White Tunic

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Leggings – White House Black Market
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This is an outfit that I wore the other day when my wife and I went to get our nails done.  I’m kind of picky about what I’m going to wear when I go to have my nails done.  First off, my pants obviously need to be hiked up for the pedicure.  Being as my thighs are pretty normal, and are larger than my calves, pulling up my pants is often pretty difficult.  Thus I often think, I should wear a skirt, but then I have to deal with having my crotch pointed directly at whoever is doing my nails, um NO!  I have unfortunately been the recipient of many a story about transgender humans who come in for their nails and at the same time want to give a “free peep show” to the nail tech.

Um, okay, first off, gross!  And secondly, why exactly are you telling me this?  I’ve never done something like that.  Oh wait, I get it, I’m also transgender so to show somehow that you are attempting to connect to me you thought it would be a good idea to tell me this story, okay, whatever!

So uh yeah, I’m kind of picky about what to wear to get my nails done.  It needs to be comfy.  It needs to be something I can easily pull up.  And it needs to be something that doesn’t show anything to those kindly doing my nails for me.  But can you tell what I don’t like about this outfit?  I hate that the black sandals, the bare legs, the black leggings, and then the white tunic.  It completely segments up my lower half.  I really like the tunic, but not the cropped leggings with it.  It really would look much better with full leggings, and some black shoes.  Now that would look great, but then I would never be able to get those leggings all the way up to my thighs without seriously deforming them!  Gosh, such problems I struggle with; ha!

I do often struggle with tunics though in general.  I mean, I absolutely love them and have about six or seven of them, but I do struggle with what to wear underneath them.  They tend to hit my thighs at an interesting height.  They are too short to wear by themselves, otherwise I would be doing that whole peep show thing.  They also are just long enough that they cover up most of the shorts that I like to wear with them, so it looks like I am wearing a way-too-short dress and wanting to give that darn peep show.  Since summertime temps in California’s Central Valley are normally between 100 and a 110 degrees, tunics with shorts seems like it would be a great combo. It would even work for getting my nails done.  I do wear those items together often, but it constantly makes me want to tell people, “no, no, don’t worry, I’ve got shorts on, no peep show happening here!”  Again, the things I worry about, sigh!

Love you!

Love yourselves!

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Hi, I’m Nadine Spirit and I have been a lifelong gender non-conformer. I have always understood that I am a bit different than most but it was not until sometime in my thirties that I came to understand that I am transgender. While I spend most of my time presenting as a male I am always presenting in a gender non-conforming manner.

I started my blog, Unordinary Style, with the idea of being able to show a stylish side to those who identify as transgender. Since that time my blog has evolved into showing my personal style, discussing a wide variety of transgender topics, as well as posts about my personal life. My personal style continues to evolve as I attempt to continually push myself to pick stuff off of the racks, take it into the dressing room, and try on as much as I can. I am a firm believer in ignoring tag sizes, never paying retail prices, and due to a terrific allergy – that nickel should never be in any jewelry!

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