jewel-neck cardigan worn unbuttoned over a lower scoop neck tank or tee, which visually creates the appearance of a lower neckline. But that’s a lot of work and isn’t so great for the colder months, because your collarbones are exposed (and if I add a scarf I’m back in unflattering boobs-to-my-chin territory).

    I actually don’t have that hard of a time finding them, although maybe I’ve just honed my laser-like focus. I think I have one of the Old Navy ones you mention, Sal, although I think I thrifted it, and I’ve found similar ones in different lengths at BR, AT Loft, Target, and Kohls.

    Wendi, most of the summer-weight short-sleeve cardigans in my wardrobe were from Banana Republic, usually in really thin cotton or linen open-weave. Sheer mesh (is that the right word to use? Not clubwear poly mesh, natural fiber like a fishnet shrunk down) is very trendy right now so I’d look at Gap and Target and those sorts of places for one. I love wearing a tank top and skirt in the summer and pulling on a light cardigan for when I go inside or have to look quasi-nice.

  9. Gwen

    Oh, I admire you lucky ladies who can wear v-necks! I have a long neck and somewhat narrow face, and v-necks only seem to accentuate this (and not in a good way). I’m stuck with the crew necks & boat necks.

    • The Cat

      I, too, have “a long neck and somewhat narrow face”, and in general, I avoid v-necks UNLESS I am able to layer something with soft, ROUND lines BETWEEN the ‘V’ and my face.

      I find that V-NECKED CARDIGANS work very well, as I can wear so many different flattering things with them: crew necks, turtlenecks, blouses with soft collars, scarves, and statement jewellery with round lines.

  10. Caryl

    I agree – the v-necks are so much more flattering. I love all the looks. The layering is always nice, and your choice of colors are beautiful!

  11. Erin

    Love love LOVE v-neck cardigans! I also only realized recently how they’re so much better than crew necks. I am hoping to find a few new colours when I go thrifting this weekend.

    (Also, you’re really posting my favorite things this week – dry shampoo! V-neck cardigans! Yay!)

  12. Wendi

    Thanks for the recommendations, Laura! I actually picked up two short sleeve cardis from Costco recently. They had a few different colors. I got bright pink (my color) a month ago, and last night I couldn’t resist getting another, in wide heather gray and ecru stripes. $11! But I do still want some even lighter ones for the summer.

  13. Lydia

    Love, love, love all cardigans — they look great on you – so flattering and vibrant. They are my staples. V necks are awesome, just hard to find non-boxy v-necks. I like scoop and crew neck cardis, but I agree, the v-necks are more verstalie (for me) and flattering. I am hoping to buy a whole bunch of v’s with a bit of stretch, and not boxy! Is there such as thing as cardigan overload? I think not…

  14. Kaitlin SB

    Totally agree! Love the cardigan vs! And living in coastal Northern CA where it never gets hot, layers are a must all year round. AND cardigans are great for covering up my little love handles so i don’t need to feel self conscious wearing form fitting tees or tank tops. Good all around!

  15. Ericka

    I am a huge cardigan fan but only recently after thrifting an awesome red v neck cardigan realized they might be a better choice for busty me. I still have a J Crew Jackie cardigan addiction I am not ready to quit yet though. I usually pair with a v or scoop neck top so I think they still work. My everyday necklaces tend toward the pretty simple so that’s a nonissue for me.