This Week I Love …

… summery scarves.

I know that people have been wearing scarves year-round since the invention of scarves but I still feel like light, airy scarves designed for warm weather wear are a relatively new convention. Am I nuts? Have summery scarves been hip for eons and I just wasn’t paying attention?

Regardless, I always feel more comfortable when my neck is covered, so I adore wrapping myself in a gauzy cotton confection even in the sweltering heat. Especially since my office can get positively frigid …

Old Navy, $12.50
Echo, $31
Boden, $44

FeltedPleasure, $52

Are you a summer scarf wearer? Any tips on sources? Anyone make their own, knitted or otherwise?
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36 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style

    I agree that they seem like a fairly new thing. I was playing with my extensive scarf collection this morning and realized that I think I need to find a few new super light silky cotton scarves for summer.

  2. Rachel W.

    Ohhhh, I love me a summery scarf!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great post!

  3. Associate Girl

    This may sound crazy, but with my paler skin tone and brown-blonde hair, I feel like I look good in neon. JCrew has some great neon summer weight scarves.

  4. Lesa

    I have the old navy scarf in the blue and purple shades, I am going to be a summer scarf wearer because it hides my tummy, gives me confidence!

  5. La Historiadora de Moda

    I've been wearing summer scarves for a few years now, but I can't really speak to whether or not people were doing it before then…. I feel like it has become much trendier than it used to be, but I don't have any real evidence of that. Who knew that Old Navy would make such a cute scarf?

  6. lyrebirdgully

    Dear Sal, thanks for the scarf post, particularly for featuring Felted Pleasure, which I didn't know about. This scarf hound will be dreaming about their scarves for certain, and I'm not sure if I can resist buying their felt cobweb tunic.. I am a very recent convert to felt, having got my first felt-on-muslin scarf at a market last year. I paid a fair bit for it, but it is the best scarf I have ever owned! which is saying something, considering I own more than 100 scarves (i think – i have never counted them). If I could only keep one winter scarf, it would have to be a felt one. By the way Sal, which is your most favourite scarf, and why?

  7. Sidewalk Chalk

    They are a pretty new thing. I only remember seeing them two or three years ago. They are so stylish and, like you said, practical for those cold A/C days. I remember some lady magazine saying to think of them as giant, fabric necklaces, because they can add lots of color to any outfit.

    I love your picks, too!

  8. Sal

    lyrebirdgully: You're welcome, doll!

    Hmmm, of this group, I have to admit that the Old Navy one gets me where I live. Love the colors and the airyness of the weave.

    Of my own scarves? This one. Hands down. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. poodletail

    I have always worn scarves, summer and winter. I learned from The Best: my mom. In the 1960s her summer scarves were "smoke rings": sheerest silk chiffon circles that sat on the collarbones and shoulders. The one I remember best had an apple green, aqua, and hot pink reptile print. Fabulous!

  10. Gillian

    As a scarf-obsessed girl, you've given me lots to drool over.

  11. Future Lint

    Yeah, I feel like I really only saw people doing the summer scarf starting a few years ago, when scarves themselves really blew up in popularity… I've never done it myself (I'll do a scarf in the spring or fall, but I'm Norwegian – I am constantly hot, so a summer scarf sounds like torture!)

  12. Steph

    They've definitely gotten more popular in the last year or two, but it was a minor trend for a while before that. I like the look, but I think the practicality aspect really depends on where you live and what your summers are like. Anywhere summers are hot and sticky, wearing even a lightweight scarf outside is just an exercise in masochism. I am a fan of them for indoors where the AC is blasting, but the second I head outside, off comes the scarf! I don't really treat them as a fashion accessory, they're really only for warmth.

  13. Onika

    I think summer scarves have like you said, always been around. I've always loved them. They've just gotten super trendy in the last few years….which is good and bad because now you can find lots of really beautiful ones out there, BUT when I wear one it doesn't have that mysterious 'what is so stylish about her?! vibe quite as much ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I loved that great pink and white one with the bows!!! Oh-and a big pet peeve is a 'winter scarf' worn in the summer!!! Don't do it ladies!

  14. grace

    I actually put away all my scarves for summer, b/c I am so sensitive to being overly hot, but I love some of those patterns, especially the Pretty Penny Designs one. I may have to re-think…

  15. Mother of Style

    I love scarves- I figured this out starting last Fall, and now I am buying more in lighter weights so I can keep wearing them as it heats up- the ones you featured are so pretty!

  16. Sarah

    I love lightweight scarves and they are more than useful for chilly British evenings. They're also so comforting on that one shameful occasion when you forgot the suncream and now have the lobster pink neck to prove it. *blushes*

  17. Brianna

    Oh I love all of these! Yes, on occasion I do love to wear scarves through the warmer months!

  18. Alissa

    I started incorporating scarves into my wardrobe last year, and am *loving* on the line they have at Old Navy right now…there's a butterfly print that is just waiting for me to come and pick it up…

  19. rb

    I'm a summer scarf wearer, and I agree that it is a fairly recent phenomenon. I wear a scarf around my neck if I'm chilly, tie it to my handbag if I get too warm, or use it to cover my exposed skin if I'm sitting in the sun. LOVE them.

    My best source for lightweight scarves is H&M. I also bought three linen scarves at the Talbots outlet that I love.

  20. Lorena

    I think summer scarves "step up" whatever you are wearing..even though my husband looks at me like I am insane and days "are you cold?"
    I was just in Zara this weekend and they had all the perfect summery lightweight scarves… In stripes, dots, just gorgeous but, I refuse to pay 40.USD for a scarf!
    Call me cheap, I am heading out to the fabric store this weekend to make my own or at least attempt to !

  21. Branka

    Another scarf fan here. I got tons of scarves and keep collecting, I just can't resist them. I do however knit or sew most of them myself, they are such a great accessory!

  22. Anonymous

    I LOVE summer scarves. I still wear a striped (black, green, fuchia) scarf I picked up in Haight Asbury 20-some years ago. And a new scarf currently in rotation is a cream eyelet scarf from Old Navy that I picked up on my recent trip. Despite living in Paris, I haven't developed a magical way with scarves. My daughter, however, has it.


  23. The Waves

    Summer scarves are totally a new thing! I have tried wearing them every once in a while, but it just doesn't feel quite right to me.

  24. Almost 40


    I've actually picked up a couple cute cotton ones from Claire's (one was on sale for like 50 cents – INSANE!).

    I'm also a fan of the cotton/jersey ones at American Apparel. They have similar ones all over the place and probably much cheaper.

    Yep, I do love a scarf – but maybe not when it's 90+ degrees with 87% humidity.

  25. SWF_Terra

    I definitely wear scarves in the summer. I got a nice lightweight one for $10 at H&M. That Garden Collection craziness. I got a cool, cotton scarf from ModCloth that is a super duper yellow thing. Perfect for summer! It's like sunshine on a string.

  26. Rosie Unknown

    I'm not much of a scarf person any time of year, but the Echo scarf may have converted me ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. Lisa

    I definitely wear scarves in summer. I love one on a cooler day/chilly night. I've also begun experimenting with using them in other ways (in my hair, as belts).

    I knit, but even the lightest cotton knit scarf is too warm for summer.

  28. GlamaRuth

    I like Necklush or similar – found on Etsy – because they really are a scarf necklace, made of multiple tubes of dyed and screen printed cotton jersey. I usually let mine drape, but if I get cold, they are easy to triple-loop into a neck cozy.

  29. Anonymous

    I just bought some printed cotton lawn at the fabric store to make myself a big but lightweight cotton scarf to carry in the summer and drape over myself when the AC is too cold.
    $3.99/yard + half an hour hemming = good deal!

  30. closet365

    I'm a year-round scarf fanatic. I just opt for lighter fabrics and colors in the summer.

    These are fantastic, by the way. I'm glad the trend is catching on.

  31. Charlotte

    Yes, I wear summer scarves on coolish days, but when it's hot, I can't stand anything extra. Yesterday I saw the Liberty of London scarves on sale at Target for $10 and I was tempted….sorely.

  32. rubybastille

    I love floaty silky summery scarves. It's a new thing for me too, but I found a thin blue polka-dotted one last summer in Ireland, and I wanted to find more. Ross usually has a pretty good selection.

  33. All Women Stalker

    Oh those reared their head a few years or so back. I wish I can wear them but I live in a tropical country and covering the neck in the summer is an invitation for heat stroke.