This Week I Love …

… you.

I don’t take the time to thank you – all of you – often enough. Partially because my gratitude is so overwhelming and constant that I could basically create another whole blog titled, “Why Already Pretty Readers Rock My World.”

Did you know that I’ve saved every reader e-mail I’ve ever received? That every time one of you sends me a note, it makes me smile? That, inevitably, on the days when I’m exhausted and frustrated and wondering if I should just flick it in and concentrate on my day job, one or more of you steps up and, magically, says just the right thing to remind me why I pour my heart and soul into this blog day after day?

Do you have any idea how BORING this place would be without your insightful, witty, considerate, helpful, amazing comments? Do you have any idea how much your feedback has influenced the content that is published here? Or my own personal style choices? Do you have any idea how lost and miserable I’d be if you hadn’t come here to read and respond and reflect? How connecting with you has altered my life path permanently and positively?

You all reach out to me to offer your gratitude and thanks. Today it is my turn: I feel fulfilled and purposeful because of you. I feel like my words can truly help people because of you. I feel supported and loved and appreciated because of you.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing community.

Image courtesy CarbonNYC.

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58 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Jen

    Awwww…this is the sweetest and most lovely thing I’ve read all week! Thanks Sal:). It made me smile too because last week I received some powerful affirmations from a collegue that I respect more than any other. I didn’t realize just how important getting that kind of praise is, even into adulthood. At our core, we are all still grade school students, wanting those gold stars in neat little rows on our charts. I know I come here each morning when I sit down at my office desk, looking for some inspiration, affirmation, and style ideas. Seeing all of your combinations has really inspired me to push my boundaries beyond where they have been and explore daring new heights. Thank you so much for what you do each day-you are a valuable part of your readers’ lives!

  2. Valerie

    Back atcha, m’dear. I read your blog every day, don’t often comment. But you have made a difference in my life. I have been going through a depressed schlubby stage, and my clothing reflected it. Last year, you inspired me to break out of my black black black palette. I started with a neon orange shirt jacket (just jumped right into color) and received SO many compliments–it was such a boost. Sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it. So, in spite of feeling down, I started wearing yellows, turquoise, pinks and all sorts of brights. It has made a real difference in how I feel, not just in how I look.

    So, thank you for putting in the effort every day and being so generous with your time and talents. God Bless.

  3. Lynn

    Thank YOU!!! You have so many gifts, I’m so glad you share them with us πŸ™‚

  4. JJ

    Sal, I owe you a note. I read your blog almost daily since I discovered it just weeks ago, and I thoroughly enjoy it, even though i rarely comment.

    As I go through a style refinement phase of my life, I have been inspired by a few fashion bloggers, and you are at the top of the list, along with Angie from You Look Fab.

    Thank you for all you do!

  5. Bethany

    I was just thinking this morning how I should thank YOU for being such an inspiration!! Not only are all your posts amazingly uplifting, they are dependable!! You are the website I check every morning as I start my work day, and I know I can always count on a new post from you!! You are truly amazing!!

  6. Ruby

    I’ve been a lurker for awhile, and a commenter a bit more recently. I love your posts- they are visually appealing and totally inspiring. You have accomplished the feat of making us feel not only a sense of community by being a reader, but a sense of pride by taking the reins of our fashion and beauty by claiming it as our own.

    Thanks for showering *us* with appreciation, it makes us love your blog all the more! πŸ™‚

  7. Amy --- Just A Titch

    I can honestly say that this blog has helped me become so much more body-positive and style-conscious in the past few months, which has been such a great change. Thank YOU for all of your hard work and energy here. You make a difference.

  8. Kristi

    I wanted to say that you’ve changed my life for the better, too! I’m a mother of 3 and my “style” has been t-shirts and jeans for years. I always wanted to accessorize, but I didn’t know how. Since I started reading your blog, my wardrobe has changed dramatically. I have found wonderful pieces at thrift stores, and I’m not afraid to mix and match like you showed me. My husband loves it and so do I- I feel like a WOMAN instead of just “Mommy” for the first time in forever! Do you know if there’s an equivalent style blog for pregnant women? Because.. I found out yesterday that I’m expecting #4. Sigh. So long, cool new wardrobe!

    • T.

      Two of the four bloggers at academichic are pregnant!

      And thank you, Sal, for all you do. I even check your blog when I’m on vacation!

      • Sal

        I was just gonna say that! Both of those ladies are fabulously stylish, and provide wonderful inspiration for their pregnant readers.

        • Kristi

          Thank you both! I went there right away, and hopefully they’ll be able to show me how to keep some of the style you have inspired in me. Being pregnant in the summer is going to be a style challenge but I think I’m up to it now. Like several others said, you didn’t just change the way I wear my clothes, you changed the way I feel about myself!

  9. Pamela

    I just want to say (since I haven’t before) how very much I appreciate your wonderful posts. Here’s why–for many years, I worked in an office environment around many people and I always had one or two close women friends on the job. Of course, we chatted (whilst working, of course!) about lots of different things–fashion and beauty came up from time to time…”I LOVE that skirt you’re wearing today! Where did you get it?” “Do you think this scarf looks okay? I don’t really know how to tie it.” etc. you get the picture. Now, I’m a freelancer working at home and certainly not complaining, but I do miss that little daily contact and wonderful girl-chat!
    Since finding your blog, as well as blogs you’ve recommended, I “check-in” sometime during the day, usually during my morning coffee hour to see what’s going on with everybody! See what everyone is wearing. Catch up on a few tips, etc. Silly? Some might say so but those are not the people I usually listen to!
    Anyway, all this to say, I applaud what you do and want you to know that you don’t even realize the service you do for others!

    • Eleanorjane

      Me too! I enjoy the chance to indulge my girly side as I don’t know many people who are actually interested in fashion and style. This is my favourite style blog by far! Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

  10. Fran

    Don’t stop. this blog is amazing . It has truly begun to alter how i see myself and I am beginning to really like who I am with all the insights from not only yourself but the fantastic blog community linked to already’ve encouraged me to try skirts more, venture from black, consider wether I want to age with interest or not. have reccomended you to all i know

  11. - Tessa

    You’re pretty spiffy too! It’s why we keep coming back! So…THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  12. Emily

    Hi Sally,

    You really have made a wonderful difference in my life. I discovered your blog about a year ago, when I was in a very challenging life-space and my self-imaged was taking a hit. I have a similar body type to you, and largely thanks to you, a year later, I dress to suit my figure, explore new profiles, colors, textures, and SHOES constantly, and feel much more comfortable in my own skin.

    Yesterday I was wearing an outfit which caused me to stand out due to bright color and some geometrics, and I realized as I walked into the bank, “I feel powerful.” Your blog has been instrumental in a deep transformation for me, and I’m excited to continue following!

    Also, side note, I just scored a pair of Acreas for $35 new!

    Thanks again,


  13. Anne

    Aww Sal, this is such a sweet post! I don’t always get a chance to comment, but I love reading what you have to say every day πŸ™‚

  14. Jen

    We love you too! Your blog is fabulous. I only wish I had found it sooner.

  15. futurelint

    It’s so sweet you save everything! It is nice to be able to go back and read some emails though, on days when you need it. I totally go back to some of your archives when I’m having a tough day!

  16. emily

    I just wrote about you and your blog on my blog yesterday and how much it has changed my life already!
    Thank you for this inspiring and thoughtful blog! It is a breath of fresh air every morning when I get to work and the first thing I check is this blog.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. B. in the Know

    Aww – thank you! Thank you for adding to this community every day and giving us great stuff to read every day!
    Much love,

  18. retro reva

    Back atcha, Sal !!!!
    Your blog has made me think, re-think and keep on truckin” when I’ve wanted to give it all up.
    Your posts have moved me to tears and given me some laughs as well!
    Thank You !

  19. Erin

    You are sincere, thoughtful, and fearless, doll! I would like to give you a Goose-and-Maverick-style high-five pretty much every day for your work on AP. Thank YOU, and I am very happy to hear that you get as much out of blogging as you give to readers, which is A LOT. As always, keep up the fine work.

  20. Louise

    Thanks for your kind soul and fantastic sartorial style. Big hug! πŸ™‚

  21. Patricia

    Sal you’re a great woman. You’ve made quite a lot of my days with your lovely posts πŸ™‚

  22. stephani

    Sally, I read your blog every day–it’s a source of inspiration and I look forward to all the insightful, helpful, and stylish dialog it sparks. So THANK YOU for everything you do, every way you support your readers and try to help us keep our body images positive and our beautiful outsides reflective of our beautiful insides.

  23. Donna

    These warm feelings of gratitude are a two-way street. I just wish I had someone like you back when I was in my 20’s and 30’s and struggling with a look. Still waiting patiently in line for your book…

  24. Jackie

    This is such a sweet post. Just like many that visit your blog I do so diligently and yet rarely comment. You definitely have made a difference in my style and my perception of myself. I am still working on my self-esteem/body image but thanks to you it is getting there. Many of the tumblr’s and other blogs you have directed me to have helped greatly as well and I am very thankful. I am still a student and will soon be breaking into the professional scene and will finally have the funds to dress the way I want. Can’t come soon enough. I have honestly thought about creating my own blog to help with my self-esteem issues but I don’t think I could write nearly as eloquently as you do.
    Keep on doing what you’re doing and know that we love you!

    Jackie B. in Canada

  25. cora

    Thank you for being awesome and so very very positive.
    I’m learning every day from you (and not just about pretty clothes)!

  26. Sal

    Oh friends, you really are the best. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for me, and your supportive words are like a balm for my soul!

  27. Kate

    D’awwww. This post totally made me smile. I adore your blog and everything you write and do. <3

  28. Corinne

    The community of on-line friends is special beyond words. Thoughts, dreams, hopes and goals are common to all of us and well expressed and articulated by you here. Your should take pride in the fact that many people read and enjoy but do not comment. Those people look to you and respect your insights. Keep up the good work!

  29. Julie

    I’m a newbie to the world of fashion blogs and have found yours to be so positive and uplifting. I love the energy in your posts, your photos are gorgeous, and the topics you write about are relevant and relatable every day! Thank you for the inspiration you share with all of us; keep up the great work!

  30. Gracey

    Count me in on the group hug! Sal, if you ever quit this blog and concentrated on your day job, I’d be devastated. I love what you write and I love how you write it.

  31. Ruby

    What a lovely, carefully crafted message of gratitude. But we’re the ones who owe you. I’ve been on the site for over a year. I look forward to reading it every day. It is inspiring in so many ways–you definitely meet your objective of affirming women, reminding us to love ourselves as we are now and instructing and inspiring us with your wonderful outfits and advice. My self image and actual self presentation have really improved since I began reading your blog. And unlike fashion mags, which aside from the body hate or unrealistic body ideals they promote, are a bad habit because they encourage me to want to buy whatever’s “in” or feel bored with my wardrobe, your blog makes me excited about what I already have and I’ve learned new ways to put things together. I’ve also made some purchases, but now they center around how I can make things I already have even more flattering or exciting, not lusting over completely new outfits.

    Thank you, Sal!

  32. Eden Banks

    And thank YOU for your witty and insightful posts. I love this website. I think it was linked on Corporette, and the rest, they say, is history. I am fighting a terminal illness, and boy, this blog helps take my mind off it and helps me enter another world, if only for a little while. Thanks Sal.

  33. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Thanks for a lovely post, Sal.

    And right back at you. Do you realise how I look forward to seeing what you wear, sharing a love of your amazing shoe collection, feeling inspired by your how to posts and analysing if I wear things in the same way and being encouraged by the positive posts and the community you create? All those comments, emails and messages are well-deserved because you’re getting back a small part of what you put in. Thanks for sharing and being you.

  34. Cath


    I’ve been a long time reader (for about 3 years) and I’ve never commented but it is now time!
    I get into work each morning, make my coffee and load up all my favourite blogs while I make it. I save yours until last, as it is my favourite-est!
    Whilst I might not always “agree” (mind you, who am I to judge???!!!) with all your outfits (in my opinion you look best in a pencil skirt and heels, and a fitted blazer/cardi) I appreciate that you put your looks out there for comment.
    However, I think what brings me back to your site is that you have a kind spirit, and a real desire to assist women to feel their best about themselves, and make the best of themselves regardless of their size/age/$$$ whatever. That genuiness doesn’t really appear so much in other blogs. Your blog is more than just about you.
    I also gotta say I love seeing the seasons change where you live- from the gorgeous greens of springs and summers, and the crazy amounts of snow in your ‘hood (I’m in Australia so we really don’t get such extremes of temperature). I also live vicariously through your boot obsession (I can pretty much only wear boots for maybe one month a year)!!!
    Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep up with the reading.

  35. firefly

    We love you too! As I sit here, sick, stressed, and eating something unhealthy, I am reminded that there are people in this world full of inspiration and hope. You are one of them. πŸ™‚

  36. Iona K

    Awww! this is lovely – your writing is so sincere and beautiful. Love your blog! xx

  37. g.

    Thank YOU for being here! I thought of you tonight when I found an awesome scarf (on clearance!) tonight — some voice in my head said loud and clear, “that looks like such a Sal scarf,” and I couldn’t leave it behind. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the inspiration and your beautiful self, inside and out.

  38. Lanika


    You remind us that we’re already pretty, the way we are.
    But with, you know, eloquence, and thoughtful posts and stuff!

  39. Kate K

    Thank you Sal; the feeling is mutual! I don’t remember when I first read this blog but I’m not the same person I was before I found it and you–in a good way. Sure, I’m more open to belting and I’ve embraced the dress as a wardrobe workhorse but I’ve also written a letter to my body, tried hard to curb negative talk towards my body and my style, took up running after reading your words about how rewarding it is to exercise for the love of it and thought about what my style projects to this world. Thank you for everything.

  40. Julie Parker

    I don’t comment here nearly as much as I should Sal – because I love your blog and all you do. I just wanted to say that I found this post very touching and it really resonated with me as a fellow blogger. It’s a beautiful reminder to me that everyone who writes a blog is really not much without the support of a community behind you.

    Thank you for making the online world a more beautiful place.

  41. Chelsea S.

    we love you, Sal! you continue to maintain your status as Chelsea’s favorite body-image increasing personal style blogger… just so you know. you just can’t be beat πŸ™‚ xoxo

  42. Sara

    Oh, Sal! I got teary. Thank YOU for maintaining this blog. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorites on the internet.

    And you’re simply fantastic.

  43. Cath

    I don’t usually comment on your blog although I do read it everyday. But I had to say something. Thank you. Your posts make me smile. I struggle a lot with my body image and some days the links you post here or your advices make me feel a lot better. One day I hope to have your confidence. I really hate that I’ve a really negative energy about myself.
    Thank you for making my day better =)