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leopard chuck taylors

… stylish sneakers. Late to the party again, right? Still not loving the wedge sneakers from last season and don’t quite get some of the Adidas-dress pairings I’ve seen in streetstyle photos, but I’ve definitely come around to the look of a sleek, classic, clearly-not-meant-for-actual-gym activity sneaker. Naturally, my leopard Chucks are the current fave. But here are some other pairs that I’ve been ogling.


Keen Maderas Lace – $41.99

These have been on my wishlist all summer, and I will probably bite the bullet soon since they’re on sale. I haven’t bought Keens in nearly a decade, but still have my super-comfy green high-tops in storage. The white sole makes these seem a bit seasonal, but they could certainly work in spring and possibly fall, too. And seriously, love that gray. Rare in fashion sneaks for some reason.


Keds Champion Dot – $50

Interesting. Keds got trendy while I was in high school and I remember lusting after a pair and being amazed by how expensive they were. And although I was totally willing to shell out $50 for my Palladiums, it seems like a lot for these guys. But, um, polka dots. Equally fab with jeans or sundresses. And if you don’t dig the mustard yellow, they also come in black, bright green, brown, navy, burgundy, and sky blue. If the slim/pointed traditional Ked doesn’t send you, try the chunkier Rally style.


PF Flyers Bob Cousy – $43.99

Like Converse, this brand has a bit of a cult following and gets rave reviews from die-hard fans. Some styles look a bit platform-y for my taste, but this pair just looks cute, casual, and fun. Navy and cream with red accents make these a natural for preppy pairings.


Palladium Flex Lace – $34.99

You got a peek at these in action on Saturday, and I’ve worn them with everything from dresses to jeans to shorts. I was originally thinking red Chucks, but something about the washed red canvas and like-colored laces on these just called to me. And as I mentioned over the weekend, they’re actually comfier than Converse. Not much arch support, but a bit more cushioning. Also available here in more colors at full price ($50).


Camper Peu Cami – $170

Spendy, yes, but unlike their friends above these are leather. The Peu is a classic Camper style, with the slanted, stretchy, knotted laces. A great option for arty, funky outfits. If all black isn’t your style, these come in brown/red laces, gray/olive laces, lavender/taupe laces, and gray/navy laces.


Onitsuka Tiger by Asics – $60

Classic, right? But done in the year’s color, Radiant Orchid. These will have more arch support than most of the other styles shown here, but still might need inserts for fussy feet. Also in 105 other color options. Seriously.


Superga 2750 Cot Snake – $75

Another cult fave, and similar to the PF Flyers, but Superga does fabulous prints and patterns. Still canvas, still vegan-friendly, and in an eye-catching snake print. In my opinion, these are a bit chunky for pairing with dresses, but maybe a denim mini and graphic tee. And definitely great with jeans.

Do you do fashion sneakers/trainers? How do you style yours? Any other brands or styles to recommend?

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10 Responses to “This Week I Love …”

  1. Diane Stenglein

    I am IN LOVE with my Supergas. So comfortable. I bought a basic kelly green and have been treating it like a neutral. Cute with a skirt, or capris and a top. I haven’t tried them with any dresses, but that’s because I really don’t wear dresses. They are adorable with my favorite black and white chevron print maxi skirt!

  2. Lisa

    I love my stylish sneaks. Supergas and Air Maxes, can’t be beat! I find Converse uncomfortable, for some reason, but YMMV. We see Supergas everywhere in SF.

  3. Monica H

    The ones I bought this year are Josef Siebel Caspian. They are also a bit spendy (full retail is $130ish) but leather, and with excellent support for my somewhat fussy feet. I bought them in red, but they come in about 7 colors. And they are small and low enough that they don’t look clunky with skinnies or cropped pants.

  4. Andrea Pound

    Oh, I am definitely a “sneaker head” — I’ve had the high-top version of the Palladium sneaks in pink wish-listed on Amazon for a while now! I used to wear Keds a lot but Vans have replaced them in my heart — better cushioning, still plenty of great colors and prints (including polka dots!) and often the price is slightly better.

    My most favorite sneaker is the Saucony Jazz — both the Original and Low Pro (and vegan and non-vegan). It’s clunkier and more running shoe-like than the ones you’ve highlighted, but darn if they don’t make my size 11 feet look cute somehow. Great color combos too, and most come with two sets of laces.

  5. colormehappy

    I ordered a pair of the Converse X Missonis after reading your Lovely Links!

  6. Amy Blankenship

    Diesel has some great sneakers. I waited forever for these to go on sale They haven’t gotten much wear this summer because I’ve basically lived in sandals, but I have worn them with black or martoon jeans and a grey tee or with a red plaid mini and a black long-sleeved top with red socks. My NorCal fashionista friend thought she stifled the laugh at the latter outfit, but since I was wearing it ironically I was ok with that.

  7. mmelaprof

    I love my Supergas with skirts and dresses. Despite the chunky sole, they have a lower vamp than the Converses and other canvas sneaker styles, so they don’t cut off the ankles
    quite so much.

  8. Rachel

    That does seem really pricey for Keds – I bought mine for $20 (Canadian, even) at a fairly high-end non-discount sneaker store, not on sale. If anyone is looking at those, hunt around a bit!