This Week I Love …

… the onset of boot-wearing weather.

Do I say this every year? Probably. But I just can’t help myself. Even though I’ve experienced some recent footwear-waffling, I absolutely adore boots, and although I concocted plenty of boot-based outfits over the summer, I still get excited when the weather starts to change and boots become truly, seasonally appropriate.

Here are just a few of the reasons that I adore boots above all other forms of footwear:

  • They just feel tough. Even the most feminine boot has an edge to it.
  • They look fantastic with skirts.
  • They feel luxurious to wear.
  • Cute versions can be bought cheap. It’s easier to construct a sturdy, adorable boot than a well-made, adorable pump … so budget versions can be remarkably good quality.*
  • They weather well. Beat-up sandals look awful, beat-up boots look cool.
  • If I’m being honest, I prefer an enclosed shoe. I feel secure and stable when my feet are entirely covered. And it doesn’t get more covered than a pair of boots.
  • They feel grown-up in the best possible way. When I lived in San Francisco as a 21-year-old, I remember seeing chic young women running around town in tall boots and pencil skirts, and feeling like they looked far more adult than I did in my baggy slacks and outsized black oxfords. I coveted, mimicked, and eventually adopted the look as my own. And tall boots still make me feel like a lady. A grown-up lady.

Are you a boot gal, too? Or are you already lamenting the loss of open-toed shoes?

*This is a gigantic generalization, and well-made boots crafted from quality materials will always last longer and be worth the investment. But in my experience, cheap boots can be bargains, but cheap pumps and flats just eat my feet alive.

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36 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Stephanie

    I buy cheap shoes year round except for running but I do totally love boots. Bought 2 new pairs even thought its still in the 90s here. I like them bc you can wear socks ind footless tights or leggins with them.

  2. La Historiadora de Moda

    While I love my sandals, I am a truly a boots girl at heart. That's where I invest most of my shoe budget, and I am much more likely to wear bad ass boots in the classroom than sexy strappy sandals. Boots are full of win!

  3. Between Laundry Days

    I am an unequivocal boots girl. The go perfectly with my personal style, and the fact that they're long-lasting, eternally stylish, and typically quite comfortable makes me love them all the more.

  4. Casey

    I love boots! I spent nearly one whole fall/winter wearing nothing but my favorite pair of 70s leather boots (lucky thrift store find). Unfortunately, ever since moving to Florida, the idea of boots has made me want to scream and run in the opposite direction. lol. I'm looking forward to when I can wear them again–I really miss putting on a pair of chic boots during the fall!

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  5. Chalkdust and Boots

    Oh, yeah. I love boots. So much that I named my blog after them! In fact, I bought my NINTH pair yesterday (and, coincidentally, put myself on a shopping ban). Although I love summer the most, the thing I most miss during hot weather is…my boots! The weather here in Boston is waffling a lot, so I'm trying to figure out when I can wear them without suffering from foot & leg fever!

  6. Moni

    Definitely a sandals girl. I love open toed shoes of all types and would wear them all year round if I could. As a curvy calved woman, I find it extremely difficult to find boots that fit my calves. Even when they fit my calves, my ankles are so small that they tend to sag around the ankles. Not exactly an ideal look. Although I love the look of a great pair of knee high boots, I don't love they way they look on me. Sandals always look great! As an island girl, they will always be my first love.

  7. Linda

    Love my boots, because I hate having to get so many pedicures. Can we talk about your bag for a minute? LOVE!

  8. Melissa

    I used to be a sandals girl but since I'm not allowed to wear open-toe shoes to work, and I prefer my purchases work double duty at both the office and for play, I tend to buy only close-toe shoes now.

    I adore my boots for all of the reasons that you listed! They really do make me feel chic, grown-up, stylish and FIERCE. In Florida I don't have a lot of time to wear them but when I do, I wear the heck outta them!

  9. Jenn from Much to My Delight

    I'm from Texas, and I am sooooo a boot girl. Every kind! Love 'em!

  10. orchidsinbuttonholes

    I am definitely a boot girl! I'm not ditching my open toed shoes until it gets below 70 degrees here, but I'm really looking forward to wearing my boots again for all the reasons you mentioned. Love my boots!

    PS Hope you're feeling better, Sal!

  11. Maggiethecat

    Boots have been very much on my mind lately, average temps of 27 º C/ 80º F notwithstanding. I'm a sandal gal myself, which is great since I live in south Spain, but a pair of good boots is divine! I'm usually for holding out for the best pair I can afford (right now I'm saving for a pair of Fryes), with two exceptions: suede and over-the-knee. I love suede, but it WILL get ruined whatever you do; that said, my 30€ (if that) short cowboys (think this style is called ropers?) from Zara have gone through two winters and are holding up well. And OTK, well, I love the look of mine (dark gray faux suede, medium chunky heel) and feel smashing in them, but being 29, I decided to go for them on the condition of not investing much cash on them (this the one time that I'm actually glad a style is everywhere, so that it no longer reads as 'professional' :-).

  12. Steph

    It's still a little too warm here in DC–at least during most of the day–to break out the boots yet. But I LOVE boots weather more than any other type of weather. I can't wait to free them from my closet this fall! They last so long, they support so well, and on a frigid winter day, they keep the legs warm. And oh yeah, they look so chic/tough/hot! What's not to love?

  13. Future Lint

    I am super excited to wear boots! Only problem is, I also want to BUY more boots this time of year. Eek!

  14. La Belette Rouge

    I LOVE everything about that outfit. And I love all those pieces on their own. And together they are even BETTER. LOVE this. If I were you I would be wearing that outfit a lot!

  15. Louise

    I love love love boots, but it is tough to find pairs that fit comfortable over my wide calves. I probably save a lot of money that way!

  16. spacegeek

    Love love boots. My favorites hands down too! Suede boots particularly. And since I live in S. CA, I can get away with that combo more than many other locations. Sadly, we are still at 80 degrees this week–not really boot weather yet. I'm wearing open-toed shoes today as yesterday I was broiling in slacks and close-toed shoes. Soon. I yearn.

  17. Deja Pseu

    Usually we don't get our boot weather until well into October, but this year the weather's been cool, so my boots have been seeing some daylight (hooray!). I'm a total boot girl.

  18. Dancing with Poodles

    I absolutely love boots, but it's hard to find ones that fit me (size 12 foot, wide calves. I've only ever bought tall boots from naturalizer, because they carry wide calves and large sizes in some really cute styles.

    I'm also tempted by Target's engineer boot – they look really well made for a $50 boot.


  19. Cosmic

    Love the dress and *boots(adore booties too:)!

    * you have a fabulous pair of boots there(quality:):)

  20. Diana

    I adore boots, and I spend way too much money on them… although I do agree with you about cheap boots being surprisingly nice and comfy. As a rule, though, I always go for real leather (with the exception of rain boots) as it's always more comfortable and tends to be better looking. I used to have some $30 suede slouch boots from La Redoute that lasted several seasons and got worn all the time.

  21. grace

    Even though I am having boot buying stress (nothing seems to fit right except last year's Franco Sarto Moto boots, which they aren't making anymore), I agree. I love boots. I love them with everything–jeans, skirts, dresses, leggings. I love them in high heels, in flats, in tall, in short. Boots are the best.

  22. Sylvia

    Originally a California girl, I tend to live in flip flops, so when I moved to Seattle (aka Boot City, USA) I had to buy boots, which meant I needed to buy socks, which is really the only fly in the ointment for me.

  23. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    I am very much a boot girl. Although it's chilly and the nights are drawing in, the one positive about the change of the season is boots (oh, and layers).

  24. Sidewalk Chalk

    Sigh. Just sigh. I really love the above outfit, so much so I have to try some version of it.

    I need to upgrade my boots. I've only got one pair of tall boots, and they're cheap ones from Target, though they've lasted for almost a whole year. Hot Georgia weather means we only have super cold weather about two or three months a year, so I didn't really buy tall boots until last year. I'd eventually love to get a pair of tall cognac Fryes.

  25. hillary

    If I didn't overheat so easily Id wear boots year round.

    Your outfit above is the perfect mix of French cool girl ease I'm always striving to attain.

  26. Joelle

    Boots are my favorite, the only type of shoes I can make myself pay above-Payless prices. They just make me feel taller (even almost flat ones), more confident, and just more put together. Unfortunately, it's hard to find ones that fit around my calves.

  27. Shaye

    Does anyone have any suggestions for places to find relatively inexpensive wide-calf boots? (I'm talking at least 18".) I have the calves of a Brazilian soccer player, and finding boots that fit AND are cute has proven impossible thus far, even if I were willing to spend the money. I dislike stretch boots because they always shift down my enormous calf and end up with a slouchy ankle where no slouch is supposed to exist. I have no objection to investing in a good pair of shoes, but the budget, she is tight, and I'd like to find some that won't break the bank. Especially since I just bought a pair of skinny crop pants that I'd like to take me into fall and winter. I have a beautiful pair of Sofft boots that almost fit, but I'll have to take them to a cobbler to enlarge the goring before I can wear them comfortably. (I kept them in a fit of "Oh, they'll stretch out!" insanity. I was blinded by their sexiness and the incredible comfortable of the insole.)

  28. Rosie Unknown

    I live for boots! I don't have many (only one real pair and some rain boots) but they are always more comfortable, more versatile and more stylish. I also love them because leggings are almost always too short for me, but it doesn't matter when they are tucked into tall boots.

  29. Steph

    I think that this is my favourite outfit that you have ever worn. I love boot season too.


  30. Anonymous

    I love boots! probably out of necessity as I do live in north-central British Columbia. The size of my calves does limit the boots I can wear though, and the snow can also be limiting. But even as a child, I remember blowing my back-to-school shopping budget on a single pair of boots, my dad was livid, but I loved them!
    If anybody out there can give me hints on shopping for boots that fit a wider calf – please do!

  31. MelD

    Oh yes. I love boots, too…. with everything and anything!!
    BUT I hardly ever find any to fit – with a short leg, very round calf and muscle that starts right above the ankle, it is nearly impossible. How I would adore knee-highs that didn't cut off my circulation (=too tight at ankle and calf) and which would look good instead of like buckets, since they need to be so wide in the calf that the tops are enormous around my knees!!! Silly look. Even more so in cowboy boots – I look like I'm about to take off.
    The same legs also don't look good in short boots, so the only possibles are wide ankle boots with pants, and no way of wearing skirts in a warm way.
    Sigh. Still, I'll continue to enjoy looking!!

  32. Audi

    Don't forget that they can also conveniently hide the fact that you didn't shave your legs. 😉

    As you know I've been wearing boots all summer long, but I'm still welcoming the 'official' boot season. Honestly I don't know why I buy anything else when it's boots I love more than anything.

  33. SarahN

    I love me an open-toed shoe, of course, but I adore boots (and the cooler weather that goes with them). I broke out my J.Crew Tenley's last week: oh, happy day!

    Karmic boot-shopping story: I fell in love the grey Dolce Vita Wendall's last season (I think you have a pair?) but couldn't bring myself to pay the $180 during my own personal economic downturn. I stalked them for months and finally gave up as summer rolled around. Then, like magic, a size 10 pair appeared on ebay last month for $99. I did not hesitate! Sometimes if you hold out for the perfect thing, the gods will smile upon you.

    You're right about quality, too. My black leather Miu Miu knee boots from Off 5th are literally coming apart at the seam. Cheap-o La Redoute ankle boots? Still going strong.


    I am a fan of blue and white! Such a classic nautical look! Love the blog by the way!

  35. Chelsea

    I am SO a boot gal in my head, Sal! And I have serious boot envy of you… you have the boot collection I dream of! Unfortunately it is incredibly hard for me to find boots that fit my calves (difficult and ridiculous!), but each new boots season brings the hope of more possibilities 🙂 I'm thinking of trying to find some OTK boots soon… I've heard their a bit more accommodating for the amply-calved like myself!