This Week I Love …

slouchy pants

… slouchy pants.

Oh, how times have changed. Poke through the archive and you’ll find several pants rants from years past, in which I railed against all forms of trousers as miserable devices of torture that fought my body shape. And I’ll tell you this: I still loathe low-rise everything and can’t really do mid-rise either, so my pant options are still extremely limited. I still hate MOST pants, but the ones that I love, I love to bits.

And I’m amazed to find that the soft, slouchy pant has become a favorite style over the past few months. And I don’t just mean pleated and pegged or low-slung boyfriend or drop-crotch, I mean just about all relaxed pant silhouettes from Grechen’s arty casual pair to Une Femme’s office-friendly dressy pair. No matter your age, size, shape, or style, there just might be a slouchy pair out there that will make your heart go pitter-pat. Maybe one of these?


Eileen Fisher Slouchy Ankle Pant – $138

This is the pair you see above in the first and third photos. And yes, that’s a lot of money for a pair of pants. And yes, I think they were totally worth it. Besides being well-made and ridiculously comfortable, this pair has a relaxed elegance that many slouchers lack. These are a mid-weight jersey so likely won’t be warm enough for MN winter wear, but I’m wearing the heck out of them now! Also in petite and plus sizes. If the price is just too rich, these are similar and less costly.

asos slouchy plus size pant

ASOS CURVE Pant With Elastic Cuff – $53.32

Most of the slouchy pairs I found were black, so I was delighted to find this navy pair in the ASOS Curve line. The elastic cuff may seem casual, but paired with a blouse and heels as they are here, I think these could work for more creative and casual offices. Available in sizes 14- 24. Also in peacock blue.


LOFT Fluid Ankle Pant – $69.50

These look a bit odd with the heather gray tee, but would be so sharp with a black tee and blazer, or a crisp white button-front. These are ankle length but lack the elastic cuff that many slouchy pants feature, which means they will work for the office and for weekend. Available in sizes 00 – 14. Also in petite 4 -18 and a handful of tall sizes. These guys must be selling fast.

slouchy olive pants

Tinley Road Amelia Leather Trim Pant – $79

The leather is faux if you’re wondering, and if you’re not a fan of that detail an untucked sweater or blouse would cover it right up. This style has the slouchy shape but a slightly wider, less tapered leg for a looser overall fit. Available in XS – XL. Also comes in black with black trim.


Land’s End Woven Track Pants – $89

They’re dressed down here, but that black and white geometric print could quite easily dress up. Imagine these with a red blouse and black patent pumps or flats. Sassy and fun. Available in sizes 16W – 24W. Also in regular and petite sizes. Don’t dig the print? These are also in regular, petite, and plus sizes in a rich navy blue.


J.Crew Turner Pant – $73.50

That zipper detail is killing me. If these weren’t low rise, I’d be all over them. And I adore how they’re styled here with a kicky leopard pump and graphic tee. Badass perfection. Available in this red as well as purple, blue, black, and navy in sizes 00 -16, including some petite sizes. If you aren’t a fan of the zippers, J.Crew also offers this pant in four office-friendly colors.

I know this style doesn’t appeal to everyone! I will say, though, that it may just take some getting used to; Once your eye has adjusted to the slouchy silhouette, you may warm to the shape and style. But for now, what are your thoughts? Big fan? Curious but cautious? Never in a million? Let us know in the comments!

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19 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Ruth Slavid

    Not for me. I would FEEL good in all these trousers. Anything a bit loose and a bit easy going makes me feel slimmer, relaxed, good about myself. But I have to avoid the mirror. With what I believe are technically called ‘thunder thighs’ plus short legs, I look huge. I look much better in trousers which are pretty tight on my legs (obviously not real skinnies because I would never get my legs INTO them). Yep, I look good in those trousers which feel tight, constricting, make me FEEL fat.

  2. Not quite anonymous

    Out of curiosity, how do you see slouchy pants working with various figure-flattery priorities? For example, I try to minimize my hips, and I’m having trouble imagining slouchy pants helping with that.

    • Sally McGraw

      Great question! I’m thinking I should tackle a “styling slouchy pants” post sometime soon. So, most slouchy pairs are also pleated and tapered, which will generally emphasize hips instead of minimizing them. Although it won’t hit the priority on the head, making sure to wear something fitted or structured up top will create balance and give an accurate impression of your figure’s shape. And, of course, darker pairs will go toward minimization, as will pairs that are more drapey than stiff. In most cases anyway – stiff pleats stand out from the pelvis, while drapey pleats will sit flatter. The Eileen Fisher pants are a great example. Hope that helps a bit!

  3. Erika

    I have been loving slouchy pants too!! But I have a question: they seem so great for spring, summer & fall because of all the shoe options. Come winter, I start to wear all boots, all the time. Can you only pair them with ankle boots? The slouchy look puffing up over tall boots seems a little weird, but maybe there is a way to style them??

    • Sally McGraw

      Another great question! And actually, it’s one I’m wondering about myself. I don’t think tucking slouchy pants into tall boots would work – would probably look a little pirate-y. But doing a high ankle boot (something that hits above the ankle bone) and letting the pant hem fall over the boot could work. Angie just posted about this recently:

      I agree, though, that if letting some ankle peek out is your preference, this is a fall/spring/summer style. I can’t imagine exposing any ankle during a MN winter!

  4. Susan Daniel

    I’m wearing my Eileen Fisher jersey slouchy pants today. I’m wearing them with a EF silk shell and a Cotton black and white cardigan. I’m wearing these pants with flats, but had wondered about the boot issue also. Living in a warm climate, I’ll be able to wear these pants through some of the winter. By the way, I noted on the Eileen Fisher website that they seem to have changed the style of the jersey slouchy pants a bit. The pleats are either different or not there now.

  5. Kate K

    Kim France over at Girls of a Certain Age posted about pull-on pants today as well. Clearly great minds think alike!

    I’m not going to say that I’ll never wear these (because I also said I’d never wear leggings, skinny jeans, printed pants, or ankle boots and those are all closet staples now!) and you certainly make a good argument, but as someone who has considerable hips and a belly, I just don’t know how this will work for me. I’m also having an unfortunate flashback to when I wore those jersey, fold-over waist gaucho pants back in 2005. Those were such a mistake.

    • Ashley // Dramatis Personae

      “but as someone who has considerable hips and a belly, I just don’t know how this will work for me.”

      Agreed, Kate! I’m actually growing on the look, as I feel like they could marry comfort + style for my day job in a nice way. But at the same time, I’m really not sure how the draping would look around my less than smooth lower waist. Sure, those pleats & draping may HIDE the lumps better than a pair of straight slacks, but they may also add unwanted volume…

      Maybe a trip to the mall is in order?

  6. GoldfishObituary

    Thank you so much for writing about the Eileen Fisher pants. I was thinking of buying them but was torn given the price. If they’re worth it, I’m so on it.

  7. Liz

    Not a look for me, either, although they’re obviously comfortable pants to wear. Straight-leg or stovepipe trousers, preferably with a side zipper, maybe a wide set-in band, and rise from just below the navel or up to the waist look best on me, as does a slight boot-cut to balance my hips.
    That’s the interesting thing about pants–it can be a dickens to find what suits you, but once you find it you’ll wear it to death.
    I like the slouchy-pants look on other people, just can never get it styled to my satisfaction on me.

  8. Grace McNamee Decker

    This is one of those trends that I think looks kind of crazy on everybody But everybody’s different! Hey, I think maxi-dresses look weird,too! 🙂

  9. Maggie Thurmond

    If you like the look of the zippers, but want a higher waist, I recommend the Aspire Ankle pants from Athleta. I practically live in mine!

  10. Hailz

    I love slouchy pants, especially printed ones. My problem however is that they are generally only good for one wear/wash, and then they shrink and become ‘ankle bashers!’ 🙁

  11. Carol Norris

    Being older than you and your usual readers, these remind me of the track pants I wore back in junior high. I’m afraid I couldn’t get past that previous association to be able to wear them in public now but it might be something to wear around the house or to the gym (though obviously not the high priced ones). I guess it is true that fashion recycles over and over.

  12. Rachel

    I’ve been trying to look at them with an open eye, and I like the fluid slouch in the pants part, but as soon as I hit the leg band they just read track pants. All these looks come across as ultra casual to me, except the grey pants at the top, which don’t have that band. I do see them on lots of people walking around, and they often look good, but they never look dressy to me.