This Week I Love …

… my old toothbrush. Know why?

  1. If just dipping my sterling in Tarn-X doesn’t do the trick, I can dip the toothbrush in there and scrub, scrub, scrub. Tarnish is banished.
  2. When I get globs of white deodorant on the armpits of my dresses yet no other part of the dress is even remotely dirty, I can dip my old toothbrush in a bit of cold water and Woolite and scrub, scrub, scrub. Gets rid of the gunk, gets rid of the stank.
  3. Clean and dry, it works great for a little suede-brush-like maintenance on hats and shoes.
  4. When rubbing cloth to cloth just isn’t getting the stain out, a dab of Palmolive and an old toothbrush work wonders.

Next time your dentist gives you a fancy new one, old onto your old toothbrush. It’s key to more clothing-care hacks than you might imagine.

Image courtesy Mr. Tea.

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17 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Amy

    OMG you are my fashion angel! I love reading about little tricks to get stains or help clothes and I never would have thought you could do so much with an old toothbrush. Makes me wish I didn't just throw mine away… lol

    Have a fantastic wkend!


  2. Jane Winkler

    I use my daughter's old Dora the Explorer toothbrush to groom my brows.

  3. FairyFiligree

    Oh old toothbrushes are ever so useful. I use them in the shower to rub my toe nails clean instead of a nail brush!

  4. Rebekah

    I use one to clean the heels/soles of my shoes.

    You can also use a toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips, but not the same one you've been dipping in silver polish. =)

  5. lisa

    Hehe they're amazingly useful, aren't they?

    Interesting that you clean your silver jewelry with Tarn-X. My brother taught me a trick ages ago: Put a piece of aluminum foil in a bowl along with some baking soda and drop your jewelry in it. Boil some water. When the water's done, pour it into the bowl over the jewelry, baking soda, and foil. Some magical chemical voodoo happens but it removes all of the tarnish in seconds–completely natural, no scrubbing required, and you can find all of this stuff in your kitchen already. Plus it gets into all those little crevices you can't reach with even the finest of brushes!

  6. Middle Aged Woman

    This is awesome. Do you know how long I thought I was a nutter for using one on my eyebrows???

  7. rb

    I keep one in the shower so I can linger in there longer – that is, I clean the grout lines with the toothbrush. My husband thinks I take the longest showers in the world, but dude, I'm CLEANING! He should thank me, really.

  8. Elissa

    For softening up lips before applying a darker shade of lipstick— but probably not after using it for de-tarnishing or scrubbing deoderant stains… probably need a new, old toothbrush for that!

    Oh my god, my Capcha is "Rearmaul".

  9. wendalette

    I sometimes use one with a little gel to smooth the wispies at my hairline when wearing my curly hair in a sleek hairstyle.

  10. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    How can one tiny little brush be so ingenious?! I don't know, but I LOVE it!

  11. Red

    I use mine to clean lint out of the "sticky" side of velcro (e.g., the velcro closures on my messenger bag). It works great.