Tuck ‘n’ Roll

green booties, pants tucked into ankle boots

Sometimes style requires a bit of trial and error. I’ve been a fan of ankle boots for some time and have collected a few pairs over the years. While I’ve had no trouble styling them with skirts or dresses and tights, or with bootcut or straight leg jeans worn over the boots, it’s taken me a while to figure out how to make them work with skinny pants or jeans.  I’ve found that unless pants are very slim and especially tapered at the ankle, it’s easy to get a bunched look.

Below, I’ve tried rolling the pant legs.

pants rolled hem with ankle boots, suede ankle boots

It’s a fun alternative, though it does shorten the look of one’s legs just a bit.

You’re probably wondering why I’m in boots and a sweater in the middle of August. We’ve been experiencing a very cool summer this year, and will probably have a very hot September and October before fall actually settles in. I love this linen blend sweater for transitional seasons: keeps me warm on cool mornings or in excessive a/c situations, but it’s not sweltering when when the sun comes out mid-day.

green booties 3

These ankle boots were purchased in Paris in 2012 at Zadig & Voltaire. I got them home before I realized there was an itty bitty skull on the right boot, since named Yorick. I’ve worn them quite a bit, and as you can see they’re looking a bit “rugged.” But I think that adds to their character, and enjoy having a pair I don’t have to baby (though I do treat with a water repellent spray every few months).

leather wrap bracelet, spiked stretch bracelet, arm party

Sweater: Eileen Fisher, similarTank: Eileen Fisher / Jeans: Eileen FisherBoots: Zadig & Voltaire, no longer available, similar styleEarrings: Argento Vivo, similarBracelets: Stella and Dot here and here.

How do you style your ankle boots?  Any tricks for wearing with slim pants?

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7 Responses to “Tuck ‘n’ Roll”

  1. Dianne

    I have several pairs of ankle boots, and find that sometimes ‘cuffing’ my ‘less-than- tight-skinny’ jeans works. I especially like them for my over-air-conditioned office, as yesterday I wore sandals and had to have my little heater on all day. I find that some of my ankle boots work better than others with the ‘tights & skirts’ combination, and others work better with skinny/cuffed jeans. I have quite thin ankles, which sometimes look too thin with some of my ankle boots. I have found that ankle boots sometimes work better than tall boots (which I love) in the summer. They are warmer than sandals, but seem perhaps not so ‘cool weather’ wear as tall boots, which I wear fall-winter-spring in my Canadian prairies climate.

  2. Anat

    Hi, I’ve been visiting your blog every now and again for a couple of years, and I just wanted to say you look absolutely fantastic – the hair cut and color are stunning, and the clothes are chic and hot in an age appropriate way ( I struggled to express myself there, I hope that did not come out as offensive in any way).

    You are truly an inspiration!

  3. Bernie

    You do look fab! (And I can certainly see myself wearing the same things…) As far as ankle boots are concerned, I think I have ducked the issue as I wear black boots with black slim leg trousers or jeans, so the line remains unbroken. It’s a cop out, but it seems to work. And I love Yorick – great with those edgy bracelets too.

  4. Secret Squirrel

    This looks great – I may be late to compliment you on this – but your hair colour is fanastic, too. I am normally a cuffer/ roller, but you are making me consuder tucking now…!