Thrifting for Trends: Fall/Winter 2013 Edition

It’s time, once again, to examine the hot “new” trends for the season, and remind ourselves that fashion recycles EVERYTHING! Here are just a few of the garments, colors, and styles that are trending for spring and summer that you can easily track down at your local thrift and consignment shops. (Note that all of the on-trend items I’m wearing below have been thrifted. Already.)



Cobalt was declared a trend just a few seasons back, but it is definitely the color to covet for fall and winter. This color is marvelous with gray and fun with black or black and white prints, but also try pairing it with magenta, neon yellow, purple, or navy. Cobalt is a strong shade and can overpower some complexions, but wearing it in a skirt, pants, or pair of shoes will work beautifully. As is the case with all color trends, these ones will be among the easiest to thrift!

Moto jackets


Well, friends, I can tell you this for certain: Most thrift shops are absolutely BRIMMING with moto jackets. Many are old and fairly beat-up, but since distressed garments are quite covetable right now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! The majority will be black leather, but red, gray and other colors turn up on occasion, too. My own gray leather moto was thrifted for a mere $9.99.



You’re likely to find two types of camo on the thrift racks: Actual Army surplus items, and the camo stuff that’s been trendy for a year or so now that people are already sick of. Camouflage skinny pants and jeans are among the hottest commodities, but tees, jackets, and even skirts are good bets, too, if you can find ’em.

Animal prints


No, really, these have been declared trendy. Again! Leopard and zebra prints abound in most thrift stores, but you’ll also find the occasional giraffe, ocelot, snake, or crocodile print. Don’t confine yourself to clothing with this trend: Shoes, bags, belts, and scarves are all great ways to cash in, and all imminently thriftable.



Ditto on this one. Hopefully you’ve already got some military-influenced pieces on-hand, but if not you can thrift utility jackets, blazers and coats with epaulets, shirts with tab sleeves, cargo pants, and just about anything in olive green or khaki. That is, if you haven’t already stocked up on camo.

What trendy items will YOU thrift for this season?

Runway images courtesy (J.Mendel, Versace), Michael Kors, Burberry Prorsum, and Prabal Gurung.)

(This post first appeared on the Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota blog.)

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12 Responses to “Thrifting for Trends: Fall/Winter 2013 Edition”

  1. Eleanorjane

    I love me some cobalt! Bright colours like that suit me so I’m making the most of the blues and also the plummy, wine reds while they’re fashionable.

  2. Osprey

    I am digging the camo and military! Really hoping I can somehow find a way to wear them together…

  3. Alexandra

    Can I take this moment to salute you? I love how you take these high-concept fashion creations and turn them into looks that are more wearable, more flattering, and (I feel) rather more interesting!

  4. Marsha

    This is why I love thrift stores. If something’s been in style for the last 30 years, you should be able to find it there. My thrift store addiction means I’m already well-stocked with cobalt and short jackets (some moto). I’ve skipped the camo and animal print trends in the past, and I’ll skip them again this time since they just aren’t my style.

  5. Gabby

    I will be thrifting my closet! I already have two cobalt pieces (it’s my favorite color), a leather jacket that is moto-ish, and two camo pieces. Yay! I will be on the lookout for a new snake print purse, though.

  6. jamie

    I was in the cities this weekend and specifically made a trip to Goodwill Roseville to thrift some winter fashions. I got amazing like new sweaters! My favorite…a handknit long Desigual sweater for $5 🙂

  7. Audi

    One thing I’ve seen a lot of this season is mixing camo and animal prints together, which I think is a nice twist on these trends. A high contrast animal print looks especially fabulous with a washed out camo. And this post has inspired me to get out there and thrift some cobalt blue!

  8. Hayley

    That grey moto is a great find! In my experience it’s so hard to find grey leather jackets.