Twisted Rope Scarf Tie Tutorial

I completely forgot that HM and I took a series of photos to illustrate this scarf tie! Brain Fade. Tragic, really. Now that I’ve remembered, allow me to share.

This tie will work with a long, narrow rectangular scarf, but I’m excited to find that it will also work with a large square scarf.

If you’re working with a large square, fold in half to form a large triangle.

Roll the triangle into a rope from pointed end inward. This will keep that little pointed end from sticking out.

Hold the rope at one end and twist the entire length of the scarf. If you’re using a long, narrow rectangular scarf, this is where you’d begin the process. If you have trouble keeping the twist from unraveling, you can hold one end under your chin or press one end to a table, then twist.

Your twisted rope should be relatively narrow.

Wrap the twisted rope around your neck however many times looks best.

And tie the two ends together!

This is a great tie to use if you want to wear a scarf, but don’t want to add too much volume to your top half. As you can see, the scarf is pretty compact and sits flat once tied.

Hope this was helpful!

Originally posted 2012-10-12 06:08:33.

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10 Responses to “Twisted Rope Scarf Tie Tutorial”

  1. Leslie

    Thank you! I like the idea of tying without adding a lot of volume. Sometimes I want to wear big earrings but there’s just too much scarf!

  2. Emily

    I was deep in your archives and found a video of you creating your own statement necklace. I just wanted to say that you have a really pretty voice and maybe you could consider making more of those!

  3. Angela

    I am going to try this to. As a busty broad shouldered girl, sometimes scarves add to much bulk to my top half

  4. Kacie

    Oh good! I loved the first picture of how you did the scarf and I’m glad you showed us how, and the shape of scarf you used. Thank you!

  5. Carolyn

    Oh my! I don’t really wear scarfs, but I have a bunch. I could totally use this for turning scarfs into belts and headbands!

  6. Linda L

    Yea! A new way to wear a scarf! Can’t wait to try it – thanks. And great tip on rolling the pointed end in first.

  7. Marie

    Another good scarf tip. Thanks. I have some large square scarves that have been hard to wear; this should work. Incidentally, the colors in that scarf really complement you.

  8. Shaye

    This same technique works wonders for turning a scarf into a necklace. Make sure you’ve twisted tightly, then just bring the two ends together and let the whole affair twist itself together. Tie the ends and thread a necklace (I like pearls, but other beads or a chunky chain would work too) though the loops on either end. Fasten the clasp and you have a twisted scarf held together by a double stranded necklace!