This Week I Love …


… chartreuse.

This greeny-yellow has been an obsession of mine for over a year now. There’s something about the bright, unexpected, sour-tart look of it that just thrills me. And I’m surprised by how versatile chartreuse can be: It pairs well with neutrals like tan and gray, but also with jewel tones like magenta and purple, and even brights like cobalt. A little tough to find at times – I’m still on the hunt for chartreuse pumps – but worth the effort. Here are some chartreuse items I’m lusting after right now:

chartreuse silk blouse

Anthropologie Silk Top – $59.95

Mmmm, I can imagine this with slouchy boyfriend jeans and chunky sandals or tucked into a structured navy skirt. Love that it’s got a V-neck for easy necklace wearing, and it sounds like it runs pretty generous, size-wise. Definitely on my wishlist.

karen millen pleat lace skirt
Karen Millen Pleat Lace Skirt
 – $99

I saw this lovely skirt on a fellow blogger – and am now blanking on who it was – and was instantly smitten. The lace is denser toward the hem so there’s a very subtle ombre effect. Plus I’m a fool for a pleated skirt, especially one with a nice, wide waistband. And it’s now 50% off. Tempting!

asos chartreuse pants
ASOS Curve Hammered Crepe Pant – $66.69

Just a basic cropped pant, fabulous for summer, and in a nice rich chartreuse. But the clincher for me? They’re high rise. A rarity for ASOS. And this link will take you to size 14 – 28, but they also come in sizes 1-14 regular and 00 -12 petite.

chartreuse sandals

ASOS HANSEL Wedges – $76.22

Fun, bright, summery, and with that chunky platform the incline won’t feel so severe. These guys look like suede, but they’re textile so vegan-friendly! Did you notice this is the second pick from ASOS? They’ve got lots of fun offerings in chartreuse right now including jumpsuits, dresses, and these marvelous pointy-toe pumps.

chartreuse handbag

Alberta Di Canio Handbag – $137

What a gorgeous shape. This color verges on kiwi/apple green a bit, but it’s still in the family. And at 7″ x 11″ x 15″ it’s nice and roomy. Chartreuse can be a very bright, bold color but in a bag with this classic design, it seems more subdued and wearable. Use code HAPPYOOX to get an addtional 20% off through June 19.


Banana Republic Factory Cardigan – $38.49

I didn’t know you could shop the BR Factory stores online until I stumbled across this cardigan. It’s a lightweight linen blend, so even though it’s long it should still work for warmer temps. Love it with white and gray, as shown here.

copertina pump

Kristin Cavallari Copertina Pump – $129.95

Now THESE pumps actually are suede, and a gorgeous rich chartreuse suede at that. D’Orsay detailing is very trendy right now but also eternally elegant, so these will have an of-the-moment feel, but staying power, too. Not a fan of monster wedges or heels? Check out these darling flats in a golden chartreuse.

Do you wear chartreuse? What other colors do you mix with this yellow-green shade? It can be a tricky color to wear – anyone love it, but keep it away from your complexion? Any of these citron and chartreuse items tickle your fancy?

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13 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. jan.4987

    I’m surprised by how many skin tones it suits. It looks like it shouldn’t suit pale people, but I am one and it really works for me.

    I don’t like it much, but I don’t like burnt orange or navy blue either and they look great on me too, I’ve always wondered if there’s some kind of connection between that fact and my dislike! I just tend to look at the whole outfit on me (or on anyone else) rather than focussing on the colour I dislike and then I can see how it fits together. Maybe having someone inside it makes the colour look better. That’s quite a nice way to look at it.

  2. Sam

    I pretty much have an obsession with all things yellow, so I can relate to loving this color also. For pumps, I would suggest Seychelles Playtime Heel in lemon – in person it has a tinge more of green to it than the photos online, thus making it look chartreuse to my eye. I have them and I love them / would recommend them 🙂 Great list of items by the way!

  3. ballewal

    I love the color but it looks horrible on me. But I like so few shades of yellow and green with my skin tone, so it makes sense that a yellow-green doesn’t work.

  4. Ginger

    I like chartreuse but it’s a dark color that I mostly own in winter-weight garments.
    If I want a bright yellow-green in warmer months I go with yellow-greens that are more lime colored.

  5. fashionforgiants

    I love chartreuse but agree that it can be tricky. Those heels are especially gorgeous.

  6. Amy Blankenship

    I’d love to have more info on caring for pleated skirts. I don’t buy them anymore, because after the first wash I don’t have the skill or patience to put all the pleats back.

    • Sally McGraw

      Ooh, indeed! I dry clean mine for that very reason, but also wash/clean my skirts fairly rarely. Will address this when I can!

  7. crtfly


    I don’t care for the color but I do love the silk shirt style and fabric. It has a real Art Deco feeling to it. I flip over almost anything Art Deco – clothes, jewelry, furniture, buildings… I noticed that it comes in colors I do like. The problem is that the shirt only goes to L and I need an XL. The reviewers claim that the shirt runs large, so maybe a L would fit me. I have no experience with Anthropologie. Do you think their tops run large?


  8. Chelsea Spear

    I rarely wear chartreuse because I worry it will wash me out!

    John Fluevog has a great chartreuse pump in his current collection…have you seen the Purpose Ambition?

  9. Shawna McComber

    I love chartreuse though it doesn’t do me any favours. I would use it away from my face or pair it with a colour like navy or purple. I first learned to love chartreuse when I had a garden and I grew a plant called alchemilla mollis or lady’s mantle. it is like baby’s breathe but in chartreuse and it was amazing in bouquets. I discovered I loved it with every colour except yellows and light oranges, but that is my own personal taste. It’s amazing with all shades of red, dark oranges, purples, greens, blues and pinks.
    I love those suede shoes though could not do heels like that. I am thinking that with chartreuse it might be adorable in both shoes and a belt to really make a navy blue outfit sing!

  10. Texas Aggie Mom

    I love this color on you, and wish it was one I could wear. Last year I was finally able to work plum/magenta into my rotation by purchasing a skirt; perhaps that would work with chartreuse, as well? I especially like the way you’ve combined it with the black and white stripes and the navy!

  11. Ruth Slavid

    I must say Sally i think you look great in the photos DESPITE the vile colour you are wearing. Hate it, hate it – all the clothes you show look hideous to me because of the colour. I suppose it is partly a colour flattery thing but also I just loathe it. Isn’t it odd that we can hate a colour as an abstract entity? I can’t think of any colour I dislike more apart perhaps from magenta. But why? Hating colours must be an odd quirk of psychology.
    By the way, the admin staff of one of the train companies in the UK have been put in suits the colour of those purple shoes you are wearing in pic 1. Which looks fine for shoes but I assure you is hateful in a whole, synthetic looking suit. I narrowly restrained myself from going up to one of the women and saying ‘poor you, having to wear that suit’.

  12. Sally McGraw

    Chelsea, YES! I have the pink on my wishlist, but online they’ve only got yellow. Will have to see if my local store has them in chartreuse. Thanks for the tip. 😉