What Gracey Wears

For my very first Already Pretty outfit post, I thought I’d post something that really demonstrates my personal style:

navy floral dress, shrunken blazer, teal belt & jewelry close up

navy floral dress, shrunken blazer, teal belt, teal tights & Born boots

This outfit is very, very me.  I guess I’d even go so far as to call it my uniform in that it’s what I wear when I don’t want to have to think too hard about what to wear.

Now, let’s break it down, shall we?  First, the dress.  The fact of the matter is that I wear a lot of dresses (no, seriously, A LOT) and most of those dresses are floral.  This fall and winter, most of those florals have been dark floral.  And they’ve all been thrifted; this dress (vintage, via Goodwill, similar here) is no exception.

I also wear a lot of tights and boots as they’ve proven best for winter bike riding here in rainy Oregon.  These tights are Hue which are my go-to for colored tights (find similar here).  And the boots?  Well, if you’ve ever seen my blog, you’ve probably seen me in these Born Crown boots; they’re my favorite (similar here).

As for the blazer (vintage, via Goodwill, similar here), when I first started blogging, I wore more cardigans than blazers, but have since started moonlighting on Team Blazer.  But only when Team Cardigan doesn’t need me.

What about you?  Do you have a “uniform?”


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17 Responses to “What Gracey Wears”

  1. Jackie

    Team Cardigan here! My winter work uniform is definitely tights, boots, cardigan, dress. Love your dark floral!

  2. Grace

    Hey, I think we’re about the same size–do Hue tights fit you? I am desperate for long enough tights!

    • Gracey at Fashion for Giants

      Hi Grace –

      I am a size 14 (six foot tall) and Hue tights work perfectly. As long as you buy the actual sized tights and not the M/L tights. Those will do in a pinch, but they’re not great. The others are definitely long enough!

  3. Shaye

    Do tights keep you warm enough? Do you bike to work in your dress? How do you keep from sweating through your work clothes?! Inquiring Oregonian minds whose car just broke down want to know. 🙂

    • Gracey at Fashion for Giants

      Hi Shaye!

      Tights do usually keep me warm enough, unless we have the below-freezing weather we’ve had here lately. When it’s that cold, I do double tights or leggings. I’ve also heard from a couple of people that CuddleDuds (Target and Kohl’s both carry them) are great for layering. Chicago blogger, Anne (http://annereallyblogs.blogspot.com/) recommends wearing them over tights for the commute and just taking them off at work.

      And yes, I do bike to work in my dress. Luckily, I have a very short commute (about 12 minutes) so I don’t have to worry very much about sweating through my work clothes. But, I also modulate my outerwear, wearing a lighter coat that I would if walking, or just a blazer and gloves, but no coat. You learn to adjust.

    • Heather

      Sock Dreams (at sockdreams.com) is a Portland, OR based outlet of tights and has many leggings and cold weather tights options. I am 5’4″ and a 16 and they have a lot of options for people our size! (I love E.G. Smith Leg Therapy Solids, for instance.) I’ve also been driven by Sock Dreams to purchase Betsy Johnson Cashmere tights, which keep me warmer than pants and still haven’t snagged after 2 years.

      During the coldest/rainiest times, I put solid colored running tights or, more fashionably, Smart Wool tights under dresses. It is totally doable. Just another Northwesterner who loves to wear dresses.

  4. Cas

    Very cute unifiorm though 🙂 I love the blue tights.

    I do have a work uniform which has evolved but mostly consists of slacks and fun top with cardigan or blazer. My work environment is very laid back but also conservative.

  5. Lisa Walter

    Hi Gracey,

    I like having a “uniform” so to speak. Its nice to have fallback outfits. I wear a lot of dresses too. Love your boots!

  6. Serene

    Gracey! This look is absolutely your signature…and for good reason! It looks great on you and it shows that you feel like “yourself”, you know what I mean? My “uniform” is probably black and white….that always feels like home! Hugs and congrats on being see all over the web girly!! 🙂 Serene

  7. Nadine

    I have two “go to” uniforms. A knee length dress and heels when I’m doing professional stuff; long hoodie, leggings and boots when I’m doing parent stuff.

    And your go to outfit is fab, but I had a hard time moving past your gorgeous face. Holy cats, woman! You have one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.

  8. Linda L

    Great look for you! I love color and pattern as well. My non work uniform is jeans, long or short sleeved tee, blazer, boots and scarf. For work, I fall back a lot on a pencil skirt, blouse, belted cardian, pumps – always colorful and often patterened.

  9. Helen

    A cute, wearable look with a nice balance of flavors. This will make me look twice at all those floral dresses at the thrift store. I can wear them with my favorite vintage-y boots! Of course!

  10. STL Mom

    I love your “uniform”. I used to be all about the cardigan, but in the last year I have found several well-fitting blazers and I have been wearing them nonstop. When I tried on one, a navy blazer with red and white trim, I thought, “Is this great, or do I look like Julie McCoy on The Love Boat?” And then I decided that looking like the cruise director of the Love Boat IS great, so I bought it. So my new uniform is “cruise director on the top, jeans and boots on the bottom”.