Ways to Reconnect with Your Body

how to reconnect with your body

Did you look at yourself in the mirror today and think, “Damn, I am GORGEOUS!”? Or did you think something more like, “My ass is the size of Cuba,” or, “Wasn’t acne supposed to let up after puberty?” or maybe just, “Bleargh!”?

Or did you even look at yourself in the mirror at all? I mean really look. More than just a passing glance to make sure your shirt wasn’t embarrassingly wrinkled or pants encrusted with dog hair. Did you see your own body today? Did you acknowledge it? Or did you take its miraculous workings for granted?

I’ve said, ad nauseum, that I default to ignoring my body’s existence. So believe me I’m not judging if your interactions with the mirror were merely cursory today. But I’ve come up with a short list of activities that could help us all reconnect with our physical selves after eons of behaving like a bodiless brains.

Take a bubble bath

Is that trite? So the eff what?! All baths are fantastic in my book, but bubble baths are more tactile than bubble-free ones. Splooshing around amongst all that fun foam will make you remember what your parts are, how they feel, and how grateful you are to have them in working order.

Get a massage

I’m not talking about a perfunctory shoulder rub from your BFF. Commit. Spend money. Get naked. Let someone who knows about muscles and joints find out where you’re carrying your tension. Remember your own bones, and get groggy from the bliss of entrusting your body to a pro.


Throw on a little OK Go, don the earbuds, and move. Install yourself before a full-length mirror and practice the five basic ballet positions. Head to the club in your comfy shoes and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle out on the floor while ignoring the world. Breathe and move and repeat.


Can’t remember what your body is all about? A quick self-servicing might be all the reminder you need.

Take a martial arts class

All bodies are powerful, including YOURS. No matter if you’re underweight, overweight, teeny, giant, awkward, or graceful, there is a martial art that will harness the astonishing power of your personal kinetic energy. Commit to learning about your inner reserves of physical strength, and you’ll soon be more body aware and appreciative than ever.

Create a self-portrait

Photos are fantastic, but you’ll be more body-aware if you draw or paint your awesome self. Use pencil, pastel, or finger paint. Artistic skill is optional: Close study of your personal shapes, angles, and contours is mandatory.

Image courtesy SeraphimC.

Originally posted 2008-12-05 07:19:00.

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24 Responses to “Ways to Reconnect with Your Body”

  1. Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

    Once again, our blogs are in sync. Are you reading my mind? I blogged about pampering yourself with vintage loungewear today. It feels so much more glamorous than your old sweatshirt or flannel nightgown.

  2. kpriss

    As always, you make my giggle! You have such a way of connecting with people (aka women) when you write!

    Body consciousness is more of a therapy than anything else… And like any therapy, it should involve professionals. No wonder a massage is always perfect from a pro!

    Sometimes pictures work too! Take pictures of yourself wearing sexy clothes. If you dare, lingerie. Don’t go completely nekkid, leave something for the imagination. Pretend you’re a model and photo shoot yourself like never before! It could help! At least you’ll notice your bad angles πŸ˜‰

  3. Emily

    i love the notion of celebrating our bodies! far too often, i only focus on what i don’t like…i’m headed off to take a bubble bath before work today!

  4. Middle Aged Woman

    I try to look in the mirror everyday, but there’s always some pudgy older woman in my way.

  5. enc

    I’m going to lift weights today, and that ought to wake me up to my body’s existence, don’t you think?

    I love your ideas above.

  6. airstreamdiva

    i wonder if you have ever read Martha Beck’s “the four day win”? it is a book about dieting….kind of. It is more about transforming your mind….i will not be able to write about it intelligently here, but check it out! i think you would enjoy her ideas and her writing style.

  7. Christina Lee

    I did tell myself that my butt looked big in my jeans today πŸ™

    I am definitely a bubble bath girl-love them! Calgon ….take me away…

  8. Kelly

    I agree 100% about the massage!

    When I was in college, two things were happening at once: I suddenly realized that I had gained about 20 pounds since starting college and was having a really hard time coming to grips with my new body, and I was having a horrible time with some personal stuff and school.

    Anyway, it really was that bad that my mom wanted to pamper me, and did so by buying me a 90 minute massage. She didn’t know I was having such a rough time with my body image, she just knew the rest of it. The place I went was kind of kooky – it was this lady who was way into psychic readings, and aromatherapy, and all the stuff I think is totally hokey. And she worked in her basement.

    But I went there anyway because that’s where my mom picked. And holy hell. After my heavenly massage, the masseuse left me on the table and said I could get up and change whenever I wanted to. So I lay there a minute, then got up and went to where my clothes were. There was a mirror there. So I was standing nearly naked (except for one teeny-tiny thong), completely relaxed after the massage, and for the first time in MONTHS I actually looked at myself in the mirror and truly felt that my body was beautiful. I stood there for what seemed like forever – I just couldn’t get my fill of looking. I felt like a veil had been lifted from my eyes. And just like that, I was “cured” of all my bodily insecurities. I really haven’t yet figured out exactly why it was the massage that did it, but I don’t really care about the reasons. I’m just grateful for the results.

    It was a couple years ago, and I still credit that massage with how comfortable I feel in my own skin today, and how I truly think “hey, hot mama!” when I see myself in the mirror – even though there’s a beer gut and the beginnings of cellulite and a million other things that I could/should be concerned about.

  9. La Belette Rouge

    When I am feeling bad about the body I am least likely to do massage, bubble bath or even lotion. I just want to avoid it and cover it and think nasty critical things about it. Your post and Kelly’s great comment are a reminder that the very thing I don’t want to do is the thing that can turn those feelings around.

  10. HoneyChildsStyle

    That sooooo hit the spot! Sometimes we loose touch with ourselves and dont appreciate won wonderful creations our bodies are.


    Sal, done all the lists , best is to renew my mind daily with LOVE & TRUTH… Spiritual Love is so different from the world's version… that's the 'tricky' part cos we are all spiritual beings living in this 'world'ly thingie…'bubble?'.Hey…how abt, milk bath- does a body good ala Cleopatra πŸ˜‰ ~Great weekend 2U dear!

  12. Shannon (A beautiful Dream)

    I would love to have a bubble bath, but unfortunately last time I tried it, it took me nearly 30 minutes to get back out of the bath! I’m so not trying that again..

    I will reconnect with my body post-baby I think. It’s too alien to deal with at the moment. On the upside, only 13 days to go.

  13. Songy

    That’s totally cool. Just have to make sure I don’t get caught doing it. πŸ˜›

  14. Lady Melbourne

    Fab post Sal, I might just try some or all of those!
    I get massages regularly and I highly recommend it, bliss.

  15. Annie

    LOL @ masterbate!
    I have a zit on my cheek right now, which is always a bummer..

  16. Miss_Corrine

    Totally inspirational, magnificently beautiful – thanks Sal πŸ™‚

  17. E

    Oh Hell Yes at the massage. I get one every month and then walk to Jamba Juice right after to celebrate my body and it’s health (and to celebrate my mom for how awesome she is as she gave me the massage membership and Jamba card). πŸ™‚

    Your blog is my absolute favorite, Beautiful Sal.

  18. The Seeker

    Oh beautiful Sal, what a great post!!
    I think I should try all so I could look at the mirror and don’t say all the time “I’m terrible”.

    I wish I could have some self estime.

    Wish you’re having a great weekend, darling.


  19. Kelley

    “Wasn’t acne supposed to let up after puberty?”
    That’s what I think every time I look in the mirror! I’m glad somebody can relate!