This Week I Love …

… photographer E. Katie Holm‘s Women Warriors project.

Lakshmi Bai

Agnes Randolph

Queen Boudicca

Queen Hatshepsut

Grace O’Malley

This gal is a dynamo. She and Husband Mike shared studio space briefly, so I’ve chatted with her a few times but always been too shy to really gush about her Women Warriors project. She’s received several major grants for this portrait exploration of historic women leaders, and I hope she’ll just keep churning them out indefinitely.

If anyone ever calls you a member of the “weaker sex,” just direct them to these bios. I mean, WOW. Talk about 15 flavors of bravery. And cunning. And daring. Should I go on?

No, you should just check out the project for yourself. Oh, and visit Katie’s blog to vote on the next woman warrior to get this gorgeous photographic treatment.

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16 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. La Historiadora de Moda

    What a cool project! It looks like the poll is actually closed. Too bad!

  2. the cheap chick

    First of all, I love this. Love the project and the empowerment – it is all good.
    Second, have you read the Uppity (sp?) Women series? They highlight the contributions of women throughout history, and are a fun, quick read.
    Third, is it wrong of me that I want one of each of those costumes? *sigh* I love costuming…

  3. Diana

    These photos are gorgeous and inspiring! I love how perfectly the costumes are styled, and how strong and confident the women look.

  4. futurelint

    What a great idea for a project! They're beautiful AND educational!

  5. Magic

    I LOVED seeing Lakshmi Bai first thing in the morning, in a highly unexpected place. Beautiful, powerful, and important.

    Thank you!

  6. Molly

    These are an interesting response to the idea that we don't hear about female heroes because women haven't done anything, as many (though not all) of these women were specifically targeted because of their gender, or succeeded despite it: Queen Boudicca, Agnes Randolph, Deborah Sampson, Lakshmi Bai. Women have been expected to live in certain roles, and it's often only by expending great effort to step outside those roles that they are able to become leaders. Wow.

  7. Charlotte

    Too bad strength or empowerment has to be interpreted as being able to muster or wield violence. . .but technically, just as photos, they are lovely. (And yes, I get that "warrior" is not a peaceful incarnation for anyone, male or female.)