Thrifting for Trends: Spring/Summer 2013 Edition

thrifting for trends spring 2013

Yeah. Still feels a lot like winter around these parts. But if you’ve walked into a mall or clicked onto a clothing vendor website recently, you may have noticed that it’s practically Labor Day in Retail Land. And besides, if you’re gonna shop for a season, better to do so in advance, am I right? OK, enough caveats.

It’s time, once again, to examine the hot “new” trends for the season, and remind ourselves that fashion recycles EVERYTHING! Here are just a few of the garments, colors, and styles that are trending for spring and summer that you can easily track down at your local thrift and consignment shops:

Orange / Emerald Green

Orange is a tricky color for many complexions, but a great way to inject some energy into your outfits. This season, red-heavy “flame” oranges are the most popular, but lighter, brighter shades can work just as well. If this shade makes you look poorly, opt for pants, a skirt, shoes, or a handbag. Emerald green is easier to wear for many skin tones, and pairs beautifully with a wide variety of other colors. As is the case with all color trends, these ones will be among the easiest to thrift!

Bermuda Shorts

After what seems like decades of micro mini shorts, I’m tickled to hear that longer lengths will be trending in the coming season. Again, this trend will feel tough to wear for some women. For some tips on making the length and style work, see these posts on selecting stylish shorts, creative ways to wear shorts, and how shoes and shorts interact. And check the thrift racks which have always been a great source for shorts of all lengths.


As a confirmed lover of stripes, I am beyond caring if they’re on-trend or not. And any visit to a thrift store will show you that stripes have been popular for ages and can be nabbed for pennies. Stripes feel off-putting to some, but there are work-arounds. Try a striped skirt or scarf if a dress or tee doesn’t feel right. And, of course, remember no one gets to tell you what you can and can’t wear. If you love stripes, wear ’em. Period.


Yeah, this one is a bit odd. I mean, sure, leather shoes for spring and summer, but leather skirts? Again, I adore leather, so I’ll likely roll with this one. Most of the leather clothing I’ve seen in thrift stores is black, which can be balanced with white, patterns, and cool brights for warm weather. Black leather pencil skirts, black leather pants, and leather jackets in a variety of hues are generally available in most secondhand and consignment shops. Some colorful pieces turn up occasionally, so try your luck!


Yet ANOTHER tricky trend! Especially if you work in a traditional office environment. But if you’re keen to try a few sheer fabrics for weekend or evening looks, or can find creative ways to layer them over opaques for work, do check the thrift racks. Tricky trends are often the easiest to thrift because generations before you found them tricky, too, gave up, and donated. Look for blouses especially in sheers and sheer patterns.

What trendy items will YOU thrift for this season?

Images courtesy (Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone)

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6 Responses to “Thrifting for Trends: Spring/Summer 2013 Edition”

  1. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    I do love sheer floral blouses for summer, layered over camisoles. I find some great ones in the thrifts. Some orange and or green accent pieces will come home with me too. I love the look of a leather skirt, but in Florida summer . . . just cannot do.

  2. D

    I will definitely be thrifting the orange and the emerald green trend- those have been my favorite colors for a long time now, so I’m glad fashion is finally catching up 🙂

    I’ll probably look for leather and sheers as well; I haven’t been thrifting for MONTHS and I’m excited to see what my store has to offer when my shopping ban is up!

  3. Sandy

    Sheer blouses needn’t be so bad – wear a vest/waistcoat over it! (I like them over camisoles, but for a dinner date.) Waistcoats can be very formal/businesslike, and then you only have the sleeves and collar showing as ‘sheer.’

  4. sche

    I have the opposite of the complexion you described. I look great in orange, but most greens make me look sallow. But my color preference is the other way around! I’m always drawn to beautiful green tops in stores, only to hate how they look if I try them on. I have to stick to darker greens, or ones that are very definitely blue-based. It can be frustrating.

  5. Tabie

    Probably all of them, but in my new favorite way to “thrift” eBay. Since having my daughter I’ve found it near impossible to find well fitting things from thrift stores so my new favorite place to be is eBay!