Two Exciting Announcements!

The subtitle of this post could be: Getting Out in the World.

Increasing my out-of-the-home-office, interpersonal interaction time is a big goal for me in 2014, although it’s a goal I probably should’ve prioritized long before now. It’s been an interesting road, this self-employment thing, and it’s certainly taught me a lot about myself. I already knew that I was an introverted, driven, independent person. I also knew that I enjoyed being alone and tackling projects at my own pace, so I figured that working from home would be ideal for me. And although it affords me amazing flexibility and undeniable perks – I certainly don’t miss commuting, break room microwave smells, or office politics – it’s been more than two years now and honestly? I am struggling. I’ve been struggling for a while now. I have clients, meetings, phone calls, and other sporadic interactions each week, but it’s just not enough. I feel isolated and unmoored spending the majority of every day alone in my office with just my laptop and cat. I feel uninspired and drained and weary. And although I’m still an introvert and still value my alone-time, I’ve realized that I need to be with other people on the regular, not just when occasional opportunities arise. I need to teach more and talk more. I need to work intimately with other folks who have similar goals and interests. I miss being part of a team and the joys and frustrations of shared work. I am so fortunate to have had this time to explore total independence, but it just isn’t working for me. Not like this.

I talk a lot about self care here. I am making these important changes as a way of caring for myself. I want to continue to help and support and uplift and empower through this blog and the amazing community around it. But to do those things I must have the necessary energy and resources available. My hope is that shifting gears in this way will help keep me going for the long term. So, with that in mind, I’ve undertaken two new big projects. I’m really, truly thrilled about them both, and hope you will be, too.


After months of planning and prep, I have launched a series of accessorization workshops. In my work with style consult clients, I’ve realized that many fashion-conscious women struggle with accessorization. Belts make them cringe, scarves intimidate them, and they wear the same earrings every day. Accessorization is a skill set – something that can be taught – so I decided to bring the basics into a fun, hands-on workshop.

The first workshop will take place on Sunday, February 9, 2014, at the Bibelot on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. The second workshop will take place on Sunday, March 16, 2014, at the Monadnock Building in Chicago. Newsletter subscribers got first crack at registration, but now it’s open to all! I hope to run these approximately once per month, if possible, and will travel them around to San Francisco, New York, and Boston throughout the year.

The workshop is $80 for three hours of intensive accessorization fun, which is less than 1/3 the cost of a style consult. Although I’ve written loads about accessorization techniques on my blog, I know for a fact that seeing demos and building muscle memory around these practices is far more helpful than reading about them could ever be! With that in mind, we’ll cover scarves, belts, jewelry, hosiery, and handbags and touch upon hats, gloves, and glasses, helping you build the skills you need to work these accessories into everyday wear.

Find out more and register here for the St. Paul workshop on 2/9
Find out more and register here for the Chicago workshop on 3/16

There are only 10 spots available for each workshop, so don’t delay. I’ll keep you updated as future workshops become available!

corset styling

And I am overjoyed to have accepted a part-time position with Corset Styling! This woman-owned, woman-run local company offers personal styling sessions in the boutique and in clients’ homes, runs private parties and corporate training sessions, coordinates personal shopping in person and via mail, and is perfectly aligned with my own ideals and goals. Corset is welcoming, supportive, body-positive, and focused on education. The small but amazing staff works hard to teach clients about what works for their figures and priorities, training them to be smarter, more confident shoppers and dressers. I’ll be in the boutique, at events, running seminars, representing Corset in the local media, working with clients in and out of the studio, and creating social media strategy for the company. I adore the Corset team, could not be more thrilled with this partnership, and can’t wait to see where it leads.

Visit the boutique at 5400 France Avenue South in Edina, follow us on Facebook, and find out more at the Corset Styling website. I will be in the boutique every Friday in February, so stop on in.

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34 Responses to “Two Exciting Announcements!”

  1. Dianne

    Sally, Congratulations on your new ventures!! I wish you the very best and look forward to reading about them here. BTW, my sweet sister-in-law gave me your book for Christmas and, due to proximity, this will be the closest I can come to a style consult with you!

  2. Mm

    Good luck. Both projects sound like fun. Thanks for sharing nice to hear how people make changes to make things better in their personal life

  3. Anna

    Sally, congratulations on shifting course and making these changes. Sometimes it takes an extended time with something new (in your case, working independently from home) to test it out and experience its virtues and drawbacks. I too have worked from my home office for several years, and although it is perfect for me, I made a similar determination some time ago, and now make deliberate occasions to get out and see people regularly, and cultivate a variety of activities. Your two new enterprises sound exactly right. You go!

  4. K-Line

    What wonderful insight Sally. I think that working with other, in a shop, on a part-time basis is an excellent idea. You’ll get to meet so many people! Do what you love to do! Have “workmates”. It’s perfect.

  5. Anamarie

    I just noticed Corset for the first time last week and wondered what the what! I’ll check it out!

  6. Tracie

    Congrats on your new plans Sally! Sounds like a great way to start the new year. I know what you mean about enjoying time alone to feed your introversion, but needing time among people too.

  7. TexasAggieMom

    So excited for you and your new venture! I applaud your courage in exploring a new direction, and I know you will be an asset to the Corset team. Now I’m selfishly hoping that your next chapter will bring you to Texas! (Where it is 60 degrees today…doesn’t that sound nice?)

  8. Gisele

    Sally, I hope your new ventures are wildly successful in all the ways you dream of and bring some happy surprises to boot. So excited for you, and inspired by your ability to understand your own needs and respond to them.

  9. Lisa

    Congratulations! Both on the new gigs, and on having the focus and resourcefulness to know what you needed. xoxoxox.

  10. Jean S

    Sounds like you’re a “gregarious introvert” (yes, there is such a thing…).
    I’m one, too–and once I figured that out, a lot of lightbulbs went on over my head!

    All the best with your new ventures!

  11. Monica H

    Congrats Sal, these opportunities sound fabulous, a real way to both connect with people and do what you are so good at. I kinda wish I lived in MN so I could take advantage of them, which is saying a lot since it’s winter and I’m in AZ!

    One thought though, as a fellow introvert I can tell you that for me I don’t simply need to get out and be around people. What I need is to be with familiar people who I already know. In your shoes, I would look for an office co-share or something, or spending more time working alone at the library or Starbucks, ‘with’ people but not interacting. Those are just some ideas of what I have found works for me, in case you still find yourself needing something more.

    • Sonja

      Monica, that’s what I was going to suggest!
      Sally, renting a table at a coworking office has changed my life drastically, and in the best way!

  12. Danielle Menona

    Congratulations on these exciting new endeavors! It takes a brave person to make big life changes like that. I would LOVE to attend your San Francisco Accessesorization Workshop and see you in person after reading (and adoring!) your blog for so long. (And $80 for three hours is such an amazing price!)

  13. Tracey

    Congrats Sal, and well done on listening to your inner voice. As human beings we are evolved to need to belong to groups of others, even if their food makes the lunchroom smell(!) and they rub us up the wrong way. We still need people. Paradoxical, that one. I find myself in a similar situation, as I have a part time job in an upmarket homewares store in our local mall. I only work 2-4 days a week depending on the retail season (Xmas is ridiculous, but let’s not go there, it’s all part of having the job during the year). Thing is, I’ve often found myself thinking “what am I doing here?” I mean, working in a retail store is not rocket science, and I know I have the skills for far greater challenges, but you know what? This little job gets me out of the house, and gives me a reason to put my lipstick on. It gets me rubbing shoulders with my workmates who are now my ‘work family’ and we learn stuff from each other, mostly like how to be patient, how to work with difficult personalities and other valuable life skills. It may be less than what I’m qualified for, but I spent 2 years studying in my home office with my dog at my feet and I ended up feeling lonely and isolated, exactly as you describe. So although some days it’s a drag and I’d rather be home blogging or networking some new clients for my own style business, I buck myself up, fix my hair, choose some interesting jewellery and slap on my lipstick and go to work, and I try to be grateful and remember that this is a choice not a chore…. until something else more ‘suitable’ presents itself, anyway. Congrats and good luck with the workshops xxxx

  14. Rose

    All the very, very best for both ventures. I found your blog by accident, a couple of years back, marked it as a favourite and now read it daily. It revolutionised the way I see myself and my strengths, especially as I have a significant facial disfigurement that causes people to go “Oh!”. For a very long time, that defined me in my own eyes, even though I enjoyed a successful professional life. You have had an amazing influence, and no doubt you’ll continue in your powerful positive influence for all women beset by appearance issues.. I almost no longer think about it when I dress for the day and I feel happy and empowered. Thank you Sally.

    • Sally

      Oh my goodness, Rose – thank you so much for letting me know this. I’m absolutely honored. And, of course, the lion’s share of the credit goes to YOU for being open to a shift in your ideas about your physical self. Thanks again for reading and for your kind words and support!

  15. JJ

    Congrats, Sally! I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and am excited to see where the next chapter of your life takes you.

  16. Jenny

    I can’t swing the first date, but I’ll definitely sign up for future sessions. I think if you hit the level of success that you’re capable of, you will have enough consults and speaking ventures to feel fulfilled. My job varies depending on what’s needed and I find that i sometimes have too much people interaction which leaves me drained. Other times it’s about right.

  17. Eleanorjane

    Congratulations! They sound like excellent ways of getting out of the house and interacting more with people. Best of luck with them both.

  18. Kate McIvor

    Another wonderful post, Sally! As a fellow independent, driven introvert, I frequently long for less interaction with people — especially less negative interaction. At work, I am almost constantly interacting with others, including telling people things they don’t want to hear. But I know that, like you, I would struggle with working from home alone all day. I think an important issue for introverts is the need for structured, purposeful time with others. After my introverted daughter’s first day of kindergarten, I asked her how it went. She said, “fine, but what was that recess thing, and who thought it was a good idea?” Kudos to you for inserting more structured interaction into your day. Here’s to finding the right balance!

  19. Aging fashionista

    Yes, Id add my congrats to all these remarks.. Having semi retired 2 yrs ago and moved into a part time gig, it is a great change to not have the routine of office and mates every day, even if you have frequent meetimgs and other interactions. (definitely dont miss the 394/94 commute tho). I think what you are trying now could be a good balance and I wish you luck!
    I will try to attend the Edina workshop, I am not afraid of jewelry etc but could use help with pairing/mixing. And would love to meet you!

  20. Amy

    I too work from home and am an introvert. Go us! However…. it can be a little lonely and boring. A couple months ago I noticed that my favorite thrift store had a sign up saying they needed back room sorting assistants on Fridays and Saturdays. I have been volunteering once a week and LOVE it! First dibs on everything that comes in is such a bonus. When I began volunteering I knew that I would be bringing new experiences and opportunities into my life and am excited to see what direction I will be taken in!

  21. Christine

    Looking forward to seeing you in Boston, Sal! Good luck with the new ventures!

  22. LIz

    Congratulations on your decision, Sally!
    As one of the previous posters described it, we gregarious introverts do need to get out and be with people, too.
    For myself (as far as making jewelry and sewing are concerned), I’ve found that creativity gets a boost when you observe what other people are doing and talk to them about your own ideas and work.
    I sorely wish you were in the Washington DC area, but I definitely think a trip to NYC or Boston would be a possibility to attend one of your workshops!

  23. Molly

    This is such wonderful news Sally! It’s so inspiring how many amazing ways you find to influence women in their style choices. I wish I lived closer so I could swing by Corset! It looks lovely. xo!

  24. Mindy Holahan

    I suspect you’re already familiar with the concept of coworking, but just in case you aren’t, I’d highly recommend checking out CocoMSP or another coworking facility in the Twin Cities. They are group workplaces for freelancers/small business owners/remote workers, so you can get lots of work done AND meet neat people.

    I’m a freelancer too and am on the one day a week plan just so that I’m sure I’ll get out of the house. It’s so nice to meet other freelancers and small business owners and to get a bit of an energy boost from being near other driven, creative professionals.

    I also use it as my opportunity to dress up a bit each week.

    • Sally

      Thanks, Mindy – yes, I know about Coco and the other spots and they’re great resources! Not exactly what I’m looking for, but fantastic no less. Glad it’s proving helpful to you and your business.

  25. Rose

    This is very exciting!! I go to school practically next door to Corset, and it’s always intrigued me – I will really have to come in sometime now!