Women, Power and Politics

The International Museum of Women contacted me a few weeks back. Did you guys know there was an International Museum of Women? I sure didn’t and I was just floored when I got the e-mail. Naturally, I immediately wanted to join and visit and contribute … but as of right now they’re operating online only.

That’s not to say they’re not doing damned impressive work, though. Right now, the site is hosting an exhibit called “Women, Power and Politics” that is broad and multi-faceted and breathtakingly impressive. Investigations of women’s roles in the environmental movement, religion, democracy and more are explored through fascinating videos and beautifully composed articles. The whole enchilada is right here.

But if you’re interested in a narrower focus, don’t miss the section on appearance. Learn about the evolution of the power suit, read a compelling article about fashion as politics from Washington Post fashion editor Robin Givhan, and find out how imagery of emancipated women figured strongly into Russian socialistic propaganda.

Spend a few minutes exploring. It’s well worth checking out. And hey, admission is free.

Image courtesy The International Museum of Women.

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7 Responses to “Women, Power and Politics”

  1. Miss_Corrine

    Wow, I didn’t know such a thing existed either! Gulp, I feel so ignorant.. thanks for passing on the info, lovely lady!

  2. Hot Bot

    Thanks for sharing! I will click around when I’m out of the office đŸ˜‰