West Coast Style

AP August 1

Scarf – Clothing swap – similar

Tunic – Athleta – similar

Jeans – Gap – similar

Sandals  – Italmoda – similar

Now that I’m a costal gal, I can definitely feel the ocean’s influence on my style. The rumours about northern California’s cool Pacific breezes are a true story. It’s a bit too nippy for sundresses, shorts and the other staples of my traditional summer wardrobe, so lightweight tunics are a nice option in this climate – warm, but not too bulky. Meanwhile, the cuffed jeans paired with sandals help me feel like I’m not missing summer altogether.


I’m also feeling the ocean-esque colours. There’s been a lot of aqua happening since we arrived in the Bay Area. This scarf kind of reminds me of the beach, with its bands of turquoise, beige and green.

AP August 3

This may not be the warmest summer of my life, but there sure is a lot of sunshine. San Fran’s bay area has a reputation for fog, but every morning the grey blows away and we’re left with bright, blue skies for the rest of the day.

When I saw this last picture I had to laugh. I am clearly having a Sally-moment here!


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6 Responses to “West Coast Style”

  1. Jessy

    As someone who grew up in a climate where there were only a few sundress-worthy days per summer, and who now lives somewhere with such long, hot, humid summer that she cannot help longing for the seasons of layering at times, may I offer you a little not-quite-solicited but prompted-by-your-tone-of-longing advice? You can still wear those sundresses: over a t-shirt or thin blouse, with leggings or a longer skirt underneath, or with an open shirt, short-sleeved jacket, or light cardigan over the top. Shorts can work with long-sleeved tops, even with a sweater; they can be paired with closed shoes, or even boots, if bare legs and bare toes at once are too chilly. Now I’m feeling jealous, sitting here in my sundress and way too hot ;).

  2. Allison

    Welcome to the bay area! You look awesome. As far as our cool summers go, just wait for September and October.

  3. Lynne

    Love the color and pattern of your tunic! As for summer, wait till September ;P Warmest part of the year in Berkeley, at least when I was growing up. Either that, or hop over the East Bay hills out to the Lamorinda area – it’s always at least 10-20F warmer there than closer to the bay!