Winter Blues

Nadine Outfit Jan_1

Dress – Old Navy – similar

Scarf – Winners – similar

Belt – Forever 21 – similar

Shoes – Aerosoles – similar

Purse – thirfted vintage –similar, similar

There are so many things I love about life in Ottawa…but winter isn’t one of them!

It’s January, the time when my city is prone to exactly the kind of icy, snowy, deep-freezes people often associate with Canadian weather.  In summer we do get intense heat and vibrant, colourful flowers but that’s several months away. Outfits made up of vivid hues – like this cobalt blue and orange combo – give me a much needed mood boost when the world outside is gray and cold.

Nadine Outfit Jan_2

Incidentally, this dress deserves an award for Outstanding Achievement In Getting Me Through An Entire Day Without Having To Change.  I’m the parent of a young, active kid. I also have this weird career life where I spend half my time sitting alone at a computer and the other half doing public presentations and performances in front of an audience.

I also spill on myself with remarkable frequency.

This simple pointe-knit frock is a multitasking marvel. I wore it during an especially jam packed day last week and it did served every purpose. I did have a couple of footwear changes, but this dress was casual enough for school drop offs and play time with my son, comfortable enough that I wasn’t compelled to put on PJ pants while I did my stay-at-home writing and cute enough for a guest appearance on a local talk show that evening.

And the jam I dropped on my lap? Washed right out.

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8 Responses to “Winter Blues”

    • Nadine

      I picked up the purse at a vintage show a couple months ago. Since then, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover just how many colours can be combined with screaming bright orange. 🙂

  1. Sonia

    “I also spill on myself with remarkable frequency.” We are truly sisters at heart. Hee!