This week I love …

… asymmetry.

Anything that looks half-this and half-that, unevenly spaced, kittywampus. It all gives off such a modern, funky, undone vibe.

Uneven Sleeves Tee
(Just ordered this yesterday – cannot WAIT to wear it!)

Camper Twins
Sunrise Romper
(Wow, I posted a romper. And I’m not even conflicted about it.
Just LOOK at that thing, why don’t you?)
Emily Ryan
The Bella
Dana LeBlanc
Asymmetric tee
Yesstyle (A gold mine for all things asymmetric!)
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43 Responses to “This week I love …”

  1. miss cavendish

    Great asymmetrical shirts. (And I love my Camper twins.)

  2. laurabrownart

    oh, those campers! someday i will have money and will indulge in a pair of campers. and that little blue/yellow necklace? and the hat! great eye candy, sally!

  3. Dream Sequins

    Love these asymmetric looks. Also that romper looks snug.

  4. Corrine/Frock And Roll

    Oh, yum. I'm totally loving the asymmetrical look!

  5. Magatha-May

    I love those camper twin shoes. I'm nearly tempted to go buy and inexpensive pair of pale fabric shoes and sketch on them.

  6. Rosie Unknown

    I very much like the asymmetrical. I really must find/make something.

  7. Kelly

    I do really like asymmetry in fashion, especially accessories…which I find interesting, because researchers always say that people are most attractive when their bodies are symmetrical. Obviously our clothes are not our bodies, but I would think it would pass over to fashion since we wear it on our bodies and are a great part of how we present our physical self to the world.

  8. smaro

    LOVE that asymmetric T! The design for the Camper twins is cute! The hat too! Wonder if the 3 would work together in asymmetric bliss or would one look too lopsided!!!

  9. Jaka Merriman

    I've always loved asymmetrical styles, particularly in shoes and skirts. There's something about the difference in lines that just fascinates me. Thanks for the eyecandy!

  10. futurelint

    Very great examples of asymmetry! Love the first shirt, the shoes and the necklace best! When I wear asymmetrical things I often feel the need for balance though still… like if the shirt is full on the right side and not on the left, I need a bracelet on the left to balance it out… same reason I have a tattoo on my right foot and left ribcage – they balance. I'm a nut.

  11. Poke Salad Annie

    those shoes! that necklace! you've impeccable taste 🙂 this is my first time visiting your blog and i think it's fabulous. i'll be back…

  12. Darrah

    I wore an A symmetrical top the other day, and it felt very weird. I love the style because it's new and interesting, but I felt lopsided all day!

  13. jennine

    love asymmetrical, even when clothes are purposely even, they always have a habit of going sideways…

  14. lisa

    Hmmkay, I have to admit, I'm not even paying attention to the assymmetry because I'm so mesmerized by that girl's perfect hair in the first photo you posted. 😛

  15. Jingle Bella

    Those are fantastic pieces – especially the cloche. I think the reason asymmetry is appealing is that we expect symmetry, so something that isn't looks unexpected and fresh.

  16. dapper kid

    That Sunrise romper looks so stunning and I really do love that first tee. Hope you are having a beautiful day 🙂

  17. La Belette Rouge

    Love the necklace. And, I love the word cattywampus.

  18. Allie

    Thank you thank you for posting the links. But also no thank you for making me bookmark said online shops and secretly browse them at work. Sal, you evil evil lady! 🙂


    Love these Sal!
    I had a bad experience with Yesstyle, but to be fair- it was last year, hope they've improved the customer service & quality…

  20. Pretty Little Pictures

    Kittywampus is officially my new favourite word 🙂

  21. Kari

    I love those shoes! (And coincidentally, cattywampus happens to be my mom's favorite word.)

    I have a rather asymmetrical face and body, so I tend to use *some* asymmetrical element in many of the things I wear because it makes the issue less noticeable. (Not super exaggerated, but sideswept bangs, or a faux-wrap dress or top, or a brooch on one side, or even a scarf tied off to one side.) I don't know, it just makes me a little less self-conscious.

  22. metscan

    The undone vibe caught my eye. That´s what I´m aiming in my dressing too. Not too perfect. But I think that you can get this better with mixing and matching, even with just gathering your hair in a `messy´bun.

  23. Missa

    That's what I love about the white vintage hat I wore in my last outfit post. It's such a simple looking design but with a wonderful subtle asymmetry that makes it interesting.

    LOVE those Campers!

  24. Tina { Luphia Loves... }

    love your picks!! and thanks for your support, it means a lot for me 🙂

  25. musie

    Cute shoes!!!! And I agree, the romper definitely is worthy of posting.

  26. Eyeliah SS

    Howe are those shoes! As my blog name suggests I am all bout symmetry, but yes a-symmetry is fun too, it's good to play with proportion.

  27. WendyB

    Guess what? I got the Yesstyle t-shirt (in black, of course) and I love it! Thanks!!!