Two Stylists, Two Looks: gr.dano Striped Top


The best thing you can possibly do when you meet someone who works in your field doing the exact same thing as you? Befriend them. Share resources. Swap tips. The notion that there is a finite amount of success in the world is preposterous, and someone else’s success will never impede your own. So when you encounter someone who is doing fabulously at something you’re also doing fabulously at, don’t get territorial or jealous. Join forces. Both of your careers will benefit, guaranteed.

This was an especially easy maxim for me to follow when I first met professional stylist Carly Gatzlaff of A la Mode Wardrobe Consulting. Because she’s FABULOUS. We hit it off in an instant and were exchanging stories and ideas and plotting collaborations within the hour. Carly works here in the Twin Cities, and offers an amazing array of services to her loyal clients. She is skilled and successful at what she does, gets nothing but accolades from her customers, and is both a savvy businesswoman and a truly lovely person.

Carly and I have extremely similar business models for consulting with clients, but we also have very different personal styles. Naturally, we put our own preferences aside when working with clients and focus on their tastes and needs, but we definitely bring different ideas and techniques to the table. So one of the collaborations I thought would be fun and interesting would be for us to each take an item from our personal wishlists and style it into an outfit, then post them side by side. Today, we’re starting with my pick – a striped asymmetric top from San Francisco-based gr.dano!

Carly’s Look

Already Pretty Polyvore

CARLY’S THOUGHTS: Black and white tops are a fabulous year-round option, but to make the look scream spring, keep the rest of your outfit light! A boyfriend style distressed denim is a fabulous way to add style to any outfit this spring. Leave the top untucked to show off the asymmetrical detail and top it with a collarless cropped coral blazer. The collarless detail will lengthen you and show off the cowl, while the cropped length will define your waist! Finish off your look with ladylike details. A vintage-inspired earring and pearl bracelet help balance the menswear-inspired pant. The neutral heel gives your leg length and is a flattering counterpart to the more relaxed bottom. A leather and straw bag pulls everything together, a timeless piece for this spring and many to come!

Sally’s Look

grdano top look

SALLY’S THOUGHTS: I desperately wanted to do a skirt, but with a longish asymmetric hemline this top makes more sense with pants. I love black, white, and red together so I opted for some bold red ankle pants and a white, elongated moto-style jacket for keeping the cool spring breezes at bay. A bright white topper will make the outfit feel more seasonal than dark black, though feel free to take it off and let the beautifully designed top shine on its own. These pants have a flat front which will create minimal interference with the lightweight draping of the top. The polka dot pumps create a fun print mix and will help elongate the leg line against the cropped pants, while slightly punky earrings and a leather wrap bracelet add edge. Throw in a utilitarian-cool crossbody bag with a chain strap to complete the look.

Definitely some overlap with these looks, but they’re quite different, too! Which one suits your taste? Or would you wear both?

Thanks again to my girl Carly Gatzlaff of A la Mode Wardrobe Consulting, and keep your eyes peeled for the next installment which will feature one of her wishlist picks!

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15 Responses to “Two Stylists, Two Looks: gr.dano Striped Top”

  1. ballewal

    While I like both looks, neither are something I would wear. Mostly it’s the skinny cut of the pants and heeled shoes – sub in some wide leg trousers and flats or even wedges and I would wear both looks.

  2. KimM.

    I like your look best Sally. I love the contrast of the red, black and white. Can you tell me where to get that white moto jacket? Please???

  3. Vkm

    Could you please post where we can get rest of the items? I really like the coral blazer!

  4. San

    I love this idea. I hope there are more look ‘competitions’ to come.

  5. lindaloui232

    I would wear both of these looks and have some similar pieces already. Great job both of you!

  6. walkercreative

    This is interesting . . . I would wear a hybrid of both looks. I need a LOT of contrast especially on top, so wearing jeans, I would swap the coral blazer (keeping the cut) for a red one the color of Sally’s pants. I’d also swap the nude shoes for the dotted ones. Carly’s earrings, no necklace and Sally’s purse. Perfect! Isn’t it funny how we work with the same pieces?

  7. PolarSamovar

    I love this idea! I hope you do more. I learn twice as much.

  8. Texas Aggie Mom

    The timing on this post was perfect! I have an almost identical top in a navy, aqua, beige and black stripe. It’s a weird mix of colors that I usually wear only with dark skinny jeans and a beige blazer. Lately I had been looking for something to wear with a classic navy skirt suit that would make it a little more up to date, and wouldn’t have thought of this top – until I saw how you both styled it. Thanks for the great idea! Although I wouldn’t wear either of your looks in exactly those combinations, both gave me some new ideas – great idea for a recurring feature!

  9. Eleanorjane

    Good idea to team up. There are plenty of women who haven’t thought of having a style consult who the two of you could convert, especially if you combine efforts.

    I like both outfits, but I’d have the top with a straight hem to make it more versatile.

  10. elikit

    I’d probably tuck the top in so I could wear it with a skirt, so that detail would be wasted on me. Though I’d like to play around with belting the top without tucking it in and pairing it with a circle skirt and petticoat.

    I would like a dream outfit where I can put on that coral cropped blazer and wear those polka dot heels without falling down. Doesn’t even matter what I’d be wearing with it.