This Week I Love …

… Queen Latifah.

I remember watching this video as a kid and feeling absolute AWE at the waves of power coming off of this woman. I wanted her to like me. I wanted to be like her. She was tough and smart and cool and beautiful and brave. The absolute package.

As her career shifted from music to film, I was curious to see how she’d change. But Latifah has remained radiant, powerful, and true to herself throughout. She was stellar in “Chicago,” naturally, but my favorite role of hers was in “Stranger Than Fiction.” Husband Mike and I watch this film approximately every six months, and QL’s role as Penny, the editorial assistant, hits me right where I live. I can relate to the feeling of trying to impose order on a chaotic world, and simultaneously long for someone to step in to impose order on MY chaotic world. And Queen Latifah is serene and goddesslike in this role.

Like any full-figured woman working in Hollywood, Queen Latifah has had her battles with body image, dieting, surgeries, cosmetics campaigns, retouching, and that lovely lot of issues that plague all celebs. But, in my opinion, she has handled it all with remarkable aplomb. She mainly leads by example, dressing to her glorious figure instead of striving to change or mask it. I have never seen her look anything short of luminous. And, more than that, I have never seen her look miserable, ashamed, or uncomfortable in her own skin.

If you ask me, THAT is how a queen should be.

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26 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Chaos for Breakfast

    I totally agree with you. I've always admired her strong, spunky spirit, and the sense you get that she remains true to herself….she's fab!!!

  2. Erin

    I agree! She is one of my inspirations, and a celebrity that I feel is beautiful in a way I can relate to. Not only is her face beautiful, but her body is gorgeous in such a lovely voluptuous way. Just the same way I want my body to appear!

  3. Dorky Medievalist

    Have you heard her (non-rap) recordings as Dana Owens? Worth a listen.

  4. Deja Pseu

    Isn't she fabulous?? I've never seen Stranger Than Fiction, but now that I know she's in it, I'm adding to my list. She seems to have such integrity.

  5. Sal

    Dorky Medievalist: You know, I think my mom has at least one of those albums. I'll nick it when I go home for Christmas.

  6. RubyAlison

    She is pretty fabulous and I'm really glad she's out there completely rocking it as a real woman.

  7. Ady

    That video started my day on a good note. I admire Queen Latifah's strength and beauty and grace. πŸ™‚

  8. Stephanie D.

    Oh man! I was going to skip the video but figured I needed to witness some female strength. I knew there were solid reasons why I love Queen Latifah and this just backs it up.

    Thanks so much for spotlighting a real world example of beauty and strength no matter what the size!

    I'm sure to be singing that all day lol : )

  9. Candice Virginia

    She's definitely one gorgeous lady! I also really love her singing voice: beautiful!

  10. Charlotte

    Your comments are spot-on how I feel about Queen Latifah. Thanks.

  11. Weesha

    Thank you for this post, she's one of the biggest role models in my life!

  12. eRiN

    Couldn't agree more. I'd have to say that she is my most-respected celebrity!

  13. Fritinancy

    Thanks the reminder about "Stranger Than Fiction," a criminally underrated movie.

  14. Steph

    She's absolutely gorgeous and her acting range–really she can do anything. And good lord–those curves! She really has blossomed style-wise in the past several years, and whoever is dressing her has got it right.

  15. Tabithia

    Queen Latifah has always been one of the few actresses that inspire me to be beautiful and to not be ashamed of my height. It was kind of nice growing up when I saw women in movies that are tall and powerful without being super models (no offense to the models of course).

  16. Ryce

    She spoke at a charity luncheon here in Dallas just last week to benefit an organization that promotes women's philanthropy. I wish you all could have heard her inspiring speech about the women who made a difference in her life. She inspired her entire audience, from society matrons to inner city high school girls — and raised a record amount for the organization ($1.3 million to date, with not all yet counted!)
    Truly an example of a celebrity "walking the walk".

  17. angie

    Sally, I one thousand percent agree with your impression of Queen Latifah. She is rock solid stylish royalty. Beautiful, pretty, cute and elegant all rolled into one. And above all confidant deluxe. Adore her.

  18. Arya

    I watched "Just Wright" a couple of days ago, and was – once again – gobsmacked by the awesomeness of Queen Latifah. Thank you for sharing the video, as I became a fan of her acting but never really listened to her music much. I look forward to familiarizing myself with that part of her talent, too.

  19. Christy Sews

    Thank you for posting that video. It really takes me back. I listened to that CD over and over and over again. It's been a while, long enough for me to forget how much I truly appreciate her (plus that was an awesome burnout in the video). I wish more young ladies were exposed to messages of empowerment and what it means to be a woman. She becomes more beautiful with age. Off to find my Queen Latifah CD.

This Week I Love …

ErinAlexandraKlym‘s gorgeous clothing designs. Yet another Etsy seller who will custom-tailor a garment to your beautiful bod for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a department store. And just LOOK at these garments:

I could easily blow an entire paycheck in this talented lady’s shop. Which one is your favorite?

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33 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. anya

    I just loce the heads in the cloud dress. It is so pretty and perfect for my body. I hate those under the breast designes. But this, miracle for my bust, i think. Is is a crime i'm thinking sewing one like this myself?:D

  2. Kate Coveny Hood

    I can't decide between the sand dune dress and teh French terrry jacket! Going to check out the store now…

  3. Lenβ™₯reNeverMβ™₯re

    The terry jacket reminds me of vintage Claude Montana from the 80's no? Great selections Sal!

  4. Michael McGraw Photography

    I like these, too. Who needs to shop in regular stores…?

  5. Ang

    This inventory makes me wish I spent that kind of money on clothes. πŸ™ But I love the sand dune dress.

  6. The Raisin Girl

    I have an intense love of dresses, and I'm a complete space cadet, so of course the "Head in the Clouds" dress is my favorite. It's so perfect it hurts.

  7. eRiN

    Woweee, these are amazing – thanks for sharing! The French terry jacket is ingenious!

  8. Cynthia

    I've had my eye on her stuff since before she had her heart surgery…just never got around to buying something. I might have to get one of those jackets for fall…the red one with the dramatic epaulets is awesome.

  9. Charlotte

    Thanks for this lead, Sally–these are great clothes.

  10. Hilton

    What a great idea, thank you…Def check out this website out…..

  11. Rebecca

    I like the French Terry Jacket. It looks very versatile.

  12. DailyDivaDish

    The Lepidoptera dress is almost architectural. Gorgeous!
    XO Piper

  13. What Would a Nerd Wear

    the heads in the clouds dress is SUPER pretty!

  14. Lucy Starcrest

    The French terry jacket. Amazing. Love the color, the versatility, the femininity. Am considering purchasing one even though it's warm out now!

  15. Diana

    All of them are gorgeous, but the "Lepidoptera" dress has stolen my heart. Beautiful!

  16. Jean

    ALL of them, Doll Face!!!! Every single piece I can visualize savoring.

    Are these folks *peeking* into my dreams?



  17. Sarah O.

    The Head in the Clouds dress and the Disequlibrium Tunic have got me drooling.

  18. Ecc3ntricCynic

    Cat's Cradle Tunic/Dress… Although I'd love a shirt version of it.

  19. Erin Alexandra Klym

    Many thanks to you all for such positive comments in regards to my work! It makes the endless hours of pattern drafting and sewing until all hours of the night worth it!!

    Erin Alexandra

  20. Gracey

    That jacket is sick! I love the cut, the color, everything!!! It's beautiful!!!!!

  21. Vanessa

    The head in the clouds dress is A-MAZING! Want want want!

  22. Lillian Chang

    Wow!! I'm completely blown away!! πŸ™‚
    I love finding gems like these on Etsy, they make me happy. I will definitely be keeping that seller on my list! πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  23. tiffany

    Fantastic! I think the sand dune dress is my favourite, but I love it all …

  24. Anonymous

    I love the head in the clouds dress! So pretty and fun:0)

  25. Nicole

    personally ive met this designer and purchased from her before shes and up and comer for sure

  26. FC88

    WOW! I love all of them! It's rare to see something in one post and love all of them at the sametime. First thing comes to my mind is her clothes are figure flattering for those who are heavy in the bottom. I love the detail designs on the clothes. I am thinking to share them on my blog too. Thanks for sharing this and I am keeping her in my bookmark.

  27. the freelancer's fashionblog

    Oh, the French Terry jacket <3
    I've tried to make some similar styles as the Lepidoptera dress earlier myself, with a looser dress and a big sparkling brooch. Works quite nicely πŸ™‚

  28. Sarah

    OK, I know this is an old post, but I have fallen madly in love with these clothes. The ruching, the jersey, the artistry! My eyes are bigger than my savings account, unfortunately.

This Week I Love …

… carved cinnabar. Real or fake.

This common mercury ore has been used in Chinese carved lacquerware since the Song Dynasty (or so Wikipedia tells me), but I think it looks fabulously current. I love how the intricate designs and rich red play off of other colors and textures so beautifully.

Are you a fan of cinnabar? Which piece calls your name?

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29 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Kelly @ blackdog finds

    I love that carved bangle. Gawjus!On a random sidenote- my brain keeps turning 'cinnabar' to 'cinnabon'.

  2. Jane W.

    I love, love, love cinnabar. Those earrings do look good enough to bite into.

  3. The Patersons

    Wow thanks for this. I really liked the Aida bracelet – the link seems to be broken though – when it goes to Etsy, the page can't be found.

    Do you remember who the seller was?

    Anyway, I did a search after reading this post and found this etsy seller polishedtwo. Did you come across this shop? I think you might like it. Anyway, love your blog as always.

  4. Zoma

    I love the Diego necklace so much that I clicked on the link and bought it. Thanks so much for sharing the Etsy seller with us. I'm usually not quite this impulsive!

  5. Sal

    The Paterson: Dangit! Usually when an item sells out, you just see the "sold" page. I'm afraid I didn't note the seller and can't seem to find any info from the numbers embedded in the URL – sorry!

    And yes, my turquoise/cinnabar necklace from the weekend's outfit post is from polishedtwo!

  6. Velma Vex

    I have had great luck with this ebay seller, based in China:

    They offer carved cinnebar and jade items, among many other semi-precious stones. The items are nicely made of good quality materials, and shipping is very reasonable, especially if you are buying several things ($1 for each additional item).

    I own three necklaces, and I am waiting for three more for spring! πŸ™‚

  7. FashionTheorist

    I'm a huge fan of cinnabar – I love the rich color and intricate carvings. I think I'm a little in love with all the pieces you posted. Each one is beautiful in a different way, and I'd wear them all!

  8. Becky Syck

    My mother in law just sent me a gorgeous cinnabar cuff (among other things) for Mother's Day! Yeah, she's pretty cool. I don't know how to post a pic of it though…

  9. Julie

    That last necklace with the blue beads is absolutely great!

  10. Future Lint

    I love cinnabar too! I only have one bracelet, but pops of red are always a good thing! The Diego Necklace is gorgeous – I love how the rest of it looks like river stones and then there is just that one beautiful red one of the same shape and size!

  11. closet365

    I am now! I reall love that Aida bracelet. It's stunning.

  12. Sal

    The Patersons: OK something is funky in Etsy today. The Aida bracelet IS from polishedtwo – it's still showing up in my Etsy faves. But something is wrong with the listing. Maybe check again tomorrow?

  13. angie

    Very fab. I think you need every piece you posted, Sally – starting off with the turquoise bracelet!

  14. Annie

    I am all about the cinnabar… my favorite of the pieces wer showcased is the "Onyx and Cinnabar Necklace." Loves!

  15. Anne

    The Captivate Necklace is gorgeous! I've been looking for something to go with a black dress, so your post is perfect!

  16. Sarah O.

    I have a bracelet from World Market that has a lot of different beads, but the Cinnabar bead is my favorite. Of all of the pieces you posted I like the Fragrant Fruit Earrings and the Captivate Necklace.

  17. fashionflirt

    Oh man, oh man, that carved bangle is delicious. I love colourful jewelery.

  18. Rosie Unknown

    The bangle and earrings are definitely my favourites πŸ™‚

  19. The Patersons

    Hi Sal,

    No worries at all. I think I will get something from polishedtwo, only problem is deciding which to get!

    Cheers from Down Under,

  20. The Patersons

    OH, I just read your second comment about the Aida being from polishedtwo as well!

    Thanks for checking.

    Now I'm truly spoilt for choice.

    Oh yes, and love the Lane Bryant shirt dress too. You look great in that silhouette. I especially liked your green shirtdress (vintage?).

    Gotta run, sneaking a comment in at work!


  21. Kasmira

    Oh, I DO love cinnabar. I have a fabulous pair of cinnabar earrings and I don't wear them enough. Cinnabar is heavy stuff! I can only take the earrings for a few hours.

  22. WildBirdVintage

    I was just trying to construct a necklace of my own (a hobby that I have abandoned and now coming back to). The cinnabar pieces are calling to me….so this might be some very direct inspiration πŸ™‚

  23. Anna M

    Never knew what that material was called but yes, I love it! I love the Diego Necklace. Makes me want to go to the bead store and create one of my own!

This Week I Love …

… ditsy florals.

Before the Liberty of London items hit Target, I had been scouring my thrift haunts for MONTHS looking for florals to add to my spring and summer wardrobe. And I finally realized that I have very specific ideas about florals. I prefer the ditsy variety.

Both aesthetically and because it’s extremely fun to refer to a fabric print as “ditsy.”



American Eagle (It’s SHORT, so beware!)

Yes, many of these products are aimed at women younger than myself. But I think the whole age-appropriate dressing argument is far too stringent for most womens’ personal styles. Plus I believe ditsy florals can be done tastefully by us mature broads, especially in moderation.

Do you agree? Can ditsy be worn by anyone? Or do you think these prints are the exclusive domain of the 25-and-under set? Even if they’re balanced out by something more conservative or classic?

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41 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Rachel @ Suburban Yogini

    I love ditzy. I look good in it. I feel good in it.

    I'm 36 in June.

    I just don't care about age appropriateness!! πŸ˜€

  2. Diane

    I would not wear the skirt length – needs to be longer or over leggings. But, why would a print prevent me from wearing it, unless it is obviously a baby print? I think the younger set is just threatened by us so they don't want us showing them how it is supposed to look (just a big ole joke here, no flames, please). I think if it makes you feel pretty, you should be able to wear it regardless of age!

  3. Casey

    If I went with the "ditsy florals for those 25 and under" rule, I'd have to get rid of all my small florals next year! lol. I think it is possible to keep wearing smaller, pretty floral prints long after one's 20s. Most importantly it depends on the personality and style of the woman wearing them (after all: it's look a bit off on a gal who the majority of the time stuck to clothes that were devoid of the romantic aura that ditsy florals have). Mixing them correctly with other, more sophisticated pieces is a great way to make them age appropriate. Plus, paying attention to the ever important silhouette and figure flattery is key!

    I can never see myself loosing my love of small florals (in some instances they act almost as "background prints" in the rest of my wardrobe!)–even after I hit my 30s. I think the garments I have with those sorts of prints will certainly change, as my figure does, but they won't ever totally vanish. πŸ˜‰

    I'm loving a bunch of these pieces you posted! *sigh* Too bad I'm on a spending ban right now. haha!

    β™₯ Casey
    blog |

  4. Nanne

    As cute as this floral print trend is, I'm keeping it simple and only adding floral print accessories:)

  5. La Historiadora de Moda

    I'm in my 30s, but I would still wear prints like those. I might not wear them to teach in (at least not early in the term) or for conference presentations, but I don't think there's any reason for not wearing prints like these at any age if that's what you want.

  6. Colleen

    I'm 29 years old and would most definitely wear any of the above items! They are so fun and summery. I think the "ditsy floral" look can certainly be pulled off by those of us over 25.;) It would look classy and elegant paired with more conservative pieces.

  7. eek

    I love all those ditsy prints! I am learning you can wear whatever you want as long as it's in moderation (i.e. no micro minis, etc). Age is only a state of mind πŸ™‚

  8. CompassRose

    Hee! I live in Southern Ontario, so I don't think of those prints as "ditzy", I think of them as "Mennonite", reminiscent as they are of the small-flowered quilting fabrics many Old Order Mennonites use for their dresses. Not that any practicing Mennonite of any flavour would be caught in that wee skirt.

    But I can't wear those florals, and never could even in my youth. I don't know why – perhaps it's my pillowy curves, or my pink-and-white complexion; they always look like cutie nightwear on me, and inappropriate regardless of styling.

  9. Stacy

    Hmmm. Interesting…although the cuts of these garments are youthful, if I would just see the fabrics by themselves in a fabric store, I would probably dismiss them as being a little "old." Yet, they're the type of thing I might have worn when I was younger, just because no one would actually confuse me with being old enough to wear them. Now that I'm 40, I steer clear of that "ironically frumpy" look, lest anyone mistake me for actually being old and frumpy! (Wow, that was convoluted…I hope it made sense.)

  10. Maggie May

    I am 51 and don't go for ditsy florals, but I never did, not even at 20. I like graphic florals (Liberty for Target's bigger prints; JCrew's liberty prints) but not calico florals. My mother was a quilter so I think of these small florals as "calico" and I can't think of a single item I possess with this type of floral design, aside from actual quilts! But if you love them, I don't think it is age-related!

  11. Rachel

    Absolutely can wear ditsy florals after 25 – I wore a floral frock by Converse for Target to work yesterday with a structured blazer and I'm 28. I will wear them long after I turn 30 because it's really about what looks good on you and what you feel good in.

  12. futurelint

    I think they can work for anyone! I always referred to the prints I liked as "tiny and twee"… and they are hard to thrift! I am not a fan of floral prints that are too large and a lot of the florals I find at thrift stores are those '90s sunflowers… all the adorable tiny flowers must have already been snatched up!

  13. Meli22

    While the trend is cute, it's not true to my taste. I prefer a little bit larger florals, with a more subdued color pattern. Most ditsy floral patterns have a ton of colors in them- I like my patterns simple and monochromatic, or with just a few different colors.

  14. Faith J.

    It's not my style. I am thirtysomething and think it's way too young for me (I love prints but not florals). Plus I have never been into flowers, ruffles and bows in my clothing! But it's a pretty look.

  15. ranksubjugation

    I love the prints, but I tend to find it on ruffley, poofy, cutsey things… not my style. I'd need to find something in a more structured, simple garment.

  16. Dawn

    I'm 21 and I can't or don't wear ditsy florals like that for two reasons. The first is because I will look like a 15-year old if I wear small print cute florals and the other is that it doesn't fit with my style at all!

    I think they would work on most women of any age with a more bohemian or relaxed style than mine in a casual setting.

  17. Hannele

    I'm proof that it can be worn by anyone! I typically don't wear a lot of prints, much less florals, even though I have a couple pieces I pull out of the closet every once in a while, I'm more of a stripes kind of person. Yet, I was completely charmed by Liberty of London for Target's ditsy print menswear shirts and ties(featured on my blog here and here. I think these pieces are the perfect counterbalance of masculine and feminine, which makes it most versatile for me. I think anyone with a slight affinity for ditsy print has the potential to make it work for themselves. If all fails, think accessories and unexpected pairings.

  18. Soho500

    I think that any woman can wear florals..It depends on the floral, whether the design is large or small.

  19. angie

    I'm with you Sally!

    I believe that ditsy florals can look fab on all ages. As with all wardrobe items – it's HOW you wear them that counts, and the cut of the garment itself is all important. If you add a sophisticated edge to a ditsy floral something when you're a little older – sure! Why not.

  20. Angela Pea

    Well, YEAH ditzy florals can be worn by more mature women.

    Assuming, of course, that they have adequate lenghth to keep all private parts, uh, private!

  21. Tasia

    I'm 28 and I think I can still wear little floral prints like your adorable examples! It's all in the styling, if I wear a fitted blazer over a ruffled floral dress, it pulls the look together and looks a little more professional. I work in a creative environment, so I could easily slip on a pair of platform wedges with the florals & blazer and look age-appropriate at the office.

  22. Lorena

    Ditzy can be worn by Anyone….
    Short stuff can be worn with a conservative color tight so all attention goes to the florals…all you need to do is adapt it for YOU.

  23. Deja Pseu

    I always like the look of these on other women, but they're not my style. The pieces you've picked here are very pretty.

  24. LPC

    Those prints, on for example a short-sleeved blouse, could be worn by anyone! The British have been doing it for years:).

  25. Candice Virginia

    I'm 22 and I know this style of print (and that micro-mini with the bow) would look absolutely ridiculous on me, unless I balanced it with classic, structured, solid-color pieces. I don't believe I would go with more than a scarf and even then, only on the weekends. If I don't dress with an air of authority and professionalism in real life, I find that I have a difficult time being taken seriously, especially in the sciences. I guess my whimsical-clothing-every-day attitude had to change around age 19. And don't get me wrong, I still enjoy dressing up, it's just that it doesn't mesh well with my life anymore.

    I guess I had a lot to say about one little style! As a final note, I am sure there are many, many women out there (with much more style talent than me!) who could make this style look lovely AND professional at the same time.


  26. Sal

    FASCINATING! So many of you ladies in your early twenties are the ones who tend to avoid these prints because they seem to sugary-sweet and little-girly. My brain was clearly moving in the wrong direction, chronologically …

  27. Strange Attractor

    I would never wear any of those patterns at age. They would make me feel like Laura Ingalls, but not in a good way.

    When I wear florals (not that often) I much prefer larger, more graphic prints.

  28. Charlotte

    Interesting word, "ditzy." It means dumb, scatter-brained. I wonder how the prints came to be labeled as ditzy? Because only girls would wear them?
    I'm not a floral woman myself (although I'm a gardener and I love flowers. ..). I'm a bit on the delicate-looking side & a floral print this small makes me look like a Sunday school teacher.
    I might wear the print on a tank underneath a blazer, or on a scarf. No more than that. Of course I'm of an age now where it's more apt to look like a house-dress print than a little girl print.

  29. What Would a Nerd Wear

    yes, i agree! i love little floral prints (much more than giant ones).
    that skirt from american eagle is especially cute (but indeed sooooo short).

  30. AntiSlice

    I'm starting to have a thing for small florals (I'm 21), depending on the cut and colors. My favorite sundress is black with ditsy flowers all over. I'm a rather small person and I don't like wearing large florals (or very many large patterns, for that matter) because I don't think they flatter me. Depending on the piece, I can see myself wearing ditsy florals past 25.

  31. Anonymous

    I am in my early 40s, and I ordered that blouse from Boden. I had to return it because it puckered oddly and made me look weird, but I really liked the fabric, and was so disappointed it didn't work out.

    I don't avoid or embrace florals. Sometimes they look good on me and sometimes not, depending on the colors, the fabric, and the cut and styling of the garment. Just like with any print (or solid).

  32. LSM

    Okay, now that I've gotten over your referring to yourself as "mature," I'll say that at 42 I would definitely wear the scarf and the Boden top but not the other items. But that would be because of the cut and style, not the print.

    And, I'll definitely give you "mature" in style and confidence and personality, but not age. πŸ™‚ After all, that would make me "old."

  33. The Waves

    I think ditsy florals can be worn by anyone, it really is the styling that counts. Team with structured items like a sharp blazer and "adult flats" (I am giggling to myself for coming up with the term just now), and you are good to go! Just steer away from faded jeans and Keds! πŸ™‚

  34. Lynne

    Hey, I'm 55 and love florals and prints of all sizes. But I wouldn't wear those styles, they don't suit either my age or my size. But a decent length floral skirt with a monochrome T is my everyday summer wear, and when it's cooler I love a floral top over jeans or pants

  35. Eyeliah

    It's so true how everything comes back in style. My early teens was all ditsy florals (though in polyesters) and I am happy to revisit them. Also excited about the return of clogs, I haven't been able to find pair since high school, but now with the trends I'll be able to snag some.

  36. Rad_in_Broolyn

    I remember wearing alot of this in my teens (shirred sundresses over tee shirts and boots). I do love the Kensie girl dress, because of the prairie detailing (the ruffle yoke, the bottom layer). I'll be 30 in June and I feel more confident about my body and my playful about my style then ever, so why not?
    I am not a mostly ruffles and flowers girl, because I like incorporating masculine elements into my wardrobe, but a little flower and there never hurt!

  37. Amanda

    I prefer ditsy florals, too. They're girly and fun without looking like the print on grandma's couch. I actually bought that American Eagle skirt – it's super cute but it is short, even on me, and I'm 5' tall. You'd definitely need tights or leggings if you were taller.

  38. Alyssa

    Oh, CUTE items!!! I'm soooo in the mood to shop for spring and summer now. I'm actually wearing a rather ditzy print right now πŸ˜€

    As to the age thing, I think it totally depends on the way a person looks. Otherwise, I think they can always be worn in a way that makes the print 'age appropriate'. πŸ™‚

  39. Melanie

    I think that these ditsy floral prints are pretty and feminine and appropriate at any age. I prefer to keep my skirt/dress lengths to just above the knee, but I think that is just personal preference. I say…..if you like it and feel good in it…..go for it!!!

    Great choices!