Two Stylists, Two Looks: Asymmetric Tunic


My friend and fellow stylist Carly Gatzlaff and I have extremely similar business models for consulting with clients, but we also have very different personal styles. Naturally, we put our own preferences aside when working with clients and focus on their tastes and needs, but we definitely bring different ideas and techniques to the table. So we thought it would be fun and interesting for us both to take items from our personal wishlists, style them into outfits, then post them side by side. Today, we’re continuing this series with one of my picks – an asymmetric Eileen Fisher tunic!

Carly’s Look



Details on Carly’s set here

CARLY’S THOUGHTS: A tunic length top calls for a skinny pant to balance it’s proportion. I am obsessed with loft’s darkest cranberry cord, the perfect compliment to any black or neutral top! Flip up the bottom of the cord, so it sits right on top of a lower black ankle boot. Finishing touches include two gold layered necklaces (huge this season) and a suede vest to create a bit more of a waist and provide some warmth!

Sally’s Look


Details on Sally’s set here

SALLY’S THOUGHTS: I agree with Carly that a slim bottom is the best bet with a tunic, but I opted for faux leather-front leggings. (Love this plus option, too.) They’re also black, but the matte jersey and slightly shiny leather will create textural contrast. Also going for an ankle boot, but in suede since leather leggings and leather boots can look a bit odd butting up against each other. I would cuff the leggings under (a French cuff) so they hit at the top of the bootie – totally fine for there to be a little crumpling, too. I want to let the asymmetric hemline shine so I added a scarf for warmth (and a splash of color.) Finish it off with a slouchy, subtly metallic bag.

Definitely some overlap with these looks, but they’re quite different, too! Which one suits your taste? Or would you wear both?

Thanks again to Carly Gatzlaff of A la Mode Wardrobe Consulting, and keep your eyes peeled for the next installment!

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5 Responses to “Two Stylists, Two Looks: Asymmetric Tunic”

  1. K_Line

    Sally – gotta say, these look VERY similar to me. I mean, that’s cool – it’s a great look. But I’m not seeing the diff interpretations this time. Guess it’s a case of great minds 🙂

  2. fashionforgiants

    Great, and, for me, timely post. I’ve been looking for an asymmetrical tunic and will be referring back here for inspiration once I find one!

  3. loubeelou

    Both sound very cute! I splurged (for me anyway) on some very similar faux-leather front pants/leggings from Cabi this year and finally got around to trying them out this week. They’re really classy and sexy, but I also thought to myself “I think this is that badass vibe Sally’s been talking about”. 🙂 I think since they have a little more structure and thickness to them, they’re a little easier to accept as “leggings as pants” – they weren’t skin tight and I felt comfortable pairing them with a normal length shirt (I usually go towards tunic length with leggings).

  4. Keely

    Both looks are so cute! Very similar but I can see the differences on the details. I’d pair it with printed leggings. Maybe plaid or the new dark florals that are everywhere. Or id swap that black vest for an Aztec print sweater vest. Oh, the possibilities!