Your Value as a Person

From fabulous Julie‘s fabulous eBook.

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14 Responses to “Your Value as a Person”

  1. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    Love this–so cute and so true! Well, mostly. As the possessor of gigantically huge and hard-to-fit feet, I’m tempted to get snarky. Your shoe size IS pretty important if you can’t find shoes to fit them into!

  2. Perdita

    I have to agree with Anne- I’m a short woman with large feet. I have weighed more than I do now, and I have weighed less: I have some control over that (although I am in no way advocating weight change for anything other than health reasons). My feet, however, will always look ‘too big’. They were ‘too big’ when I read Cinderella as a child, ‘too big’ according to snooty people in shoe shops (who always ask if I’m SURE I’m that size- then look down) and know my feet will never look delicate or ideal. I’m not really bothered by it, but the idea that there’s no ‘ideal’ for feet, no teasing and your feet can’t make you feel unfeminine and/or ugly just isn’t true.

    • Bess

      Perdita and Anne — your comments make me a little sad. I take a ladies 11. And you know what? Other people may decide my feet are too big, unladylike or whatever, but those people, the ones who care so much about your feet, those people have the problem. Not you. Your feet hold you up. You walk on them, jump on them and get around on them. Own those feet! They belong to you! As for finding shoes… well, when I do find ones I like and that fit, I treasure them even more. But I never let how others define my body (any part of it) dictate how I feel.

      • Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

        Bess-I can own the feet. (Long legs come with long feet–that’s a plus at least!) But “owning” the right shoes to fit them is a big problem! Sometimes I dream of how nice it might be to live back in the olden days….when the village cobbler could cut me a custom pattern for my uniquely-shaped feet!

        I love summer–sandal season is soooo much easier!

  3. Lauren

    Dear Anne & Perdita – You are not alone! I think it is universal to wish one or another aspect of the body was the opposite of reality. I think I’m short, and I suppose I have regular size feet but I have always felt it would be nice to have larger feet, because when I look in the mirror, my boobs are so ridiculously huge. I feel top-heavy. It’s like from my knees down belongs to another person. Logic says bigger feet would even me out a little. BUT I do remember in high school wishing my feet were smaller. I also wish my hair would pick either wavy or straight because, well, geesh, these days it can’t decide.

  4. Julie Parker

    Thank you for sharing lovely lady. I appreciate you and all you do in making the online world a more beautiful place.

  5. Carmen

    I just spent too much time enjoying Julie’s blog. It’s AMAZING! Thanks for another great body positive site for me to keep bookmarked!