What’s it All About?

How this blog works

  1. This blog is about the intersection of body image and style. Some posts will lean more in one direction than the other, but I am primarily interested in showing where the two overlap. Some aspects of personal style aren’t 100% harmonious with the quest to cultivate positive body image, and vice versa. But I think that’s just fine. It’s not my intention to be eternally consistent or singularly focused. It’s my intention to explore two topics that have some fascinating and beneficial common ground.
  2. I do my utmost to be all-inclusive, all-encompassing, and all-loving because I want everyone who reads this blog to feel welcome and respected and important and gorgeous and worthy. If I write a post and omit your body shape, your height, your weight, your age, your preferences, it is not an intentional, malicious, or judgmental exclusion. I am human. I do my best to consider all the angles, but I can’t always see them.
  3. When I post about loving yourself, I’m asking you to aspire as I aspire. I don’t expect you to pull it off every single day because I know it’s hard and personal and fluctuating and a lifelong battle. I can’t pull it off every single day either.
  4. I get daily requests for figure flattery advice posts, and I enjoy writing them, and I will continue to post them here. Not a single one of them should be considered gospel, and I fully expect you to read them with a grain of salt. Style “rules” are merely guidelines no matter who is dispensing them. I trust you to use your judgment. And I trust you to take what applies to you, discard the rest, and assume positive intent.

What this blog is about

I started this blog because I used to utilize so much energy hating my body that I exhausted myself into depression. For years I tried to change my body with diets and exercise, believing that its shape and size were the root of the problem, but I just kept on hating it. When I began exploring fashion and style – dressing in fun, flattering, and form-fitting clothes – an unexplored universe opened up to me. For the first time, I respected my body. I realized that there was nothing wrong with my body. I saw my body as integral to my identity. I wanted to show it off, and decorate it joyously, and hone my personal style so that I could understand it on new levels. THAT is how this all began. That connection between looking good and feeling good, as it relates to style, is what inspired me to launch Already Pretty. Because when I started to dress in a way that made me look amazing and feel amazing, I finally stopped actively, continually, exhaustingly hating my body. And I immediately wanted to show other women how to make that connection so they could stop hating theirs.

I love debating social norms and influence, feminism and the media, all of which are relevant and contributing topics. I will always be interested in the psychology of shopping, organizational techniques, and fluctuating trends. But most of what I want to and will write about is how style impacts body image and how dressing well expresses self-respect and self-understanding. I want all women to utilize any available means to accept and adore their bodies. I want all women to contribute to a more diverse definition of beauty. And I will touch on those general goals frequently and with tremendous passion. But my primary mission is to show that body knowledge gained through explorations of personal style can foster self-love and self-respect.

Nearly a decade of blogging has taught me a lot and changed my views on many topics. I no longer believe that there are fashion faux pas or “wrong” ways to dress. I no longer believe that every woman longs to create a tall, thin, balanced figure. I no longer believe that any clothing-related choice is entirely autonomous. I no longer believe that any piece of clothing is universally flattering. But I still believe that stylish dressing can both empower and transform.

I want you all to believe me when I tell you how gorgeous you are. I want you to see how unique and sensual and graceful and elegant and funky and radiant you have always been. I can help you explore that through personal style, figure flattery choices, and expressive dressing.

That, my friends, is what this blog is here for.

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51 Responses to “What’s it All About?”

  1. Anonymous

    You spread kindness and tolerance, and for that alone, we all must thank you. 🙂

  2. Jingle Bella

    Well said. And thanks, Sal – your blog is a pleasure to read, a great place to debate, and a positive place to be.

  3. lopi

    Beautifully said. You're a really good writer, you know that?

  4. Kate @ Tres Lola

    Sal, I know I don't comment as regularly as I used to but I still read every post via my google reader. You are a consntant beacon of positivity and I think you are really good at keeping your posts all-inclusive. What I love most about your outfit posts is your smile, you don't try and pretend that you've skipped off the page of a fashion magazine – you are genuine and happy and it truly shows – thanks for writing. I appreciate it.

  5. ~Nourish~

    I'm glad you're here! I just stumbled across your blog this last week, and am looking forward to perusing the archives. Loving it so far, so timely and inspirational for me. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    I really enjoy your blog and the positive response to all types of styles and bodies. I am 24 and for religious reasons I am required to keep my arms and legs covered as well avoiding open necklines. It's challenging for me because I like fashion and would love to be able to combine my personal style constraints with modern fashion. Do you think it is possible? Could you consider doing a blog post about this please.

  7. eek

    Sal, your blog is awesome! I love reading every day (even if I don't always comment). Thank you thank you thank you!

    P.S. It doesn't hurt that you are a great writer, have such an open mind and wear the most fabulous clothes too (Love the necklace in this photo!)

  8. La Historiadora de Moda

    I'm so glad that you do what you do, Sal. You have created an amazing forum for dialogue, debate, and for positivity. I love your blog, and I can't wait to meet the woman behind it in person!

  9. Kris, Colie, & Ronan

    Keep writing lady… your posts are fun to read and truly make me feel more positive about myself and my own image!

  10. Sue

    Sal, your blog is wonderful and certainly helps to makes women feel good about themselves and/or work toward feeling good about themselves, regardless of size or shape. Keep up the great work!

  11. Alecia

    well written post-enjoy reading your blog for your positive outlook as well as your fashion sense.

  12. Karen

    I have only recently begun reading your blog, and this post moves me to comment. As someone who is struggling deeply with body issues and self loathing, I appreciate your philosophy in developing self worth. Thank you for sharing.

  13. fashionflirt


    Yours was the first fashion blog I started reading, and the reason why I started mine.

    Know that you are an inspiration to me in so many ways. I appreciate every word you put in this blog.

  14. Future Lint

    I am so happy you and your blog exist, beautiful Sal.

  15. Sheila

    Hear hear! I love your blog, Sal! Thanks for reminding me why (as if I needed it!).

  16. Missy K

    I just found you about a week ago and have shared you as a "must read" with my sister, mainly because of your joyous tone. Thank you!

  17. Steph

    Sal, thank you so much for wonderful blog. I may not agree with your every opinion (although mostly I do), but the range of topics you discuss and the way you discuss them are always thought-provoking and well-reasoned. You definitely have a perspective on body image, style, and fashion that is (unfortunately) all-too-uncommon. And everyone who reads your blog comes away with something valuable. I know I do, every day. Plus, all the pretty pretty pictures and interesting outfit ideas!
    Please keep up the good work–it's so appreciated! You help so many people on a daily basis.

  18. LPC

    Go Sal. And thank you for reiterating what you're doing in such a clear voice.

  19. Jesspgh

    I am so grateful for this blog and its devotion to positivity. We need more spaces for dialogue and more platforms where women can discuss their bodies without falling into acceptable social patterns of self-critique and self-dislike.

    The more people working to undo that learned, somehow-acceptable form of female bonding, the better!

  20. Vanda

    Thank you for your blog. As someone who spent years body-loathing, your writing and the comments from readers have helped change my attitude. You have become the little voice in my ear (Sal on my shoulder) telling me not to be harsh with myself and to treat myself as I would a friend. Thank you for all the hard work that goes in to this. It is greatly appreciated.

  21. Anne

    And THAT is why I keep coming back every single day.

    You are awesome Sal!

  22. Julie at MDMA

    I have been lurking forever but I'm delurking now to say that you absolutely ROCK. Thank you so much …

  23. Liz

    Thank you for providing such a clear and well-written, thoughtful mission statement.

    I'd like to ask you something though, as someone going through the early stages of learning to accept my body: when you say and think those positive thoughts, how much of it is really true conviction, and how much of it is motivational, aspirational, self-coaching?

    I want so much to accept what you write, and I say it over to myself, but sometimes I feel like I am just "fooling myself."

    All the best, Sal, and keep on writing!
    your frequent reader,

  24. Brenda

    Beautifully said. I discovered your blog a couple weeks ago and love it! I've gone through the archives and learned so much in such a short time. Now when I try something or see something I have much more of a sense of "aha" as to why it does or doesn't "work" on me, and that is empowering.

  25. Tasia

    So well said. I enjoy reading your blog, it's really refreshing and encouraging 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  26. lisa

    Your blog is always a joy to read. I love how unique and articulate your perspective is; it certainly stands out in a sea of fashion and style blogs. Just keep doing what you're doing!

  27. Sal

    Liz: Excellent question.

    As I mentioned in the post, I DO struggle with self-love and body image myself. Often, in fact. So it would be a total lie to say that I believe deep in my core that I'm gorgeous, worthy, and perfect every day of my life. I have days that make me wish I were a brain in a jar, days during which the mirror is my greatest enemy, days that make me consider life in pajamas.

    But I'm not putting you on when I say that learning to accept and adore your body is vital work. I believe what I write, and the more I write about it the stronger my belief becomes. People can achieve set goals like graduating from college or winning a bike race, but it's harder to know when you've achieved "self-love." Or even "fantastic personal style." So there are definitely aspirational elements to what I write. But the constant, gentle nudging is meant to drive these messages home slowly and steadily. For both you, the reader, and me.

    I know I point to it a lot, but I have to say that writing a letter to my body completely transformed my self-image. I don't love my body every day, but I accept it. With affection and patience. And that has gotten me so much closer to the self-love I'm striving to cultivate. I recommend this project to any and everyone because it marked a true and recognizable turning point for me.

    Does that answer your question? Feel free to drop me an e-mail at sally@alreadypretty.com if not, OK?

  28. Brenda

    Can you tell us a bit about the necklace you're wearing in that picture? Is it one that can go long single and double like it is here? It is beautiful. thanks!

  29. Anonymous

    You are awesome Sal. Thankyou for leading us in a positive direction.

  30. Sal

    HUGE thanks for your support, everyone. Truly. I am moved. And wishing that hugs could be transmitted electronically.

  31. Sal

    Brenda: I've had it for about four years. It's brushed metal, purchased from a local boutique called Patina. And yes, it's a long strand that has been doubled.

  32. orchidsinbuttonholes

    Such a positive, thoughtful, moving, and inspiring post, Sal. Thank you for writing it, and for all you put into every post. Already Pretty's been a favorite read since I found it for these very reasons. You're simply wonderful!

  33. Stacie

    I just wanted to let you know that I really connect with your blog and especially this post. As a woman who is apple-shaped, I feel like I go through a lot of depression over my body and how it doesn't fit into the cultural ideal, or even the medical ideal (i.e. pear-shapes are healthier). It's really hard, but I've ALWAYS been this way and I probably always will be no matter how hard I want or try to change it. Even though now I feel like I have no fashion sense, and clothes at the moment tend to make me even more depressed, I look at your blog and this post and know that if I work at it, it won't always be the case.

    Thanks so much for writing for us!

  34. Ruby

    Yours is the first fashion blog I began reading. I love your attitude (I can relate with just being tired of hating on my body) and that the blog isn't snarky about "what looks bad" or what not to do, nor is it slavishly concerned with dressing for body types or trends or the latest from the runways. It really does live up to your goals, at least for me as a reader. I feel more accepting about my body while also inspired to try new things and HAVE FUN with clothing. You are doing a much needed service and your blog is still my favorite. Thank you.

  35. Diana

    I think your blog was one of the first blogs I starting reading when I first got into the style blogging world. I love how honest and human you are – I know that you struggle with loving your body just as much as the rest of us, and I thank you for always being so honest about that. You rock, Sal!

  36. Annie Spandex

    " I no longer believe that there are fashion faux pas or “wrong” ways to dress. " YES. You are wonderful. xx

  37. General Jinjur

    I've been reading your blog for well over a year now, and all I can say is thank you for being here, helping your readers, and being the bright ray of sunshine you are!

  38. Keira

    Thank you for this post, and for inspiring ladies every day to truly love themselves. There needs to be more blogging influence like you out there 🙂 I so enjoy following you.

  39. Mindixy

    I'm with Anne – this is why I come back to your blog daily. And it's why I have recommended it to pretty much every one of my friends.

  40. Marsha @ Green Mountain at Fox Run

    My first visit to your blog, Sal. But I will be back. And adding you to our blog roll. Love your mission.

  41. Eyeliah

    This should be put on an about this blog page too, great explanation 🙂 I stopped hating my body about 4 years ago and have never looked back!

  42. Clare

    Sal, you know I think you're amazing, but it warrants being said again. You are an amazing presence in many lives, and I'm grateful that I found ya. 🙂

  43. enterrement vie de jeune fille

    Thank you for being so honest and give such a good message to every women.