What Will You Wear?


A pair of platform heels can make you feel like an Amazon. A slouchy sweater can make you feel comforted. A formal gown can make you feel like a princess. Black leather combat boots can make you feel like a badass. A tailored blazer can make you feel like a grown-up. Running shorts can make you feel like an Olympian. A pair of leggings can make you feel completely at ease. An heirloom locket can make you feel connected to your ancestors. A lacy bra can make you feel like a minx. A classic trenchcoat can make you feel like a starlet. Your favorite t-shirt can make you feel unique and present and happy to be alive.

Clothes may have been invented to cover your sexy bits and keep you from catching pneumonia, but they exist in variety to help you express and explore yourself.

How do you want to feel today?
What are you going to wear?

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Originally posted 2010-08-19 05:33:00.

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32 Responses to “What Will You Wear?”

  1. Ella Mode

    I'm torn between going for some wearable, real-life rockstar or just looking a bit pinup in a pencil skirt. Go thighs!

    I'm inspired by new shoes, and of course, my thighs.

  2. Anonymous

    I like to pick out outfits days in advance sometimes. It makes me feel better, like I accomplished something small, even on days when I'm feeling down about my situation (unemployed, no money, back living with parents, dealing various with mental health issues). Today I was going to go monochrome – mid-grey knee-length skirt, light grey tee, black boots, belt and cardigan. Simple and classic, you know?

    Then yesterday I found out that my stepfather, who has been in hospital with a serious infection, will probably need to have further surgery. We don't know for certain yet, but it seems likely that he'll lose one of his legs below the knee. Today is his birthday, and he has to face it stuck in hospital, with the threat of a major, life-altering procedure hanging over him.

    Of course we're going to visit him later, and try to be positive despite the dread we all feel. Last night I looked at my outfit hanging off the front of my wardrobe, and it ddn't give off the 'nerdy secretary' vibe I was going for anymore. It looked like funeral garb, a grey outfit for the grey feeling inside of me.

    Today I am wearing:
    Blue t-shirt from threadless
    Hot pink tulip skirt
    Purple hooded cardigan
    Blue tights
    Blue silk scarf around my waist
    Pink sequined alice band
    Purple kitten-heel pumps with sugar skulls printed on them.

    I wasn't planning on wearing bright colours today. But these clothes make me feel a little bit more brave and a little bit more positive, and damn it, that's what I need right about now. Who knows, maybe I'll even manage to raise a smile at the hospital…

  3. birdmommy

    I find that my underthings totally set my tone for the day. Some of that is purely 'mechanical' (my bodyshaper forces me to be aware of my posture, and some of my bras simply won't stay put if I try and 'fold myself in' to hide my chest, so I have to be mindful of keeping my chest open). But a lot of it is psychological – no matter what my outside clothes are, if I put on my Hello Kitty undies I have a different mindset to the day then I do if I am wearing my embroidered pastel lace ones.

    Sorry for the long comment!

  4. Farrielle Design and Fashionista

    After I clean my house, I am wearing white pants, sandals and either an olive top or grey sparkley top.

  5. M

    I'm wearing a classic black wool pantsuit, black pumps, and pale lavender button-down for an interview this morning … and bright striped underwear underneath so I still feel like me!

  6. Georgina


    When I buy a new piece of clothing I consider how it will make me feel as much as how it will make me look. I always dress to suit my mood or to help me reach the mood that I want/need to be in.

    I have ME/CFS so have to spend more time in pajamas than I'd like. I have five different dressing gowns, including a fabulous black velvet 'smoking jacket' that I can throw over my pjs if I need a quick injection of glamour (& comfort) in my day! I may be semi-housebound but that doesn't mean that I don't want to feel happy & confident in my clothes.

  7. bubu

    Absolutely! There's also for me the pantsuit with heels that makes me walk like a powerplayer (good for days with big meetings when i'm feeling a bit intimidated)… and the summery dress to feel girly and young, or just summery… and sometimes, if it's a home day and I'm going to be Mom all day, throwing on a leather bracelet or something a bit kickassy helps me not feel consumed by the "Mommy" role! I've always sensed it somewhere subconsciously, but your blog has really helped me consciously realize how much clothing choices can affect mood and outlook – especially looking forward to your inspiration in the long dark days of winter.

  8. Cynthia

    I have to work on a grant proposal today, the storm last night fried my AirPort so I have no home wireless, and I left the house wearing a Shawna Hoffman dress that looks a little wild west. For full effect it should probably be rocked with high shiny boots, a crazy harness belt and maybe a little top hat, but I can wear those things with it in my mind. It's a little badass for work but so what.

  9. Sabine42

    I often use clothes as a mood-setter or "armor," depending on need. Early this week I had a long lunch meeting with the "Rita Skeeter" of our local press. I was channeling Joan from Mad Men in a pencil skirt, sweater and retro-style heels, hair up and all. Feels powerful and professional, and feeling put together helped the meeting go very well!

  10. Jodi

    hmmm sometimes I get up and check my fav blogs for ideas while I eat my breakfast. Other days I have something picked out already. Sometimes I even get organized enough on the weekends to pick a whole weeks worth of outfits in advance. Today I have swimming and a bike workout, a Chiropractic appointment and several work meetings so am going to pick something practical, easy to move around in, wrinkle-free and weather appropriate. Now if I think about it maybe I will just wear workout clothes all day! wouldnt that be nice!!

  11. Little Miss Plump

    Well, I'm trying to look more grow up at work (I have a very 'youthful' look and my clothes don't usually help) and dress my age more (35) so today I'm wearing a silk blouse and silk skirt, with a cardigan and a statement necklace. It may not sound grown up, but I think it looks it, and I feel it too!

  12. cvb

    Light-colored cotton and as much exposed skin as you can possibly get away with at the office can make you feel like you're not going to die of heat stroke in the next two minutes. I think that's going to be my day.

  13. La Historiadora de Moda

    My new co-blogger (who I hope you will welcome, Sal!) just asked do you dress differently if you know that you will be photographed. I think that adds an extra dimension to the layers of sartorial choices many of us are making on a daily and context-driven basis.

    To anonymous: I'm very sorry about your stepfather's infection. I wish him a full and swift recovery!

  14. La Historiadora de Moda

    Crap, I accidentally deleted the last part of my comment. I'm dressed today for my first department meeting. I want to look polished and profesh, but not so stylish that it seems like that might be all I care about.

  15. Future Lint

    Apparently I want to be an old-timey tranny sailor? I'm wearing a French sailor shirt, wide leg jeans, and gold glitter flats…

  16. Sheila

    I dress for how I want to feel! If I'm feeling a bit blue (happening more and more as I get to the deadline of my job termination), I'll wear bright colour, or clothes that make me feel confident.

    Today, I want to feel professional and in control, so kitten heels, a pencil skirt and a funky blouse. And a blazer, 'cause brrrrr…it's cold out!

  17. tinyjunco

    anon at 7:02 – i've found that 'faking it til you make it' really can help with mental health. being clean and well-put together helps send your brain the message that you're feeling healthy and happy. keep at it!!

    i've been in the hospital and housebound for long periods (usually over x-mas)- seeing your family looking cheerful and fun and happy is so nice! you get so isolated and sensory-deprived staring at the same four walls (or 'tasteful' privacy curtains). your stepdad will be tickled to see you looking so spunky, and it'll help him remember why he's putting in all of this energy to get better. losing a limb is awful. but i've known several people who have lived great lives afterwards, so it doesn't have to be the end of everything.

    hang in there and take care! steph

  18. Diana

    I'm actually loving my outfit today, even though much of it was borne of necessity (still so hot out, plus I have to walk several miles today) and desperation (everything in laundry basket). Despite all this, the outfit I'm wearing feels very happy and summery today.
    So, today I am wearing:
    -brown and orange patterned chiffon skirt (which is actually a top, but is unflattering in its original form)
    -brown cami from BR (the good kind from years ago)
    -sheer coral-colored blouse, unbuttoned
    -purple Naot Ashley sandals (due to the aforementioned need to walk miles)
    -brown structured handbag

  19. Syed

    Too true. I think clothing will always be explicitly tied to emotion and feeling, it is why we buy the clothes we do, and why we wear those favourite things again and again.

  20. Katie K

    I knew what I wanted to wear when I woke up this morning; I had planned it out before I went to sleep. I wanted to wear my navy blue dress with my brown wooden wedges and brown wooden jewelry with blue accents. I wanted to be comfortable but still put together. And then I couldn't find the dang dress in my overstuffed, ridiculously messy closet! So I put on pants and a cardigan and I felt miserable. And thus I had to return to the closet and hunt around some more until I found it (and was late to work.) Lesson learned: clean out the closet and reorganize the closet—->be happy and well dressed and on time to work!

  21. SarahN

    I'm wearing my fitted wool BR sheath with a sheer louche blouse underneath. With my glasses and platform pumps, I'm feeling "sexy secretary" today. (See avatar.)

  22. Megan Mae

    Today I felt a little Rock'n'Roll.. somehow a black blazer with sleeves rolled paired with jeans makes me feel like that. I used to be really into the way the Strokes dressed: Distressed tees with blazers, jeans and a pair of chucks.

    I dress everyday with a small story behind it. Sometimes it's something I keep in my head, sometimes it's a story I tell on my blog. Regular clothing is just another way of playing dress up for me.

  23. Anonymous

    So true! I totally dress for how I want to feel.

    I'm waiting for my bar results so I'm trying to have a little fun with my wardrobe before I have to wear suits everyday. Today I was going for a little bit sexy but still professional so I wore a black dress with white polka dots that's very 50's style and 4 inch white pumps. I feel fabulous.

  24. K.Line

    I love how you put this because everyday, I dress "in character", according to who I want to be. Today I am a chic urban lady – ready for work or play!

  25. Lauren N

    I always notice that when I dress down among those who are more dressed up it really effects my mood. any tips?

  26. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    So true, Sal. I sometimes have to swap outfits from what I planned to wear because it just doesn't suit my mood.

  27. Sewing Pixie

    I wore a gray and white stripe V-neck from ON, a pair of cozy jeans, my purple flowered chucks and a gray, hooded 3/4 sleeve sweater. The sweater was decorated at the pocket with just a few of my "punk Pins" (buttons) and one brooch I made myself with an embroidered face on it. I felt cozy, not as vivid as usual, but still nice.

  28. Generation Kvetch

    Well by now the day is done. Sometimes it's not so much what will I wear, but a decision as to what color will satisfy me. Whether I have shaved my legs also enters into the equation. As does the weather.

    I don't have a pic for today's outfit. It was hot again after a few days of cooler weather. School started, which means it's moving toward fall even if it's 95 degrees. So I chose something summery with a lot of white, with a "wear it while you can" mentality.

    I chose a poofy cotton skirt, coral, fuchsia on a white background, fuchsia tank, white cardi.n It was a good mom look for the first day of school, and comfy.

  29. Angeline

    I was feeling pretty blah and started out with a stretchy loose skirt and v-neck cable-knit short-sleeve sweater (that's a mouthful). And then I took the blah outfit off and put on my favorite shirt, a killer pencil skirt, a bright green blazer, and nice heels. Made me feel better instantly.

  30. TrudyD

    Jeans,a cami and a cardi…I was told that I look womanly… and I choose to take that as a compliment.

  31. AbraCat

    I work at home, plus errands and taking the kids to school/picking them up. I'm planning to wear a black knit sleeveless dress that I would term "comfortably sexy," with a long beaded necklace wound around my neck as a choker and probably a lucite bangle bracelet, plus red sandals.

    What birdmommy said about undergarments makes me think about a woman I saw a few weeks ago. She was wearing a wrap dress, and from the front looked terrific, but from behind you could see she was wearing a thong that cut her horizontally across the rear end and made her all lumpy. I so badly wanted to go whisper in her ear about the benefits of appropriate underwear, but my husband wouldn't let me. I just felt so badly that she looked so good and probably felt good about herself, but she had no idea of her back-view. Can you see that I'm still obsessing about this? Sorry to start blathering, but Sally, have you written about appropriate undergarments before?

  32. Lady

    i clearly am a day late on this one, but wanted to jump in.

    Usually, how i feel is a product of what I wear is a product of how I feel (?). It's circular most of the time. I'm often not sure how I feel until I pick something to wear.

    Today I'm wearing a colorful knit kimono style top. The colors are shades of blue, green, white, brown, and black. i paired them with brown cuffed capris. primarily i picked this bc it was clean, 😉 . BUT the necklace I chose (long, bright silver chains, gree, and blue glass beads) Indicate that I want to feel festive. I paired it all with a perfume that smells like 'fun' to me.